Survival Fear Surfaces in The Collective

“What we see with humanity in this time is that there has been a gradual loosening of what has been survival fear deep in the collective root chakra. Those who are working in this time to evolve consciously and to move from duality into a new matrix for creation in their lives and in the world my be opening to this place within their own body of consciousness. It can be precipitated by different experiences that will bring up fear, it can be precipitated by dreams, it can be precipitated by an awareness that you are feeling anxious for no known reason. It is time, dear ones, to collectively begin to open the control box, so to speak, in the consciousness of duality.”

“The control box has actually been located in the collective root chakra, which you all share and you all personalize in your own body. In that place there is a great contraction away from life, away from earth, and away from creation. It has been locked by a perception that unless the physical material plane is controlled, life will end. And there will be no life as you know it unless you control what you perceive to be life as you know it. That is the great lie, the great illusion that is locking the box. Life exists whether you control it or not. Life has always existed and has been beyond your control. The illusion of control has been such that the masculine or the patriarchy has woven an entire myth or story of reality around it.”

“That myth has been unraveling and no longer holds together. The control mechanism has loosened, and it is creating even greater anxiety as a result. Those of you with information about the subtle levels of awareness of consciousness know that life exists and that you can participate and partner with it to create your experience of life. Those of you who know that you have never died and have been born again and again in different experiences in different bodies also know that you are indeed part of a cycle that loosens and releases forms and structures that serve creation and serve life for a time and then when they are complete they disassemble and then reassemble in a new structure in order to grow or animate life in a different way for different reasons and intentions. Life remains. Nothing of essence has every been destroyed or will ever be destroyed. That is the truth and many of you know it.”

“Breathe that truth through your root chakra and into the collective root chakra. Inform consciousness as a whole of life itself. Connect with the earth and her life, her awareness, her consciousness, and she will join you in animating this awareness throughout the consciousness of humanity. Be aware that as you do that the inner masculine patriarchal systems within you will also be informed, and those that have already begun to disassemble will continue until there is a restructuring of the whole of the root chakra out of the box and into the channel for the current of life, itself, into creation through your body, through your life, and through your expression and experience.”

“Know that in this time there is truly nothing, no thing, to fear. The only thing that is surfacing now is what has been the lock upon the control box of life. You will animate with greater ease all of the intention within your heart and soul to come to fulfillment. Whatever is of greater fulfillment within your heart will manifest in the next time based on the currents that are available to you. Those fulfillments enhance creation and then creation flows back into itself, yourself, your experience, changes the forms if necessary and then opens up again.”

“The structures of consciousness are not to be crystallized and locked up. They are to remain fluid as they are informed by life, by creation, by the creator within creation which begins to animate from within your own consciousness as this embodies. Creator within creation is not an individual, one by one, experience, it is personally experienced but collectively created. Collectively created, cooperatively created, part of the whole that you are, creating within the whole that you are, bringing the experience individually experienced, but animating creation as a whole. We cannot give you this experience. We can inform you that it is possible. You then inform the parts of your consciousness that were born conditioned not to trust life. Then turn the trust back to life and you will open it yourself and your experience then informs others.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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