Wow, What a Special Cross-Quarter Evening

I didn’t plan to write anything again so soon, but after the rather stunning session last night I rushed to upload the recording to our website. This session was one of the most powerful I have experienced for a long while, and what took place was profound in my opinion. I cannot explain well what took place, though you are welcome to have your own experience through the recording. The context is partly what is now taking place to speed transition along since what we have been working toward has at long last taken place. The evening ended with a message through Michele directly from the Earth Mother. Again, just powerful.

There were three basic parts to the flow of the evening: Group preparation including a clearing of the field, process directed by the Earth Mother and other beings facilitated by Michele, and a direct message from the Earth Mother. If you are not drawn to explore the process and related information you can skip right to the short channeling at the 58:50 mark. You will find the recording here.

And, I also wanted to send this note as a reminder that we post recordings of planetary events and some channelings in the Freebies section of our website shop. Have you ever checked out what’s there? Watch for a new post shortly after each of our events.

Once again, more support for all of us who have felt the relentless push to accomplish a long and large task. That task has indeed been accomplished, and it is time to breathe and move into our next experience.



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