Stories from Our Earth Journeys 1999-2000

Waves of Light came through us with such intensity that we had to bend our knees to strengthen our stance. There was a reunion of the Mother and Father, Earth and Spirit, within us, the evolved Child that is the fruit of their Love a long time ago. The magnetic polarity between the Germans and the Jewish people unwound and thousands of Jews, Germans, and others yet caught in the astral plane appeared. At first they tried to push us out saying we didn’t belong there. When we said that they were the ones who no longer belonged there and the vortex was reopening as a passageway to freedom, they began to leave ……. and leave …….. and leave ……. Waves of release moved through us as we stood there, surrounded by several tour groups of different nationalities who walked through the building and around us. When the waves finished, I felt an impulse to plant a very clear high frequency crystal there and Chris moved a cracked piece of concrete, jumped down onto the bed of the old latrine, and pushed the crystal deep into the dirt. Of course at that moment, we happened to be the only ones in the building! This is not the end of this part of the story. Stay tuned for a later addendum.

It was a very windy day and we walked around the camp to the place where the ashes of thousands of people had been dumped. We offered a blessing for them. While we walked I had a funny image take form in my head. I saw us acting in consciousness like a human Alka Seltzer ………. plop us into an acidic place and we release a “fizz” of energy that clears the condition. So we began singing, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, Oh what a relief it is!” Somehow that phrase burned its way into our unconscious and would appear unbidden for months to come.

We felt a sense of accomplishment and took the next day to explore Krakow. It is there that I will remember an experience I have come to call a “taste orgasm” with an incredibly delicious lemon meringue pie! It’s a lovely place to which most of us want to return with a more relaxed itinerary. Great restaurants, interesting history, great prices, and a friendly atmosphere all contribute to its charm and attraction.

The next morning, I had one of the more powerful experiences of my life. I woke from a dream feeling embraced by the presence of a Mother that knew me so intimately and completely that I felt entirely “met”. I knew we were to go to Chestotowa that day to a shrine of the Black Madonna and that I had felt the presence of Mary the Blessed Mother since crossing the border into Poland. But this quality of Mother felt different and more encompassing than either of these aspects. I wept for some time uncontrollably as she touched me, feeling met, known, and cared for in the deepest place that had yet been accessed. I knew she knows every one of us, the uniqueness of our Being and does not see or give power to any illusion or distortion. She has the power to call all of the parts to wholeness and into a new matrix of creation for she is the “Mother of Creation”. She revealed herself as the One who called the Earth Mother to trust that her human children were now evolved enough to release their gift back to her. She also stood with the Creator Father and showed him the illusions and distortions that had manifested as a result of his attachment to a perfect reflection of Light in form. I felt merged into her, individuality present and acknowledged while a universal sense of Love emanated like breath through every cell.

At Chestotowa we discovered we had chosen to visit on a very important feast day of Mary. The chapel of Jasna Gora, the Sanctuary of the Mother of God, where the miraculous painting of the Black Madonna hangs, was filled with pilgrims on their knees, moving in single file around her painting. Walking on your knees hurts, especially on a hard stone floor! But we waited and watched as the painting was unveiled. The Polish people credit her with saving their country from being completely overtaken by the Swedes in 1655. Like other holy places, there are walls lined with crutches, testimonials, and pictures left by those who have experienced healing in this place. I bought a picture of her mysterious face and it is hanging above me as I write this now.

We left Poland driving back through the gray western region. At this point we thought we were done with our task and were heading to Paris with some confusion around flights leaving at different times and from different places. It’s difficult to maintain that higher level of frequency and neutrality which saw us through the work in Poland, so our group began to feel less coherent and personality stuff started to come to the surface. We stayed just over the border in Bautzen, Germany. We did some clearing of the astral influences that we had carried with us from our journey into Poland, and kept going the next day as if we were heading to Paris. At one point in the afternoon, Chris missed a turn and then he and Laurie tried to plot a cross-country course to reconnect with the Autobahn. I was in the “center seat” telling stories about all the different kinds of beings that hang out in the astral plane and how to work with and clear them. After passing the same landmark for the third time, I called for a check-in. We became aware that we were very close to Dachau and that we couldn’t seem to go further since we had been going in circles for hours. Like a magnet, we were pulled in. The hotel we found ended up being just down the road from the Camp. I was aware that we were being closely watched on the astral plane and that energy was so heavy and thick that either we felt nauseated and sick or sleepy and almost unable to stay awake. I cleared myself with the Violet Ray of Purification and Transmutation and instructed the others how to clear their space.

