Solstice Event Tuesday, Save January 22nd

Solstice on Tuesday

Our Winter Solstice Planetary Event is Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm central time. You can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. The information you need to connect is on the calendar listing. You can also check there for any last-minute changes.

A Last Gathering Pot Luck Meal and Garage Sale

Sunday, January 22nd from 2-5pm. At the moment it appears that this event will be our last in the Lightsmith Building. We are combining a pot luck meal, an indoor garage sale, and an opportunity to gather together one more time. We’d like to have a chance to share stories and break some bread. We also have many things we don’t wish to pack or move, so we’ll have them out for sale on a pay-what-you-will basis.

Tentative schedule:

2-3pm – browse and such
3-4pm – reminisce with us
4-5pm – share some food

Or all at once :)

Check the calendar listing for any changes or updates prior to the event.



Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

7 thoughts on “Solstice Event Tuesday, Save January 22nd”

  1. Michele and Chris,
    It seems like yesterday that you bought the Lightsmith building. I remember all the old paint that needed to be sanded off all the heaters. Even that task felt overwhelming to me. The amount of work you did with the building was amazing. The vision, creativity and elbow grease involved was beyond amazing. All the wonderful things that took place within that structure have been a true blessing to All of Earth!
    I am forever grateful to you both, and feel your presence even as I’m in another country.
    Whatever manifests next for you… is perfect, and I’m all smiles. :) So much change in the air…

    All the best during this time.
    Love Always, Wendy Gnitka

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