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It seems appropriate that I sit here typing this note at 4 in the morning. What’s the deal with sleep patterns these days? This morning I woke up around 3:30, right out of a very detailed dream. I know I’ll be awake for at least two hours before I can sleep again, so I  prefer to get up and do something rather than stay in bed processing little barbed thoughts poking at my mind. The sleep-pattern question is rhetorical, of course, because the influx of energy during September has been expected. Still, the experience of the pushiness can be annoyingly disruptive.

Many people last December were expecting transformation to move into higher speed during 2013. Any expectations of sudden peace and brotherhood have by now given way to the reality of the transition necessary between states of being. I vaguely remember a channeling from years ago explaining the exponential nature of the transformation we would be experiencing. It’s like the doubling cube of my backgammon game, great for me if I’m in the flow and not so great if I’m lagging. So, I do what’s next, attempting to stay in the moment while occasionally glancing at a world that insists insanity is truth. What’s curious is how much the craziness doesn’t even register as real anymore. If you have wondered how far your consciousness has shifted, just notice how often your response to the daily news ismeh.

I feel like an old new-ager to even reference something like “surfing the waves of transformation”. Yet, the metaphor has never seemed more apt. We occasionally fall off the board, but doing what is necessary to stay balanced on the leading edge of the wave is the preferred stance. We’ll get plenty of surfing practice this month, and here’s what we’re offering to help out:

Thursday the 5th (tomorrow), 7-9pm: Our September New Moon session. We are always joined by the Earth Mother, helping us navigate the gnarly waves trying to biff your board on the rocks.

Saturday the 14th, 1-5pm : St. Germaine and Lady Venus join us for our next Creator within Creation class. The focus will be Shifting the Foundation for Manifestation. Chaaa! You’ve been waiting for this one and it will be awesome.

Sunday the 22nd, 4-6pm: Autumnal Equinox Planetary Event. Note that the date has changed. We shifted the timing to maximize synchronization with the equinox energies (3:32pm in Minneapolis). We’re already feeling the ramping up of the energies and expect to be shootin’ the curl by mid-session. And, we begin early enough for some of our international friends to join us. No charge for this event. See the calendar page for connecting by internet and phone.


And to help set the mood, here’s a little photo I recently made…


Walking the board,


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