Saturday: Maya, Mother of Buddha

Channeling Open to Everyone

Our channeling Saturday evening is open to everyone, and our guest for the event is Maya, the mother of Buddha. Her presence will be guiding the work of the afternoon Mastery 2 class, and then she will speak directly to us during the channeling. We don’t yet know what she will be bringing through, but we know that during the day we will be working with the masculine planetary portal in Lhasa, Tibet.

Michele and I traveled to Lhasa in 1999, specifically guided to work with this portal. A small group that journeyed with us definitely had quite the adventure as the plans for the week continually shifted around, revealing themselves in unexpected ways. 2012 seems to be bringing completion to what began a dozen years ago as we find ourselves energetically re-visiting several locations around the planet during this year’s Mastery 2 sessions. I have to say, the unfolding of the Grand Plan keeps us busy and always amazed at how things are so orchestrated and woven together!

Michele comments:

“I’m particularly excited about working with Maya tomorrow. She once drew me to meet her in Lumbini, India, birthplace of Buddha, through an amazing series of synchronicities.  In Lumbini lives a great old tree with a large space in its core…big enough for several people to stand comfortably. It is within this tree that Maya is said to have labored and given birth to her son Siddhartha Gautama.”

“Buddha feels like oceans of compassion and love, and Maya feels like the strength of a great mountain. Her strength seems to be the foundation within the compassion Buddha opened during his lifetime and his courage to part ways with the Hindu tradition of punishing the body to seek enlightenment.”

We begin at 7pm central daylight time. You can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream. Remote participants can sign up on the channeling page of our site. The cost is $25. Subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal attend at no charge. We are so looking forward to the day tomorrow and the visit with Maya, and we hope you will join us for what is sure to be a special channeling, both informative and supportive.

Next week: Announcement of a new and fascinating event we’ll have on the calendar soon. I think you will be surprised to hear what’s in the process of changing next!

Interesting times,


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