Preparing The Deep Core Of Self For Impregnation

“In this time as we in spirit look upon the earth and its evolution, we are quite pleased that there are so many that are waking up and looking within, who are willing to go deeper and open to those places that have been wounds in this life as well as wounds from past times. We are well aware that it is not an easy path and that it demands that, at times, ones be of greater courage and fortitude than they may have thought necessary when embarking on this spiritual path.”

“Many find quite a difference between the image of growth and evolution they have held and the actual experience of growth and evolution. This difference is because of the training in your churches or your culture that suggest that it is easy or comes quickly. You have called it “instant gratification”. Even if you do not completely believe in that, if you have a sort of “struggle” mentality that balances your instant gratification, you will find that both are polarizations and neither of them is true. What is the truth is that your Being, your soul, as it is embodying, knows the way. It knows the optimal path. It is not difficult and challenging, and no one way is exactly like any other.”

“Realize that you are graduating from “public school” education where everyone is taught the same thing and expected to graduate with the basics and with a test that determines how well you know what is given to all. Your soul is individuated – that has been its goal throughout incarnations! You path is individual, unique, and planned by your own wisdom, unfolding step by step. Watch in this time who and what you attract to yourselves. Do not compare yourself to another. Do not jump in to the latest fad of education or plan unless it truly fits you. Listen deeper and pay attention to your body’s needs. Pay attention to your feelings and what is triggered within your emotions by your experiences of life.”

“Pay attention if you feel uneasy, if you feel a sense of anxiety, if you feel a sense of loss, pain, guilt, anger, or shame. Do not look outside of you to the trigger and blame that as your cause. Look within to what is stirring deeply that now wishes to be revealed. Ask for assistance on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and look to what is given to you as the assistance that is needed. Pay attention, for your individual path is to be revealing itself more and more. Your truth which lies within you is a beautiful blend of all that you have grown over many incarnations as well as your ground of Being within the whole. You will find a form and a joyful path of expression that will be unique yet also beautifully woven within the whole of consciousness.”

“We are very appreciative of the work many of you have committed to doing in this time. You are nearing a cycle shift in your Gregorian year as you move from 1996 to 1997. There is at the solstice of this year an impregnation of sorts that will take place and will initiate movement within the next three years. Three is a measure of creation. That measure of creation is to unfold within the last three years of this century so that by the year 2000 what will have been put in place will serve the next few years where there will be need for a foundation to rest upon, build upon, and visibly be present as assurance to those who are yet to shift completely into a greater awareness. Be aware of your parts as they bring you into alignment with the earth, with each other, and with yourselves in your own uniqueness. Be aware of lifting your awareness, focus, and attention to those places that will be initiating of movement, of creation, of forms, and of experience that are the foundation that you are building for you and the whole. You cannot do this individual, unique expression all by yourself, or in isolation, or by focusing only on the ego needs. That will not bring you joy. You can only bring your expression out of the deep core of self that is opening to receive the seed of this deep impregnation. It is initiated, unfolds, and grows out of the that place that is to be gifted in that time. It can only grow in the garden with all others growing their uniqueness and weaving together the foundation for the whole. It is a wondrous time and not without its challenges. The challenges are not outside of you, but assist you to go deeper so that the womb is prepared for the seed that is coming.”

“Perhaps we are a little premature in speaking of the solstice time, but this time is to get ready. At the solstice time it is important for you to be receptive – to be in a more feminine receptive mode even if you are in a male body. Do not allow yourself to have pre-conceived ideas about what it will look like. Do not get very psychic about this and try to get all your predictions lined up. This solstice time requires a certain stance of vulnerability, knowing that what is to be impregnated is a seed from the great Cosmic Creator into the womb that you have prepared for birthing in form, movement, and joyful expression. That is the stance for the solstice. You can do it with others if you wish, or alone if that is your preference – it does not matter.”

“It is this moment, this time that will bring you into the culmination of this century. We feel rather like parents joining you with this expectancy of what is to birth. We aren’t able to tell you, and anyone who thinks they can with accuracy is probably a little mistaken because how what is impregnated will birth and how many of you take this into yourselves and birth it is yet to be known completely. We are very optimistic because so many are opening. It does not matter how many years you have been “at this” – all that are open will receive. Ones need to be aware that there might be some “requests” of them to do their work that has not yet been done, because that is the preparation. It is an exciting time because you ones are to feel the quickening.”

“That is our message for this time. Blessings.”

Author: Chris

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