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The core of this message is from our Friends in Spirit. They connected with Michele early Monday morning with words of assurance and encouragement. I used to write more often, but in these past months I have sometimes been challenged to articulate a general sense of things energetic. The information in the message offers some explanation to me why that would be so, and in a perfect way becomes the message I could not write myself.

But first, my part today is to let you know of the remaining events for August, including two this week. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the 5th of our 8 planetary gatherings for 2014, this one being a cross-quarter. These events may not have the glamour of a solstice, but they’re still perfect opportunities for us to work with the earth as a supportive group. These planetary events are offered without a fee and are open to everyone interested in participating on behalf of the whole. See the calendar listing to learn how to join us in person, by phone or internet stream.

This Saturday is number 4 of our 6 main sessions for the year. We call the series Creating in the 5th Dimension with a Little Help from our Friends. That title, of course, doesn’t adequately represent the significance and potency of what takes place, but we had to call it something :)  At any rate the next one is 3 days away, and the information is on the calendar.

The next New Moon session is Monday the 25th. Check that out while you’re poking around the calendar.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program. What follows is the message Michele has brought through from our Friends in Spirit about the energies of these times.



“Some of you are engaged in the level of transmutation that changes the fundamental organizing elements of consciousness. In this transition from duality to wholeness one may have an expectation of a task to be accomplished. This expectation will bring frustration. This process is indeed a process that is catalyzed by both the larger fusion of dimensions and your own agreement at a soul level to synchronize with the timing of incoming waves of Light and which waves to use.”

“We have said many times that this level of transmutation is not for everyone. All are invited, welcomed, and affected to some degree. But for those who sense, feel, and agree to evolve at a faster pace, the waves of Light penetrating your consciousness can seem nearly relentless and unending. The effects are similar to when Yeshua catalyzed a shift of consciousness, but this time it has been more gradual. Some waves affect all, and some are more specific and seem to affect only those with particular frequency combinations.”

“You cannot avoid the waves, and you cannot approach the waves as a task to be evaluated as in ‘I should be able to learn this, apply this learning and skill, and succeed’. That does not apply here. Each wave of light is composed of a unique spectrum or combination of frequencies and each is new to you. So, even those with much experience have no greater skill with each wave that arrives. What you can learn is to notice your own process. Some resist the waves because of some fear. Fear of loss of control, fear of what is surfacing, fear of feeling the amount of what has been held in consciousness from the long age of Duality. There may be layers of trauma, fear, shame, grief or false guilt to be released, and resistance makes the waves feel as if they hit harder as waves do on a rocky shore as compared to a large sand beach. The personal choice is then to gradually dissolve the rocks of resistance and open to an acceptance of the waves.”

“You are not creating the waves or their frequency, you are learning to allow each unique wave to merge within you and to inform, transform and change you, and then release. You do not consciously know what is being affected within you until you are in the experience, since each wave is different. Some waves contain a wider spectrum and are felt by more people and can be more intense. Some are more specific and affect a more specific group within consciousness. Comparing is futile as is judging self or others, or assuming that one skill or method will work consistently for everyone or every wave.”

“Relax into the waves of light, trusting that you are in a process of great change, humans embodied within the earth at this time. The change is fundamental and affects all cellular consciousness, and your mind is beginning to be aware that it cannot know, predict, plan for, or often even name what you are experiencing while in the wave. Relax as you would if you were body surfing, trust that you are supported even if you do not know what to do. Stay open to the light informing you in both conscious and experiential ways, for it will. It is light, core of enlightenment, essence of all consciousness, whether known or unknown.”

“What you can learn is how to stay present with your own experience in each day and through each wave. You can trust your soul to allow the waves of light that are touching you, informing you, changing you. Trust the light and the love that is everywhere to ease the experience and receive all that you need for this process of fundamental change. Realize there is no repeat in the waves. Each is unique, each affecting a different aspect of your consciousness, your body, your life, since fundamental change of reality affects all of life.”

“We come with a message of assurance. Some of you may think this is only affecting your consciousness, your spiritual life. Look back, where has your house, your car, your body, your relationships, your moods, your money, your perceptions, been affected? What has pushed you to let go, to realign, to release fear or judgment, etc. Where do you constrict, contract, resist, control, or try to apply skills or methods that worked before?”

“The learning is within each moment of each wave, each experience, and it emerges within each one of you in consciousness, as if a light is coming on within you. Then you know in an instant, in that moment, and it floods out to illuminate all of you and the whole field that you are part of. Notice within each wave what you specifically need, and choose those things to assist. Learn to notice the smallest sense that is surfacing as the light illumines it to get attention. And relax into the waves, there is a joyful playful energy released within life as each wave shares its gifts.”

“The waves are within experience. They will not stop. What changes is your capacity to utilize the information as your consciousness and reality reorganize, as you are changed from using the light for the process, to using the light as creator in collaboration with all consciousness.”






Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

3 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Thank you!
    It is so beautiful to be reminded of what is going on!
    Waves of experience coming in to inform and ignite that which needs to be ignited. We all have our different missions in how the experience of light is to be experienced. How it affects the whole human experience. Different parts experiencing bring together a new human wholeness.

  2. Speaking Words of Wisdom . Let IT Be. Let IT Be (allow).
    Enjoying collective waves of LIGHT. Enjoying individual, specific waves of LIGHT.
    Dissolving rock before the light hits my shore.
    Alignment trumps all. Align, Allow, Enjoy.
    Thanks to Michele and Chris, Friends in Spirit and the other 7 billion people on the journey .
    Blessings and Waves of Light.

  3. Ignite, ignition. That word feeeels good. Surfing the waves of ignition.
    Where does your light glow? Where does your fire burn?

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