New Year’s Channeling 2003

Notes about this transcription:

Much of this New Year’s channeling is focused less on what is taking place in the world, and more on the next phase of involvement for those who are actively participating in the transformation of consciousness. It is also an invitation to begin a process of shifting the emotional body and focusing as a group to bring more Love into Matter and into the world. The first portion is presented by the Earth Mother, followed by perspectives from our friends in Spirit .

Participant questions/comments are shown in UPPER-CASE.

The Earth Mother begins:

I am very pleased to be inviting you into something that will open some portals within consciousness and within bodies. It is my part to open these portals in partnership with you. I am one and you are one, each of you, and yet all together we are a greater being that is like one great body. Over many, many, many centuries, this body has adapted its pathways and patterns and they have become contracted and distorted, producing disease, death, etc. Many stories have been left behind in my body over these many years of time, and these pathways have grown rigid and crystallized.

Most of you have been working in your own lives, your own bodies, your own consciousness to dissolve the patterns of crystallizations, the distortions, the adaptations, etc. That is called healing. It is not always pleasant. In fact, sometimes it is downright messy, isn’t it? Yes. So those of you who have gone ahead in this process understand that it is not always pleasant, it is not always peaceful, it does not always feel good, warm and cozy. And yet you are also aware that Love is ever present, always present through Me, from Spirit, from guides, from God. As the Essence within all of creation, it is always present, so that as you open these places of crystallization or adaptation, you have support, you have a way to unravel, to dissolve, a way to be held in an embrace that knows that you are Love, unfolding and opening like blossoms of Love. There is a way for you to return, to restore your natural integrity, your natural design, and then to inhabit, embody more fully all of your great being. This has already been happening in limited ways, in a limited number of different bodies of those now alive.

You have had many bodies; some of you very many, some of you not as many. This does not matter: you have all been here at least several times. Even if you do not know that or do not remember it, you have. Your soul-body remembers death, it remembers dying. Part of the pattern of living and dying, of going back to spirit and coming back into a body, is that you have memories and stories that are accumulated. Those memories and stories are personal to you, and are also left behind. What do you think are in your storybooks? You call them history. I prefer to just say stories. These stories are of living experiences of yours and many others. They have accumulated, but where have they gone? Did they just disappear? No. You buried them. You buried them in my body. You buried your bones and your cells, and even if you burned your cells, they still remained. Guess what? Those stories not only remained in a cellular way that reintegrated into the body of my body, the whole body, they also remained in consciousness.

Now the stories are unraveling. This is happening so the pearls, the jewels, the essence can be taken out, like treasures. So there are treasures that you are receiving, taking back to yourselves. Some of these are shared stories that are part of a group of people; a culture, a time, a nation. These cultural group stories or community stories are also unraveling, so that these too may reveal their gifts and be opened up within consciousness. The rigidity of the distortions, of the adaptations, of the contractions that were also carried through the memories and the stories; these are things we do not wish to weave into the next template for the next story.

You are not creating a new story right now. We are not writing and weaving a story right now, we are dissolving stories. You are dissolving your past stories, you are dissolving the rigidities, the crystallizations, of the group stories and the collective consciousness. That is what you are about right now. So at times it may feel as if you are sluggish, like moving through soup or stew or glue. It is at such times that the next layer of stories is rising. You have begun to be aware that you are not alone in feeling this at times, and that when you feel this you might talk to a friend or colleague, and they too are feeling it. Isn’t that something? You are unraveling collective, group stories. If it was just personal stories, you would be sick and they would not. You would have the feeling of sluggishness and they would not; that would be a personal story. So, have you become aware of how much you are sharing right now? Yes.

Many of you are affected and have agreed to participate in the unraveling of the stories. so that the rigidity, the crystallization, the contraction, the adaptation and the distortions can be unraveled out of my body and out of your bodies. I do understand that this process is some work. At the same time, there is more life, more juice, more power to accomplish it than ever before. Those that are present, as well as many others that are not physically here, have chosen to listen to the current of transformation in your own lives. Wherever that might have begun, that does not matter. You have chosen to listen, and you have been working through these places in yourselves. I am grateful, Spirit is grateful, we are all grateful for your choice to do so.

