Sorting and Integrating

In this time, each one is being called, individual by individual, to come to a sense of what is most true, most of essence, and then bring that alignment into a greater experience of fulfillment and integrity within life. Therefore, each one is sorting, discarding what is not needed and no longer fits. You are also acquiring, or bringing into life that which feels as if it fits within your new sense of Self integrating within Life. Each one is called to discern whether this is true for me, this is right for me, this is what is needed for me to come into greater alignment in my created life.

Certain people find this kind of work in their life joyful, or rather fun. Others find it frightening, because there is a need to separate from certain things or people that have been in life for a long time, and those things or people that are yet to be called forth are yet unknown.

Know that this phase is a universal or collective theme. Each individual is not being called to do this only because it is about you. It is because you are being called into new combinations. Creation is calling the individuals within Life to combine in new ways. If you think it is only about you and that it is up to you to control this process, you will find that there is more fear or more work involved. If you link to the larger, organic process, the organism that is forming in the larger sense, you will know that you are not only being supported, but also linked in ways that will create new versions of experience and new structures for those experiences large-scale. You will also feel less resistance, less fear, and more of a sense of dancing through this time.

Each individual has specific things that you are growing, practicing, or integrating at this time. Yet, how does that fit with what others are doing? If you do not ask that question, you will be missing a large part of the story in this particular version of what is happening. There have been times when people have felt they needed to do this work on their own. If they pull away at this time, however, there is a sense of not being able to fit your piece into the new creation. And you will feel more alone and more lost than ever (if that could be!) If you link, you will feel more a sense of the larger scale of creation that you are being called into. That will assist you in ways that you cannot yet perceive you even need.

Our guidance for this time is to seek that connection, seek that linking. Find it, dwell in it, relax into it, play in it, and dance with all those who are on the ballroom floor with you even though you are now clarifying your own specific moves within the whole.

It is a time of sorting and integrating what belongs to you, and of linking energetically, consciously, within the whole. Where you find yourself bumping up against others and there seems to be dissonance or you do not seem to be dancing well together yet, realize that there is still some sorting that needs to happen. It does not mean that you are wrong, or that they are wrong. There is no need to judge this process. It only means that there is sorting still occurring. Maintain the dance and the process. Know that Love informs all, and continue to practice your own new steps within the whole. Gradually there will be a sense of a greater orchestrated harmony as well as a creation that includes and serves many, many individuals. There will be a sense of co-creation in the truest sense of it. But the process of growing co-creation can feel a little awkward, and sometimes you may feel out of rhythm or out of step. But continue. You are practicing, you are learning your own steps, your own song, your own movements, as are others. Be gentle within the process rather than harsh with yourself or others and that will assist all to do what is their part as it is orchestrated from within the whole.

Of course, there are those who are not yet conscious enough to find their own steps in the new creation. They will not understand what you are doing or what is happening at this level. Rather than judge them, know that they have yet to grow and learn. It is rather like a child who has not yet learned how to read all of the ways language works, and so they are not yet able to write a thesis. But they will grow and learn.

Those who are choosing to be obstinate, to remain blind or attached to versions of reality because of fear of what they would lose in the material plane, these ones will find greater and greater challenge in these coming years if they continue to maintain that stance. It is not up to you or anyone to attempt to motivate them. They will move if they choose to, and if they do not, then there are ways that Creation and the whole of life assists movement, even if it seems to be challenging and forceful on a personal level.

It is time to learn to dance your dance and sing your song, but not without an awareness that you are in a ballroom with an orchestra. You are learning your part within the whole. This part will feel completely and totally fulfilling to you as it integrates into your life and, at the same time, it will be weaving you within the larger orchestration of creation. Both are part of this experience. Allow both to be in consciousness as you move through each day.

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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