Solstice Event 3pm Saturday, This and That

This is a curious time for people like me who comment on curious times. Over the previous 20 years, give or take, it seemed easier to take a read on the energies and wrap some words around a sense of things. That was during yesteryear when all we were doing (yes, sarcasm) was healing a bajillion years worth of abberations within consciousness that we so lovingly took on to transmute. Like many challenging projects we look back, acknowledge what took place, declare our satisfaction with having accomplished the task and then swear never to do it again. Ever.

So, our trajectory through the ages, especially the last 5,000 years, has been a path dedicated to clearing the way for completion of an original intention of Source initiated longer ago than we’ve been around in body. That original intention was to create a form in which an aspect of Source could embody fully within experience. So here we are, in the early stages of a merger uniting the great aspect of Source that we are with the emotion-capable human form evolved by the Earth Mother for this purpose. Jesus was the prototype mapping the pathways. We are the culmination. This fusion was prophesied, though seldom interpreted as such.

We have moved beyond the long processes of restoring personal wholeness, and our next phase is unification of merged individuations into the greater whole created by all of us within a new dimensional field of Living Light. Some people will say we are moving into a state of oneness. I prefer the word wholeness, to create distinction from the amorphous mass from which we began. I do not see a return to that stage, except perhaps for some souls who may desire such a thing. Why would we do that? To me, wholeness implies a unification of parts. This is the pending unity I perceive.

Fusion and movement into the new dimensional experience can not happen for us with any vestiges of adapted survival structures remaining within our consciousness. No Duality holdovers. Or hangovers. This year has been one of fast-tracking the removal of remaining debris caught here or there in our system. The energies bathing the planet have been sequential, first helping dislodge sticky residue of old coagulated consciousness, then assisting the mind to release reality structures which tend to dominate and control. Now the heart is being worked with as we begin to better experience, acknowledge and receive the many-faceted nature of Love. Our sense of what Love is has been limited. Awareness is expanding there, too.

All of our events this year directly reflect the energies of the moment in time in which they occur. New Moons, Planetary sessions, and our Second Saturday Creator series all work with what is in the present. We have no agenda when we begin our sessions, and with the process guidance of Michele we navigate what’s next. No events are created to be the same, and there is little repetition in the content.

2014 is almost half over. Yowser. Two events remain on our calendar for June, the most significant being the Solstice. I’m barely ahead of the game these days, being in the moment and all, but I hope you receive this reminder before the event tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. We will begin our Solstice Planetary Event at 3pm central time. There is no charge for this session, and you can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream. The information you need is on our calendar listing.

Next Wednesday, the 25th, is our New Moon Session at 7pm. These events have been very helpful for those who participate. Again, we are working with current energies, but the focus is more on the personal level and less on the collective. See the calendar for details to join us from a distance.

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