The Big Deal Chakra Shift

Last week I began this comment with a few thoughts in mind and ended up writing a small book. What can I say, I get excessive wordspill when I haven’t written for awhile. I decided short and clear was preferable to long and complicated, so I began anew.

The energy has been truly odd these past weeks. Can you sense how something is building but nothing gets clear? Have you been almost constantly tired, irritated or dizzy? Do you ever just sit, thinking you should be doing something but nothing seems interesting? Do you sometimes feel like your head has developed a crack and your mind is slowly leaking out? And one more thing, is New Age becoming Old News? Well, congratulations, you’re right on course.

And then there’s spring housecleaning, literally and figuratively. Shoveling out the old to make way for the new, creating a vacuum for the universe to abhor and fill. We used to have some sense of what was coming, but not these days. All we know is that a re-ordering is taking place and there is some urgency about the task, and right now we are immersed in one of the most interesting processes we have yet experienced. And this is why I’m really writing.

Additional nodes in the chakra system are appearing and coming on-line, and the chakras themselves are starting to “morph” into a new toroidal design.  We’ve been working with initializing the new nodes for over a year in some of our Lightsmith events, but the change in the fundamental design of the chakras is a more recent and awesome revelation, with some stunning implications for our future.

The great shift of the ages is dimensional. Sometimes we hear about moving from “3D” to “5D”, although I find those terms a bit linear and unclear. That description also ignores much that is newly formed in the field of the dimension we are entering. I would just say that we currently interact with one system of reality and we are transitioning into another with resulting changes in experiences and perceptions. Transition is the key word here. Hype about 2012 may imply visions of a sudden and dramatic change in a specific moment, but what I see is an acceleration of a process already in motion that will yet continue for several years – with many unexpected triggering events helping things along.

The main message here is that the new dimension requires a different interface, and the chakra shifts are part of the transformation necessary for us to experience and interact with the new field. This is no small feat, and it’s easy to understand why we’re feeling a bit tired and unengaged with the world while our energy is needed internally to make significant core-level changes and prepare for what’s next.

This morphing of the chakras begins to highlight the way out of the old story. The new chakras do not access and are not affected by the workings of Duality, so you can see why I perceive this chakra shift as a big deal. We do not have to “do” anything about Duality, we’re just canceling our subscription to the program. We have been pulling our energy out of that system for awhile, but it has not been possible to leave it while staying in a physical experience. The shift into the new merged dimension of Heaven/Earth while embodied becomes doable when our bodies are upgraded to function in that new dimension. This must be just about the greatest open-source project ever undertaken! A new operating system has been created, and we are re-coding humanity to exist and function within it.

What does all this mean? It means we withdraw our energy from Duality and that old system dissipates when it no longer gets adequate energetic support. It means we can inhabit and create within one reality structure, unaffected by another as it collapses around us. It means we are moving into the role of Creator within Creation, experiencing a whole new story of fulfillment desired since before the beginning of time. 2012 got the focus of this transition because of an interpretation of the Mayan calendar, but watch for the magic of 2013, 2014 and beyond.

I, for one, feel privileged to be alive during this time as witness and participant in the greatest story seldom told. I have no clue as to what’s next but the surprises keep coming, and Michele and I will do our best to share our perspectives with you as we go. Also, our new website design allows you to add your own comments to these messages, so please take advantage of that feature. We’re always happy to read your perspectives, too!

To accelerate this process for those who feel ready, Michele is creating a full day event to assist this shift of the chakras into their new dimensional forms. The work began a couple months ago in the New Moon sessions, with each session focused on a particular chakra. Those sessions will continue at the pace of one a month. But there is also an impetus within some of us to get moving! So this day long event will focus deeply into healing and restructuring the chakra system so the organic shift of form and function can proceed more effectively.

We are adding this special event to our summer calendar, available on two dates. The first will be from 10am-4pm on Saturday, June 30th, then repeated one time only on Saturday, August 25. There is no pre-requisite, so anyone can participate that feels ready. And, like the Fusion events, you can choose to do this process more than once, depending on your system. The cost is $165 (and half price to repeat). See the calendar listings to sign up.

Much ado this summer,


Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

4 thoughts on “The Big Deal Chakra Shift”

  1. Thanks, Chris, for your update. For me, it feels like the old thinking that stopped me from being or doing what I wanted to be or do is disappearing. Lately, I’ve been doing so much creative work that I didn’t seem able to do previously. It’s almost effortless now and has a feeling of purpose that was missing before. I’m looking forward to all the chakra shifting that is yet to come. I’ve never felt this alive in my life before, and I’m excited about being here in the midst of this shift.

  2. Chris, as I read your scintillating post, I kept thinking of the image of a partitioned hard drive. When this beautiful hand-me-down intel iMac was first gifted to me I divided the hard drive into a small and a large partition. The large partition was to be reserved for memory-guzzling photo work and the small partition for my everyday run-of-the-mill computer needs. Since I have yet to acquire PhotoShop and make the digital photographic leap, the large partition sits empty as the small partition is filling up. Yesterday I learned that I can clone or migrate my files from the small partition onto the large partition and then use it as my default, with much more memory and potential available for daily use.

    While this is not an exact analogy, I think the idea of going from small (3-D) to large (multidimensional) with much more potential feels appropriate.

    We have been living in this small constricting box of 3-Dimensionality, and now we have the opportunity to move into the much larger space of higher dimensionality where there is much more room to create. We can clone ourselves to bring with us all of what has made us who we are today, but the small partition of 3-D reality will no longer be our default operating system. Whew!

  3. The Big Deal Chakra Shift comment is a wonderfully written, enlightened, and humorous piece of clear and (I feel) “right on” expression…..and I thank you!! :)

  4. Yes , yes, yes. Toroidal(think ring, doughnut, halo shape). Our chakras morphing into torodal design. Now think about the ease and fun of inner tubing down the river in a fast moving current. Inner tubes(toroidal design) to move in the faster moving current with ease and fun. We all get our own inner tubes. And this is just a small speck of all that is going down right now. My door mat is out. Welcome New World,New Human Experience. cyndy

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