New Moon Session April 20, 2012

This event definitely kicks off a transition into a new level of work for those of us making our way through this transformative shift. In this session Michele brings much focus to the Solar Plexus chakra, its healing and restoration, and the beginning of the chakra *morphing* into a new toroidal structure that all the chakras will shift into in sequence over time. The gist of this new work is that we first must bring our chakras out of their adapted states acquired during Duality, bring in more of our soul that became fragmented in the process of adaptation, and then we are whole enough for the chakras to begin their changeover to work within the new operating system we call the new living field.

Restoring the chakras and soul fragmentation at first makes us MORE sensitive to the machinations of Duality, but when the chakras morph they become responsive only to the new field and are not controlled or affected by the energies of Duality. This is how we extract ourselves from the old system. It doesn’t change, we do (although Duality is simultaneously collapsing as the energy moves out of the old structure).

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