Some Amazing Features of Lightsmith 2.0

It may look like just another website, but designer/creator/magician Suzanne Ahjira has installed a powerful engine under the hood of Lightsmith 2.0. Many features are designed to improve basic functionality, others save time, and some are just plain cool.

For example, the two main lists on the home page automatically update themselves when a new post is made or an event date passes. Whenever you view the home page you will quickly see the last 5 posts and the next 5 scheduled events, always current to the moment. You just click on any listing to see the full entry.

You also won’t immediately notice how this site works with mobile devices. Try us out on your smartphone or tablet and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t have one? Then just play with your browser window to see the effect. Start widescreen on our main page and then slowly narrow the window and watch what happens. Everything rearranges to fit the size and stays readable, even on a small screen. This is pure genius, and we are pleased to showcase this caliber of cutting-edge web design.

What else is new? Built right into our shop pages is a player for you to sample the recordings we have available. Try it out on our latest channeling by Vivienne, the Lady of the Lake. There is also a feature totally unique to our site which is connected to the Lightsmith Monthly Downloads. We’re still tidying up a few details about that service and I’ll say more in the next announcement update.

Reminders for now:

Our next channeling is this Saturday at 6pm central. This weekend we are working with Lady Venus and the Earth Mother.

Sign up for the additional mailing lists you want to be on. If this is your only list you’ve already missed a community posting and one yet to come later today by Michele for the Visible and Present group. I will be reminding you a few more times of the need to register yourself on other lists until things feel settled a bit more. Then I’ll stop bugging you about it :)

Leave a comment on any post or page on our site. You can practice with this one.‚Äč

And, if you want to heap praise on an amazing web designer you can leave a comment for Suzanne right on this post. She is still working with us on site administration and de-glitching, and she will see your comment right away.


Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

One thought on “Some Amazing Features of Lightsmith 2.0”

  1. Hi, Chris & Michelle —
    Congrats on birthing a new site; it’s beautiful.! I’m sorry to report that I’m having trouble reading your email newsletter posts and even these blog posts because of the greyed font on a light grey background. I’ve adjusted my screen as much as I can. Please consider having at least your email notices be more visually accessible for the aging and/or the visually challenged. Higher contrast is needed.

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