Opening To Your Heart’s Deepest Longing

“In this time there is a great awakening and a great opening within hearts. It is not just the capacity to love self and others, but it is an opening of the deepest longing for fulfillment. Each one is born here with an imprint that is fulfilled by following the longing or the desire within the heart. When this is followed from very early on that imprint attracts to itself what is necessary in every stage of development that then leads to fulfillment. If it was not allowed, and there were controls or other things that came in to stop or limit it in its quest for fulfillment, the heart’s desires and longing then is trapped within. Sometimes it gets so wrapped and protected that there is a great sadness that is felt when it begins to open. As it begins to open, the recognition of it opens through the emotional body, feeling like a loss or something that is painful. It is not truly painful. It is the release of that which has been its limiting factors and protections, and that which has been controlled and not allowed existence.”

“What is happening now is that those desires are surfacing from deep, deep, deep within the heart of each of those who are desiring to be present here more fully, more fully alive, more fully joyful. Each ones joy is directly measured by the depth of fulfillment of the hearts desire in this plane of existence. Open now, open to that which is deep within your heart. Perhaps it has been latent, hidden, or protected. Be unafraid of the sadness as you touch it, for that will pass rather quickly. You will know that you have reached it and it is reaching you in your consciousness by the sense of rediscovery of something most precious, most sacred, and most joyful. Allow such emotion to flow within the discovery. Open the capacity to feel what is precious, what is sacred, and what is joyful and beautiful to you.”

“Allow forms of this heart’s desire to blossom without concern for the how it will be done and how you will accomplish it. Allow the forms to flow like the emotions, allowing your heart to bring forth in Earth what it has been preparing for for perhaps many, many, many lifetimes. This planet and its wrapping of polarization, of negative forces, of control, has not allowed the deepest heart longings and desires to be fulfilled for a very, very, very long time. Open them now, for the Mother is calling them forth. Open your hearts deeper than just the capacity to love. When you have allowed yourself to move into this place, that is when you will no longer feel that there is something missing, as if there is something you need to find or seek. That is when you find true peace of heart, and depths of joy and fulfillment. There is great support for this to occur from Spirit, those who are assisting this evolution, and Earth. The union of Spirit and Earth now makes it possible.”

“Some carry a fear that when they open and release their heart’s fulfillment into the plane of experience that perhaps there will be an ending. It may seem that if that is released then there is no more purpose to their life. They have been carrying it for such a long time that carrying it became their purpose. We wish to tell you not to fear this, for once that which is in your heart begins to release there is a limitless unfolding. It is not one thing that is coming, it is a multi-faceted universe that you hold within this heart of yours. It will take lifetimes upon lifetimes of experiences in many dimensions to unfold it and release it completely. Then there is only one step beyond that, which is full reunion. Then, perhaps, the birthing of another. So be unafraid of releasing this beautiful, beautiful gift which is yours to give and share with the whole.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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