Excellent New Moon Session Recording from 09-05-13

This session was treading in new territory. I haven’t added a New Moon recording to our shop for awhile because we normally have little download activity once the event has passed. However, this session was extremely helpful and effective, and worth including for anyone who finds their way to this page. We are no longer just working with the Earth Mother, or Spirit, or masters of either Spirit or Earth. This is the New Field, a merged consciousness that is informing us directly.

In this process there is a release of old “maps”, structures within consciousness that have been in place for surviving Duality. From the Field we are now receiving new maps for the new world. Michele walks people through many releases with helpful explanations of how we may be subtly maintaining our relationship with Duality. She says “even your own judgment on the old world keeps you bound to it…..reference will bind the [old] structure in your system”. One person commented on how quickly a large amount of shift happened in the process. Michele said the New Field is fast, it’s efficient, it’s effective, and it works specifically.

This short description doesn’t do justice to the transformation possible from this session, but I wanted you to know that the experience was much more profound that one would expect. I recommend highly!