You are looking out into your world, and it is getting messy. Yes? It seems to be getting messier and messier and messier. You look at those who are in positions that make choices that affect many, affect you, and you do not understand how they think. How can they make such choices? You do not have a comprehension. So much of the story has unraveled for you, and so much of the past has already unraveled that you are beginning to not remember that story. But for them, they are still living that story. They are still living out the duality that is coming out of the bodies of the past and coming out of the memories of our earth body. They are choosing from that place. Do you understand why they do this? You once were part of that story. You have unraveled much of it so you are not so intimate anymore, but you do understand. Many still believe, still feel, still are woven, still have the rigidity of that structure. That is reality for them.

What is going to unfold now is that there is a radical, which means root, choice that is rippling out through the consciousness. It is beginning with those who are ready, available and willing. Perhaps I should ask: are you available and willing for this next part? You have a choice. In some ways, once you begin the unraveling process, you are more susceptible to being part of the larger unraveling because you cannot separate yourself anymore. But you do have choice in some ways as far as how much to participate. The next phase, is to allow waves to move out, like sound waves that come out of the earth, out of our bodies and out of the stories in the collective sense. You do not need to process this emotionally. That is part of why those who will be facilitating the next weeks and I have chosen to assist you to transform your emotional body, to shift it, so you do not have to process so much. You in bodies need a way to process this transformative energy, these waves, and there is a way to do this available to you. We will assist you at the beginning of this process to establish more coherency through your energetic bodies so you will not be so emotionally affected. Already some of you have ridden some of the wave of emotion this year, yes? You have felt anger, grief, what else?


Yes, fear, contractions. They have come through in powerful experiences that have affected many people. Some of you wanted to get up and become warriors. You wanted to respond, to act. But you were acting out of the wave of emotion, the fear, the anger, the grief, the sense of powerlessness, which is not a place to act from in this time. That empowers the old story that is dissolving. So, there is a need to open portals of consciousness that are present, but which have not been utilized. They have not been utilized well except for in very small groups, for quite some time. The turn of the century two thousand years ago, the story of Jesus, the Christed one, was a time when there were waves of release. These waves of release were triggered and stimulated by the embodied Being bringing the Christ into the earth, into our body of Earth, into the story of humanity, and utilizing groups of people that in that time were charged with the same thing that you are being charged with now. Only, now it is a different time and a different age. So, many of you have memories of utilizing these portals, but you have not been able to open them because you have been woven into duality in the old story. So the process over the next months is to open these portals, to recreate or redesign your emotional field so that your mind-emotion or emotional-mind, has more capacity to process and less fragility in reacting to what is releasing through the greater consciousness of the whole. You do not need to ride the waves of emotion; that is not good for you physically. That can weaken immune systems. You could feel vulnerable or become ill, and that is not necessary.

We have begun to ask your participation, if you choose, in a process that will facilitate something with grace and power on a grander scale than has yet been attempted. This will ripple out into consciousness; you are not alone. Just as you now unconsciously feel similarly at similar times, so it will be within the whole with many people who are part of these waves of release and transformation. Some of them however, will not know how to do so without becoming very emotionally involved in that wave. So, there is a need for you too to assist others, as you learn what is necessary to do or how to be in this place, you can assist and facilitate others who you might connect with that are also feeling similarly and participating in these waves of release, but who are processing it emotionally.

So, I introduced this, that was my job (laughter). That was not the message for the year exactly, that will come later. Some others are coming to speak to you, too. But I introduce this part because I am very involved in this aspect of what is coming next. Any questions?


Well, you have learned to somewhat detach from emotion, but this is a shift of the emotional body so that it is not necessary to push away emotion, but to utilize the power of what is available while not processing the content. It is not quite like detachment, it is different. You all will be feeling as if you are tuning up in the next few weeks. If there are any chakras or centers or areas of your body that are out of alignment, needing some assistance or support, you will feel almost a compelling push to work with that. Do so. There is much support and ease of moving things through your system, more now than ever before.


