Reminders from Michele, Thomas Jefferson Birthday Bonus

Happy Spring!

From Michele: Just a quick note to say there are still several spaces open in this Saturday’s Visible & Present Discovery Process I: Authentication (10-5). This is a perfect time of year as we shift seasons. If you have been thinking about clearing out your closets or longing to come into greater integrity with who you are, this will assist you immeasurably! People have called this work life changing, transformational, and super-practical. Aligning your essential self to vibrate clearly through your field into the larger field has effects that you begin to experience as soon as you apply what you are learning. I have found it to be one of the main components of consciously creating my experience each day. This work is for everyone (although I recommend no younger than junior high age, 12ish). Men benefit just as much as women.

And, there are still several spots open in the afternoon Grid Class on Saturday, April 23. That class runs from 2-4:30 pm and includes learning how to make living matrices of consciousness to hold intention and influence the energy fields in which we live and work. We use crystals, semi-precious stones, and other objects as the foundation for the grids. Once you register, I send you a supply list. This class is also being offered online for those at a distance.

See the calendar listings for more information, and Email or call me if you are interested in either event., 651-224-4451.

And from Chris: First, I must admit that I was late in getting Michele’s Visible and Present Class posted on the calendar, so you may not have seen the date. She only does three cycles of these Discovery Processes per year, with the next series starting this Saturday. Discovery Process One will not be offered again until September, so if you’ve been thinking of beginning this fascinating journey, please consider joining her this weekend.

Also, today is the birthday of Thomas Jefferson. He was one of our special guests when we began the 3-year series of channelings back in 2006. He spoke of the intention for this country relative to the creation of the new dimension, and also offered some insight into the times in which he lived. This recording is one of my favorites, and awhile back I posted it in the freebies section of our shop. If you haven’t listened, you’ll find it ready to play or download right here.

Warmer weather, nice,





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