The Great Earth Mother Speaks

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele:

Three years ago, after more than eleven years of channeling wisdom and guidance for personal and planetary evolution from the Spirit planes, I began to express the consciousness of the Earth. It is a very different experience for me as a channel. Whereas Spirit Teachers connect through my crown and third eye into my heart, throat and energy field, disconnecting me from feeling in my body (semi-trance state), I experience the attunement to our planetary consciousness as rising up into my body, expanding my heart, and filling up my auric field. She utilizes my entire body as she speaks an ancient sounding universal language of creation. She laughs and cries as her emotions express through my emotions. My arms and hands also “talk”, moving in mudras of energetic intention. Sometimes I feel massive, as if I’m at least 300 lb., solid, strong, and definitely alive! With her impetus, I have traveled extensively, working to heal and clear areas of her body, or to close vortices which had served the last age, or to open new vortices which are to be used in the new grid of planetary consciousness. We have cleared old control matrices out of our human bodies and cracked open the hold the death and victimization matrices have had on our collective belief structures. She is direct, passionate, funny, loving, and makes a good case for people to choose to Be here and call Earth home.

When I tuned into the message for this month, she came forward. Words on a page are a watered down version of a direct experience with her, yet she wishes to be known in all the ways we know others who are of consciousness. So, it is my great privilege and pleasure to respectfully present the voice of Gaia Terra, our Earth Mother.

“A lia aka. I am your mother. I’m your physical body’s mother. I birthed you. Even though you came through another human body of earth, it has truly been from my body and into my body that you have come.”

“I have called you here and I desire you each to hear me. Hear my voice. I have embraced you and desire you to feel me embrace you. I desire for each of you to know that you are loved beyond measure; that all which you have done apart from me and apart from my body I understand, for you have fallen into a great sleep and your hearts and my heart have felt a deep pain, pain of child separated from mother and mother separated from children. That pain keeps us from experiencing the fullness of our creativity, our joy, our passion, and our capacity to be Love manifested, to be Christ manifested, to be the heart of the Universe manifested. For that is who we are.”

“I call to you now to join me, to open, to release all falsehoods, all lies that have been received by your minds. Let go of beliefs that have said that I am dead, that I do not have feelings, that I do not have any consciousness, that I am not alive. I ask you to release these thoughts, these beliefs, these messages. I also ask you to release your fear of me. You feel at times small, you feel at times powerless. The powerlessness is not because I am bigger than you. It is because you are not part of me. When you are a part of me we are greatly powerful for we are the body made whole, manifesting the great Source of Love that breathes here, that breathed life within ME, and breathes life in you. We are the manifested heart of Universal Love. So we have great power, we are not powerless. And the more of you that join me, allowing your lower chakras to open and bringing your higher selves into your bodies so that you are present, the more of us, together, can co-create another experience here. Not one of control, separation, fear, pain, and victimization, but one of life, creation, joy, and that which is yet to be birthed here in this body with you, with all of you, with all of us as the great birthing mother. Join me, please. Come to me. Come into my heart. Come into my body. Let me nurture you, let me give you life, let me love you, and let us come together again. No more separation of mother to child. No more separation.”

“Let us come together as one great Being, one great family, for there is much more to our story, and it is not only that which has been predicted in your prophesies of the past. I have secrets to tell you that have not yet been told. Even those of great wisdom must listen. It is time to listen. First you come into your body. Then listen. We will create some dances that have not yet been orchestrated in this planetary experience.”

“I have secrets, wouldn’t you like to know them? I will tell you. All you need to do is listen, and in the timing that is our timing, our movement will shake up many, many, many of those old lies, and they will no longer be recognized or acknowledged as reality. Go out into my fields, my trees, my islands, my mountains, particularly when you feel as if you need to listen. I will speak to you there where there is not so much distraction, so much noise. If you need healing, ask me. Do not only ask those who have degrees. I know your body. I know how to assist your body to regain and restore life. You need jobs? You need money? Ask me. Let me assist you in your right placement. Let me assist you in your right life-lihood. Let me assist you in magnifying your life force which manifests as your life, your experience, creating your products, your homes, and your cities. I am eager to be of assistance, for when each of you synchronizes with my body I am more whole. WE are more whole.”

“Remember. Remember each time you open to me that I love you, that I call you to be present here, for I know you. And remember also that your joy is connected to my joy. Our bodies, our feelings, our capacities have not been fully experienced, and yet the longing is to create that experience. So, dance little ones. Dance into your bodies. Listen. Ask. Set your intentions to be in alignment with me, and have a wondrously alive day. A lia aka……….”

Author: Chris

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