It is not a do-it-yourself kind of thing. Actually it is participating in something much larger. Yes, it is something that we hope you will pass on and share with others. Some will understand, some will not. It will be up to you to begin to be translators, because those that have not yet processed some of their own story may find that that gets stimulated during this time. That will need your support, perhaps in order to move that process. Yet there is also a great amount of Love, deep oceans of Love, here for any and all who are moving with this process. Those who are yet rigidly woven into the old story and playing that out in their lives and decisions, and on the world stage, will not understand how things could unfold very differently than what they expect or as they have been able to predict in the past. This is due to the unraveling. Even as they are attempting to contract, and to control, and to move forward with even greater attachment to this story, simultaneously the story is unraveling from within itself.


The old story has to do with fear, utilizing the fear of death or chaos, or lack of order, or fear of losing what has been perceived as reality in the material or physical reality. Fear is the groundwork, and separation as a result of that fear, that has split and fragmented one consciousness from another so that people perceive themselves as separate and different and possibly opponents. The new story that is to be written is to be based in Love. Based in the sense of the whole, the unity of the multitude of infinite uniqueness, simultaneously and synchronistically creating vast new pools of potential.

The potential that you see now manifested in the earth has focalized itself into arenas that have been designated as needed or necessary in order to provide what the old story deems necessary for life. By not trusting life, it has taken energy out of life, out of my body, out of your body, out of the energy stores as a whole and attempted to drive or steer all of that energy into these creations that it deems necessary based in fear, greed, and the imbalances that you perceive. Your potential has been drained as a result of this. The potential of who you truly are capable of being has been siphoned off by that story.

So withdraw your energy, your support by not only withdrawing from the old story, but also by unraveling it. No longer allow it to have power within your energetic emotional system or for your life in the world. Simultaneously now begin to open from within your own potential, tapping the reservoirs of the vast potential that wish to bring Love into creation.

Ahhhh, breathe, we are not breathing……(laughter)


Well, in this time there are several conjunctions. My story is influenced by a larger story. I, the Earth, am part of a larger solar system. Then our sun is part of a galaxy. The galaxy is part of another community or family. And all galaxies and universes are in rotation. Just as I rotate around the sun. There is always rotation. The rotation brings different qualities of energy into various vicinities of space throughout the universe. This solar system has been moving into a vicinity of the universe that is much more intensely focused out of the central core. This vibrates in such a way that it penetrates matter. It is a penetration that catalyzes matter itself to begin to remember its essence and the inception or beginnings of itself. It is remembering the core intention of itself. You are within matter vibrating in my body of matter, which is vibrating within this vicinity of radiation. So, it is partially a timing that is much larger than the human race and our experience. However, the evolving consciousness of the human race has been timed within this rotational timing so that the unfolding of awareness, the unfolding of becoming conscious of the Essence of spirit within matter, is also timed to awaken to become coherent at this time. Everything converges.


What do you think?


In the distant human past, you have at times been more conscious. But in those earlier time of consciousness, it was a much more merged state. The consciousness was less differentiated, with less variety, much more like a single-celled being versus a multi-celled being. So, you might remember such a time of feeling a great merger with Love, and delight in creation. Your mythology of the Christian and Jewish tradition calls it paradise or the Garden of Eden, and other traditions have stories that also remember the merged state of consciousness. And you may also have other stories. You may have been in other dimensions, or other planetary experiences that have already gone through this vicinity of space, this radiation of remembrance. You may have a memory of similar transformative experiences in other times, other places, but not here on earth.


It is rather like LONG contractions for birthing that you did not yet perceive was taking place 2000 years ago. The focus was on the one who came, and the memory wove around that one and that vibration was kept alive through the memory of that one and the stories that were told of that one. You recorded the stories…..and changed them and buried a few to be recovered now…..yet the stories still lived in my body as a whole; they had to, as all stories do. That was an opening. Then there was a contraction. And then there was an opening, and then there was a contraction, and an opening, contraction, opening, contraction…and it gets faster and faster before babies are born. Those who are mothers here understand this process. Simultaneously, there was a timing involved. The one who came prophesied that another time would be coming where much more would take place than what was taking place there. But you did not completely believe that one at the time, and you thought it all was going to happen very quickly. Well the story is more stretched out than that.


