Visible & Present Returns!

A Warm Hello from Michele!

After a bit of a break, I am excited about what is taking form as I move back into the current of Visible & Present. I have been creating new experiences for Visible & Present that I call Discovery Processes. I also have some other information to share further down, and a personal request for assistance.

Included in this update: 

  • 2014 expansion of Visible & Present programs
  • Volunteers needed for creation and preparation
  • Clothing exchange scheduled for September 19th
  • Personalized services with Michele announced

First, descriptions of the three primary Discovery Processes: 

Discovery Process One


Discovering what colors, shapes, textures, and fabrics bring you into alignment with your essence. The introductory part of this process will focus on learning the basic four Essence Elements and how they uniquely combine within each person. We will begin to discern each person’s elemental nature and what vibrates most intensely when you are clearly present. In the second part we will discern more individual characteristics and create the Visible & Present Shopping Guide that is personal to you.

Discovery Process Two


Discovering how to refine and magnify your visibility and presence through focus on pattern, light, and essence vibration. In part one we will focus more specifically on what is supportive to being fully visible and present in various parts of your life. We will focus on the empowering aspects of using pattern and light to animate your soul vibration through your body. In part two we will discover your essence vibration and begin to explore how to dress consciously for any situation. Participants will make more uniquely-personalized cards to add to the shopping guide.

Discovery Process Three


Discovering how to free yourself for your life’s adventure by exploring why and how you resist being visible. We first will focus on how and why we unconsciously either hide or project to cope with stress or heightened emotion. We will explore new options to choose to stay present with support, particularly when triggered into old patterns. In the afternoon we will explore how to come into even clearer focus. Each participant will be invited to bring two outfits with accessories to put on and share with the group. With gentle reflection and coaching, you will learn how to attune your choices to being authentically visible, fully present, and energetically supported to be yourself at all times.

New Visible and Present Shopping Guide

Some of you already know what your essence elements are through participation in a previous playshop of In Your Element or Visible & Present, I will be creating new sessions in which you can assemble your own Visible & Present Shopping Guide using fabric samples that are unique to you. The first Shopping Guide Creation session is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 4 from 10 – 1 pm. Please pre-register so I know how many to plan for. The fee is $85.

Volunteers Needed!

As I create the new foundation for this work, I could use some volunteer assistance.

If you have some time on the dates listed and are up for some fun camaraderie while entering the new V&P current, please let me know. I will be working on various parts of the project on the following dates:

Saturday, 9/6 10am-2pm
Monday, 9/8 10am-2pm
Wednesday, 9/10, 5pm-8:30 pm
Friday, 9/12, 10-2

We’ll start there and I’ll add more if needed.

Clothing Exchange Scheduled

I am also scheduling a Visible & Present clothing exchange on Friday, September 19th from 6-8:30 pm. It is time to go through your closets and pass on those things that are in good shape but no longer right for you. This is a good opportunity to learn more about what works and what doesn’t for you. You can also bring things for me to check if you are uncertain about clothing or accessory items. Fee: $15

New! Personal Assistance from me

I’m excited to announce that I am also available for assistance with closet clearing, outfit creation, or personalized shopping experiences. Such personalized focus helps you apply the principles to your own body and life and have fun in the process! My consulting fee, at least through 2014, is $75/hour.

New Discovery Process dates will be added to the calendar soon, and I will send additional updates about future classes. I have also asked Chris to update the website so the many changes to V&P are listed and shareable.

For now, if you need any additional information or wish to schedule personal assistance sessions, please contact me at, or call 651-224-4451.




Author: Michele

Michele Mayama is a grounded mystic with nearly 30 years of experience listening to souls, the causal plane, and the not-so visible spectrum of consciousness..... She is a channel, she knits, and she loves being part of the blossoming of a new creation. Email Michele

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