But the next morning, emotions were raw and we processed at breakfast in the middle of the restaurant, and again while standing at the gate before entering the camp. At one point, I let go of all outcomes regarding the group and their individual choices and so much energy moved that I nearly couldn’t walk. At that point, I wasn’t fully conscious of what had happened. We went into the museum and immediately realized that, whereas Auschswitz had been a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust by the victims, here we were in a memorial created by the perpetrators. The walls were lined with blown up photographs and articles of the time preceding the events of the war, what elements had let to Hitler’s ascent to power, and an explanation of how what happened came to be.

Unlike in Auschwitz, the group scattered, the astral influence being extremely intense. As several of us reached the center of the display where pictures of Germans faced us on one side and images of prisoners in striped pajama-like uniforms looked at us from the other, we reconstructed our “Transformation Formation”. As I looked into the other plane, directly in front of me stood a Dark Lord. A Dark Lord is one of the counterparts of the White Brother/Sisterhood only on the other side in terms of duality. I had faced one before and I hadn’t been strong enough to stand my ground. Now I felt completely equal. As we stood facing each other, I recognized that I was representing the Light, and he the Dark. I told him I had let go of my hold in the duality which bound us together and that it was his turn so the whole dance of light and dark could shift. He didn’t do anything for a time, then he let go. As he did, our group was inserted like a fulcrum into the middle of the collective plane of consciousness. It began to slowly turn about us and then it would stop. Almost like pins in a lock falling into place, something would click, then it would move again. This happened four times, then the whole thing was slowly spinning and beginning to pick up some speed. The higher or super-conscious and the sub or unconscious planes began to come into the middle conscious mind and our collective reality. I was shown how there had been a vast confusion around Light and Dark, and how the Dark had masqueraded as Light and the Light had been named Dark. Those who were bound in this duality had played out this drama to control the conscious mind and the energy of Life. That dance had banished and disenfranchised certain aspects of consciousness, and they too were being called back into the Whole. As the fulcrum in the center we were broadcasting the new matrix of creation, wherein all the parts are to be reorganized within a much more complex structure, just as the Earth herself is doing cellularly.

I asked the group to imagine themselves becoming visible wherever they had felt invisible, stepping into that middle plane of conscious mind reality that had had a hold on the collective consciousness. Here we were, right out in the open again, with hundreds of people streaming around us, opening to becoming visible in every part of life. At this point, I sensed many other souls of people who had also not played by the rules of duality, who had felt unacknowledged, invisible, and unable to share in the booty of that matrix, i.e. money, prestige, power, or material ease, stepping into the middle plane. Together, we are now to bring into visible reality all that we have grown and learned in the time of banishment to the unconscious or higher conscious realms. As this works its way from the etheric to the physical experience, we can expect to be getting more visible, more valued or acknowledged in the world in some way, and having more power to impact areas of reality that previously seemed immovable.

So, finally a sense of completion, It seemed that we had to go back to Tourettes to finish the journey rather than Paris, so we retraced our path back through Switzerland, staying at the same mountain village hotel we had found on the front end. Arriving back in Tourettes, we found rooms in a hotel on the edge of town. After finding a place to eat, we found ourselves in the middle of yet another process! All of us were tired by this time. The trip had been exhausting on a number of levels, but something didn’t feel finished. Whenever we precipitated a shift on the greater plane of consciousness we had to work it through in the plane of experience. So we went into the field of Love one more time and worked until the mental hold on consciousness broke open to allow the other awarenesses to enter and make a difference in the kinds of choices that would form the framework of a new creation. This process cracked open the definition of love. If the way we love others is separating, seeing others as less powerful, less resourceful, less influential, less of anything, putting us in the position of savior or helper, it is dualistic. It seemed that we had to get that structure to consciousness before we could leave. It finally happened (about 2:30 in the morning!), we slept, repacked, and said good-bye to one of our hearty travelers as she left for home a few hours later.

Five of us continued on to Paris where three more had to catch an early morning flight home the next day. I drove that day and night on the French Expressway enjoying the freedom of driving 150 kph with drivers who know how to keep the far left lane open for passing (a personal pet peeve!). Chris and I had originally planned to stay several extra days in Paris to check out a past life in which we had remembered being together. As it turned out, we had only one day before our flight home.

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