Time To Decide

This channeling is from the Earth Mother and opens with commentary by Michele:

As I received the message from our Earth Mother for this article, I began to understand something much more clearly than I have before. After many millennia of evolving within the Earth as dependent children, we are maturing to a point of seeing that we have a choice. For the last 5,000 or so years, our collective story of civilization has diverged away from earth to a focus on spirit, or God, as an external force with laws, rules, commandments, dogmas, tenants, beliefs, etc. Authority has been externalized and the focus within the material plane has become progressively more compartmentalized; nations claiming and fighting for tracts of land, people working in corporate cubicles with a hierarchy of power, control, and salaries. Bodies are under the jurisdiction of medicine and specialists. With a loss of a sense of the whole, many people identify life on earth with pain, fear, control, struggle, karmic cycles, learning lessons, etc. Over the years, I have heard quite a few people proclaim, usually with a sense of great relief, that this is their last lifetime on Earth. With that kind of perspective, who wants to stay if given the opportunity to fly free?

However, as I have come to know the Earth’s perspective and her sense of us within her great consciousness, I have begun to see that it has not been the earth who has created pain and struggle, but the thoughtforms and threads of consciousness that convinced us we were on our own except for an external God (or other authority) accessible only through designated intermediaries. From the Earth’s perspective, we have not seen or known her as a sentient, conscious being who is a nurturing Mother to us all for as long as we are joined with her in a physical body and continue to return. And we have not truly seen how we are her consciousness embodied, awakening as a unified field of creative intelligence.

In her message, our Earth Mother speaks of a choice. You can view yourself as a spirit who has had numerous soul-evolving lessons on earth, and when you’re done you leave, or you can see yourself as one who has evolved as part of the earth’s consciousness and are now about to embark on a whole new adventure in union with her. As she speaks to us, I hope you can feel her love as I do:

“I wish to speak with my children, those embodied in human form with eyes to see, ears to hear, senses to reach out and touch, and emotions with which to experience life. My children, for a very long time you have been perceiving yourselves within a matrix of time and space that has woven itself around and within your bodies and your consciousnesses. That matrix of time and space has been very tightly wound, keeping you bound to paying attention only to those things that manifest in your physical reality appearing separate from yourself. You have felt victimized by circumstances or controlled by expectations which are bound within time, the clock, and space, the material compartmentalized world to which you have, in a sense, become indebted. You call this karma.”

“As a result, your consciousness in my body feels quite bound in many ways. I, on the other hand, and those of you who are choosing to release yourselves from such bindings, are loosening up and beginning to open to the great awareness and great wisdom and great knowing that the power of creation is within our beingness. And what we choose to create is not what we have experienced together in this past time of binding. The cords are very deep and very old. Some things will perhaps be woven within our new creation to some degree, but much of the binding and limitations are to go, are to leave, opening a spaciousness for us breathe life into what wishes birth. In your space and time, it is time to step free.”

“Your being is my being, your heart is my heart, your bodies are my body. Your consciousnesses are blended, partly tuning to me if you so choose, partly tuning to your own soul spirit, or to other non-physical aspects, but blended together. You are waking up, but waking up to what? Waking up to the truth of the empowered Creator energy power that is yours by inheritance through my body and consciousness. Those other aspects of consciousness either join with me in partnership, or choose to not partner with me. There are really only those choices. If you choose not to partner with me and receive the inheritance I offer, you will find that your soul will evolve differently in your future, not with me, not with my body, and not with your body.”

“For those who choose to go with me, we have another adventure ahead of us, relatively soon in your time and space. We will be set free from the bindings of this last story of our time together. It is a time of choice. It seems that what I, your Earth Mother, offers has been interpreted by some differently than the way I offer it. I desire you to perceive more clearly what I am offering, for I offer you the keys to creation. If you choose to accept, you will dance in a new exuberance, delight, awareness, and joy, and create with me that which illustrates the truest of our nature and the deep love and wisdom that has been waiting to express itself. We are beauty, grace and gracefulness, abundance, nurturance, sensitivity and receptivity, creativity, expression, joy, and oneness. Oneness being that which a body feels when all cells are in resonance with one another.”

“You have other options and other choices. Decide. There is not much longer in the time/space continuum of which the old has been formed. After, as it is released, we will create a different adventure, one not bound in that same way.
It is not about calendars or which calendar to follow. It is not about which star or space ship or guidance to trust. It is about deciding whether you wish to choose to remain with me in the earth as a participant in the next adventure of creation with the keys to creation fully present, or whether you wish to create an evolutionary path beyond this dying time/space continuum and beyond me, continuing to use what your spirit decides and moving on. I love you regardless of your choice.”

“I offer you a gift. It is yours to receive or yours to choose not to receive, but it is time to decide.”

Author: Chris

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