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Hello Visible and Present Friends!

As we begin 2013 I am feeling the need to get your input as I plan the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith. For those of you who have found this work powerful in your own life and who are free during the day, I am inviting you to bring a sack lunch to Lightsmith on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 12 noon. We will sit, eat, and talk about possibilities for future playshops as well as other things that may be relevant to expanding and extending the work. Please let me know if you can come….

And one of our Visible and Present community has a beautiful long brown coat, size 8-10, that has a sheared mink lining and collar…super soft, warm, and elegant. It originally was $3000 but she would like $900 for it. It would be perfect for a Water-Earth or a Fire-Earth as the outside fabric has some soft sheen. Contact if you are interested in learning more.

In Warm Wonder,


Author: Michele

Michele Mayama is a grounded mystic with nearly 30 years of experience listening to souls, the causal plane, and the not-so visible spectrum of consciousness..... She is a channel, she knits, and she loves being part of the blossoming of a new creation. Email Michele

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  1. Unfortunately I won’t be able to come to the discussion. There is something that I would like to know more about, though, and that is what colors to wear together, and also more about textures and patterns and when to wear certain colors.. Also if we could bring some things we already have and get input on how well they work.

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