Open to Your Full Merger

“What we would like to pass on to people in this time is that the soul, the Great Spirit, the body, and the Earth are currently in the process of engaging with each other at full momentum. If you do not feel as if you are engaged in this process, ask yourself what you are resisting or fearing in terms of not jumping into it fully. This engagement does not necessarily mean pain or disruption. It can actually mean that you will feel a deeper sweetness, more desire, more passion, or more of a sense of engaging in life with others.”

“You may have preconceptions about what it means to join fully. Perhaps your previous experiences of intimacy were within a primary relationship. Perhaps you have judgments or perceptions about joining fully in spirit with God or your greater spirit or soul, or you may think you know what it might mean to embody or be more engaged in the material, physical plane. Whatever your perceptions are, they are probably not true. They are probably not aligned with what is going to be your experience, so erase them. Erase expectations, perceptions, judgments, or anything in your mind that may limit or define either the process or experience of fully opening this marriage, this union, of your Great Spirit, your soul, your body, and the materialized plane of life, which is Earth and Creation as a whole.”

“Creator merging within creation is now a very engaging process. All who choose to manifest and be part of it, to be walking in that experience, are being fully embraced. And that is quite literally true. Fully embraced! Your personality, your persona, may wiggle, may squirm, may have fears, may resist, may have all sorts of notions and ideas as well as reasons and rationalizations as to why not to surrender. It does not matter. The engagement is an embrace of Love, and Light, and Life within the personality/persona self, or the materialized, individualized soul. And it is actually something that you are surrendering into, perhaps bit-by-bit, but surrendering none the less.”

“For those who are more used to intimacy and not so afraid of union, there is perhaps a little more graceful merging. For those who have a little more resistance and like to have a little more process in that relational kind of way (and perhaps you actually enjoy and gain something through such processes) then that is your process. Whatever is your way, be about it. Do not avoid it, and do not put it aside. Do not resist it, for that only creates more pressure, internal and external. It can also perhaps precipitate some of those kinds of things you like to avoid, such as traumas or other kinds of challenges. Be about it. Surrender to it, and allow it. Invite it as you might a friend that you trust very much to come and be with you in a time where you are opening to the deepest places within your being. Know that you can do so because it is now not only safe, but being called forth with great support.”

“Your soul, your Great Spirit, that which is Divine and beyond your capacity to fully know, imagine, or even perceive in your mind, is now merging within your small little personality/persona body self. Open up, invite your Great Spirit in. Realize it does not mean the end of you. It means the expansion and freeing of who you truly are. Your persona, your personality self, your ego self, has been designed within duality, within separation, within fear, within adaptation, within the illusions of cultures, within the illusions of history, within the illusions of all of what has come down to you through others. Step aside, breathe deeply, be willing to unwind, unbind, and continuously open into the merger that is now taking place. Be about it. It is truly a wondrous event, and it is happening simultaneously, collectively, for all those who are participating consciously. There are a few participating unconsciously, and some who are standing aside from this merger completely, trying not to acknowledge that something is happening. That is perhaps a fewer number than it was, because now that there has been a trauma to the whole of the collective, there are more that are opening to what might be their own process of merger. They may not name it that way, or they may have a religious frame around it. It does not matter how it is named or perceived. It is happening. Breathe deeply and open to receive the Grace and Love that are gifts for the time of this merger of Creator within Creation.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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