The Relentless Push. Special March Events.

A very pushy acceleration of the sorting process is underway. In some recent personal experiences and those of friends, I have noticed how sudden physical challenges may trigger an underlying sense of vulnerability. We developed patterns of control and repression to feel less vulnerable, but the cost has been a willingness to endure things that are not in alignment with who we are. Life is not something meant to be endured. The discomfort of these days is from the sorting going even deeper with some sense of urgency to purge the last remnants of survival elements and all that does not feel aligned with our core nature. We are finalizing the choices of what isn’t going forward with us.

A sense of forward momentum grows nearer. I can feel a kind of inner conflict and agitation from currents of Life beginning to push upward, yet not being able to effect manifestation. Sometimes it feels like a bursting point is near, unnerving from a sense that once the lid blows things will never again be the same. At this point do we have more trepidation from clearing the dregs of our unconscious or from the vastness of the unknown soon upon us? Perhaps the answer is different for each of us, yet I suspect that shifting the inner stance to one of Conscious Creator is now more challenging than cleaning up a few loose ends.

I know that the season of our discontent has grown long. In this time it is simply to trust the process. We are being re-made and re-organized at multiple levels, and despite the mind’s belief to the contrary it is not in charge and doesn’t really know what is happening. Trusting the larger forces at work and letting go of the need to understand or control will help ease the transformation.

As for the weather, Minnesotans are used to snow and cold weather but this year I think even we have been challenged by the seemingly relentless onslaught of winter. Our Friends have compared these many waves of cold to contractions, asking “what happens when you have contractions?”. Answer: something is in a process of birth. I don’t know what is about to be delivered, but given the size and intensity of this contraction period and the pushiness of the process I hope I’m ready for what largesse is about to burst on the scene of Life.

We have said since the end of last year that this particularly challenging period of sorting would continue until sometime near the spring equinox on March 20th. We have scheduled our next planetary session for that date. I expect the session will be especially significant for those of us still feeling unable to move in our own skin. Details for participating in this free event are on our calendar.

And, we have scheduled another special event on Saturday, March 8th. Our January 11th event was designed to assist the sorting. The March 8th event will continue support for sorting along with additional focus on clearing the pathways of the upward currents for animating creation and manifestation. You can participate either locally or at a distance. The event time is 1-3:30pm and the cost is $85 ($75 for subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal). Info and sign-up on the calendar page.

Still digging out and clearing pathways.

What a metaphor,


Author: Chris

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2 thoughts on “The Relentless Push. Special March Events.”

  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this ~ Thank God I am NOT going nutz, I was really starting to worry . . . . . Whatever we are creating, it is Huge and Pure and I am feeling so grateful at this moment.
    Here’s to hoping this will last.
    Thank you again :)

  2. yes … I second what Suzanne says: Thank you Chris and “Thank God I am not going nutz” …. ’bout all I’m capable of saying at the moment. :)

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