Two-Part Event with Earth Mother, September and October

This is a save-the-dates notice. The Earth Mother returns with another process to assist us to move in synchronization with her. We know nothing of the content so far, and may not until the event begins and we are then informed. Perhaps I’ll know more later and will share on a future update. Then again, maybe not. To be honest, I don’t think that matters to those of you who will be drawn to participate. You’re all used to stepping into the unknown with us by now :)

One thing clear about this event is that there will be two parts, the first on Saturday, September 10th, and the second on Saturday, October 8th. Another is that both parts are required for the process, and the first must be completed before the second is attempted.

The cost for this event is $296. That’s for both parts, not each. We will be offering downloads of the sessions if you can’t make the dates, but it feels that the month interval is important. My educated guess is that part one of the process will require some adjustment and integration before proceeding to part two, so if you’re working with recordings try to maintain the timing.

Use the sign-up link on one of the calendar listings if you plan to join us by internet stream or phone, or if you will only be doing the recordings.

I was very happy when Michele told me this session was arranging. I miss the regular interaction with the many great beings we have worked with, and there is always a sense of anticipation, if not relief, when I know I can touch in a little more directly. I also look forward to any insights that are offered. With the acceleration of social issues surfacing and the peculiar election season, I’ll be happy to have a little input from the Great Earth Mother about what’s up.

Interesting times,




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