During a Thanksgiving holiday walk, I was appreciating those of you who have been such an integral part of our lives during these past many years. You have been beside us, experiencing the many challenges of deep transformation, radical change and life rearrangement. Some of you were long-term compatriots, some of you showed up to trigger a process or two, and some of you crossed our path only once. All have been part of a larger plan, one grander and more complex than any of us consciously knew.

In retrospect, it was probably good we didn’t know what was ahead when we began the experiment called Lightsmith. I’ve observed more than once that we humans tend to introduce confusion when we have a little bit of information and think we know more than we do. I learned, eventually, that our part was not about teaching some new age theory. We had work to do.

Our job was to simultaneously dismantle non-physical structures of consciousness while assisting the evolution of their replacements. And that, I am quite sure, is a coherent sentence only to those of us who have lived it. As surrogates for the whole, we each contributed by taking ourselves apart and restructuring the pieces into a new organizational model. As it turned out, that process was even less fun than it sounds.

I credit Michele with making our decades-long adventure relatively comfortable. Relatively is the obvious qualifier, but oy, it coulda been worse. What she continuously demonstrated is that when entering the mystery, the first step is to listen. If nothing else, I hope that bit of training has finally taken hold in my system as we now move beyond that challenging, transformational phase. I’m thinking that listening first is also key to navigating the new creation, so my practice continues.

And transition at Lightsmith also continues. Our events are wound down (except for Visible & Present), our building is up for sale, our futures are less clear than ever, and we’re in a phase of global chaos that I suspect all of us view with some degree of unease. As for interfacing with the meltdown, the message has always been to engage as little as possible unless you feel something is yours to do. The training this past year has been to stay in alignment with the core of self while events in the world attempt to pull from every direction.

The Earth Mother has given assurance that all is well, even as many events are yet to unfold. At every turn of events she has simply said to have no fear. I have taken her assurance to heart, and stand in a place of confidence that she is fully in charge of moving us beyond the established order that is so blatantly desperate to maintain its grip. I offer the same assurance. Keep in mind that this time of chaos has always been predicted, and that breakdown is part of the process of transformation. Our work together has born fruit. Ignore the gnashing of teeth, your choice has been made.

There are also other transitions we’d like you to know about. We are sad to report the recent deaths of two people known to many in the Lightsmith community:

Jean Keating

Jean died unexpectedly on October 16th. Although her family held a visitation and funeral service in Wisconsin on October 21st, Michele and friends are creating a memorial gathering for Jean in Minneapolis. This informal event will be on Saturday, February 11th, from 1-4pm at the Washburn Lofts community room at 700 S 2nd St in Minneapolis. On display will be some of Jean’s artwork. This is an opportunity to visit with Lightsmith folks and other people who loved Jean from different circles in the Twin Cities area.

Juanita Huseby

Juanita died this past Sunday, November 27th, after a long illness. Her funeral service will be this coming Saturday, December 3rd, at Lakewood Cemetery Chapel in Minneapolis. Visitation begins at 9am followed by a service at 10.

And, it looks like we’re still here for at least one more planetary event. The Winter Solstice gathering will be on Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm central. We are still set up for video streaming, so you can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Check the calendar listing for login information.

The other remaining event on the calendar for 2016 is a Vibrational Jewelry-making Class for people who have been typed through Visible & Present or In Your Element.

From Michele: “Using numerology, semi-precious stones, and a process of impressing intention, it is possible to create a necklace that will hold and vibrate a specific intention that will magnify it within your field. Similar to wearing a talisman or sacred symbolic object, these pieces are created to support you as you attract and consciously create the experiences of your life. And they can be comprised of stones that are in colors within your vibrational palette so you can enjoy wearing it often and with different outfits.”

More helpful details and sign-up information on the calendar listing.

My intention had been to write a bit more often, but I have found it challenging with the field so unstable. Some days it’s hard to focus on almost anything, and it’s just been one day at a time, and one foot in front of the other. This really is the moment to incorporate all that we have learned and become over these past many years. We are shifting frequencies at an accelerating rate, and the rate of breakdown follows right along. Perhaps we’re at the stage where we’re in the world, but we don’t have to be of it. Or at least partly so.

Do not let the false reality hold your mind hostage. Do not feel you have to fix all the wrongs of the world. Most things are not calling to be fixed, they are either transforming or dissolving. Move only when you feel inspired to do so. Take comfort in knowing that the New Field is expanding as quickly as the old disappears. Choose what you allow into your awareness. Proceed with your life. Keep things simple.

And above all, know that the Earth Mother gets the last word.

Still here,






Author: Chris

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