Reminder: Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Friday Night

The first planetary event of the year is tomorrow night, Friday, February 1st at 7pm central time. During these events we open to be of assistance to humanity and the planet. We never know ahead of time what the focus will be, but the sessions are always interesting and benefit participants as well. There is no charge for this event. You can join us by internet stream, phone, or in person. Login details are on the calendar listing.

Our new Creator within Creation series begins in 9 days on Saturday, February 9th. Michele and masters in Spirit will be co-presenting the most leading-edge material available for personal expansion and conscious creation, along with processes to assist the deeper embodiment of the Rays of Creation. Please pre-register soon if you plan to attend. You can participate in person or at a distance. Read more on the Creator within Creation event page. You can also download a PDF file with additional, channeled information about this series.

The February New Moon session is Monday, February 11th at 7pm. Join us in person or at a distance. Information on our events page or calendar listing.

January has melted away despite the frigid temperatures, and the sense of time passing will accelerate even more rapidly this year. I suspect it won’t be long before 2012 will be forgotten (if it isn’t already) and the next doors will be opening. Not knowing what’s ahead is becoming the most interesting part of the trip, and we thank you for sharing the journey with us!



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