Oneness And The Experiencer Of The Experience

This channeling opens with a commentary by Michele:

Sometimes the Teachers in Spirit offer glimpses of what the next opening in consciousness might feel like. This is such a glimpse. I invite you to call upon their assistence to weave this into your own awareness so to move with more aligned focus toward our collective reunion with the Whole of Creation. Blessings!

“You ones have been diligent in releasing the emotional trauma and memories of your childhood. Perhaps you have also been diligent in changing the patterns of your mind, choosing something different than what you had been programmed to believe was true in the past. You have also been aware that the body’s cells are opening. As they open, they release frozen consciousness, inherited as well as personally experienced, as it has been experienced through past versions of reality that have had fear as the core.”

“We invite you to be aware that there is yet another level opening. That level that is your own solar awareness which bridges all of the other bodies or levels and unifies them. It brings them into a sort of organic whole. It is time now for you ones to become truly unified. Perhaps you have wondered why we often say “you ones”. It is a combination of the individual, you as we perceive you, and the Oneness that we all are, that we share in common as a reality. Oneness is the perception and experience of connectedness, a sense of inseparableness from any other aspect of creation or of the whole, or of what you would name God.”

“For us, this level that we now perceive to be opening in human consciousness is very exciting. For until it opens you are forced to deal with each level as it opens, as it appears and surfaces to consciousness. You work with it, shifting and integrating, but yet as a separate aspect of your nature. As your solar awareness opens you begin to feel as if all of your experience folds into a sort of unified tapestry, and you no longer relate to any of it as separate, but only as a flow of experience rather like one long movie which is coming to an end. You can see all of its different facets and the complexities of the plots, how they have woven together, how they have grown different capacities and strengths, and are now are coming to completion in one whole experience as one whole being emerges. And you close the book on the experience of separation as the solar awareness unifies all of the different facets into a singular sense of self.”

“And then, what? That is the great question for this time, for as the unification takes place there is both a sense of wonderment as well as a sense of emptiness because your life is no longer full of all of the story lines and plot complexities from your past. Yet you also are awakening to a magnificent sense of collaboration with all of creation, all of nature, all of God. This experience of oneness within Oneness becomes a new canvas, and it is a collaborative canvas. You become aware of how your energy, ideas, inspirations, dreams, etc., no longer feel as if they are just yours, but somehow part of movement of a greater force creating in a collaborative way with nature, human consciousness, spirit, etc. You feel the impulses, allow them to come through you, experience them as you give them your dynamic life force so they can exist outside of you, and simultaneously realize how those impulses affect the whole. You also immediately begin to draw to yourself those things that are necessary to complete the intention of the impulse. You open to receive, not only for yourself, but for all who are to be affected by the impulse and your subsequent words and actions. It is as if you become a receiver, not only for your own experience to be fulfilled, but for the impulse of Creation to be orchestrated and flowing both to and from the whole through you.”

“What we are describing is a process that is like breathing. Only you are not breathing or creating yourself in isolation. You are being breathed. You are the experiencer of the greater consciousness of Creation, of the One who is breathing life into creation. You are the HU/MAN, the HU or great God Source experienced through matter consciousness or MANna. As you become this experience, you completely relax out of the fear base that has convinced you that you are alone, for in this new reality, that concept cannot exist.”

“We ask you to sit for a little while and open your imagination, open your capacity to feel and experience what we say. We will help. Those of us who are speaking to you are ever available to assist the experience to come into your awareness through magnifiying how it might feel. You may not know the exact experience until you create it, but you can begin now to sit and open and imagine what would it would be like, how it would feel, perhaps even what it might look like to be in collaboration with Creation as an open creative experiencer both flowing Love into the whole and then from creation back through you to the Source. You begin to realize every thought, every action, every word, has impact. It always has had, but because of the separation of one part from another in your nature, you have not experienced even your own impact on yourself, much less your impact on the whole of creation. That is to change.”

“All this may not appear immediately in your experience. First you are drawing into oneness all of the aspects, all of the parts, into a unified embodied solar awareness. And that awareness will show you how you are affecting yourself and all of creation in every thought, word, or action. It will become clear how important it is not to become complacent or forget to pay attention to this level of your own awareness.”

“Relax, little ones, relax. Do not allow the drama field of the dying realities around you draw you into any of the its plots. Let that movie end. Watch your own experience change. Come together as a whole, a unified singular awareness of Oneness, and then join the collaborative dance that is waiting, and has already begun.”

Author: Chris

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