There are already great beings walking among you, facilitating and leading, and others who are yet to emerge. There will not be only one. There is too much in this time in the old story that wishes to contract around those who would proclaim themselves to be the savior. And that story is still too willing to abdicate the unfolding of true potential and give it away. So, instead of one there are many. You are also invited to tap the storehouses of potential, your own as well as the vastness of what is being revealed, to open the treasure chest. You are also invited to take the treasure, unfold it within your own uniqueness, share it, give it expression, and dance it into form. So, one? No. Several, many? Yes.


It is not the year of the birth. That is yet to come. But as you know, labor does intensify. You are not yet pushing, either. But the unraveling of the story will escalate now from this time forward. That will precipitate the quickening, if you wish.

This is the end of the presentation by the Earth Mother.
After a short pause, the session was continued with those in Spirit.

Hello. You have already been talking with our esteemed partner and now it is we who have been invited to address this group with more information about this coming year. We will speak for just a short time with more of an overview. Then you may ask questions and we will go from there.

You have begun in your time a new cycle as of today. The cycle of this year contains within it several threads. Certain things will unfold from these threads, things that are in place and already moving. Yet, because so much in this time is unpredictable, we have difficulty saying for sure what will unfold. We will preface what we say with that disclaimer.

You have already heard that in this moment of time, consciousness is unraveling many of the threads of the old structure or the old story. That structure, however, is in a process of attempting to maintain and take even greater control based in the fear that is driving it. There is a very deep contraction of fear in consciousness and it is growing every day. That contraction is being fed and nurtured by those who are embodied with you, as well as by those not embodied who dwell in the lower astral plane. So, the astral level is also influencing people at this time, as well as being influenced by what is taking place here. That is one reason why it is important that you know you have the power to determine how you react emotionally, and the power to choose your focus of attention consciously to determine what and who gets your energy and power.

If you pay very close attention and attempt to make conscious choices all of the time, you will probably wear out your brain (laughter). Yes? It is not a good thing to wear out the brain; the brain is essential to the whole of how you experience your life and your Self. What we, together with our partner [the Earth Mother] are going to assist you and others with is to create structures in your bodies and your emotional system, so that you do not need to work so hard with the brain. In some ways it then becomes more automatic, more like breathing, more as if it is part of your design. That is one of the reasons why we have proposed what we have proposed ( the upcoming series of channeled sessions).

The contraction that is happening now is driving itself into a place of creating a great dualistic picture, or a great polarity, a great war, with the good guys and the bad guys, with the white hats and the black hats, etc. But at the same time there is also rising the awareness of Love, of wholeness, of interconnectedness, of your own sense of what you are to choose and what you can choose. This time has within it a certain Grace. Even though it does not always appear on the surface of things, it is always present. And that Grace is a quality of Love that you can call upon, touch, breathe, and work with. It is always given during times of great challenge. It you have ever lost a loved one, or someone dear to you, you have felt Grace permeating the room or the place or the experience, maybe for many months, have you not? At a birthing of a child, there is Grace, yes? You may also call to mind other times when you have felt a permeating quality of assistance, of blessing. We would like you know that Grace is present, and that it will be increasing as you move through this year. Whatever you call it does not matter, but you might want to help others be aware of it, too, so it is not just in your consciousness. You can name it into the field wherever you are, even if in your mind you are naming it in a casual way, consciously dropping it into the conversation. That has an impact, an effect of unleashing Grace throughout that experience, in that place, to those people. So this is one thing to remember this year: Grace, and that you have the power to acknowledge it within the living field of your experience at any moment.

Another thing to remember this year and in this time, is that those that claim to have power are actually losing it. If you look at them and you conclude that they have great power and then you become afraid or feel powerlessness, then you are giving them more energy and power. You are creating and giving them the energy of fear, which feeds the stories they are creating. IF however you make a different choice of perception, you can see they do not have the control they claim to have. They do not. They are losing power. Why else would they be on the rampage? Do you see? They are losing power. Now, what’s the polarity of the aggressor in the old structure?


And what’s another choice?


The peacemaker, or the one who is choosing Grace in the moment, is not empowering that scenario any longer. You vibrate something different, and as you do, you connect to the great unfolding of power that is now to be released to those who are ready, who can handle it. You have to be able to handle power this year. It is not power over, it is not a power of domination, it is not power as opposed to powerlessness. The kind of empowerment we speak of….we wish it had another name….is that which is able to amplify who you are, how you feel, and what you acknowledge as true and real. It amplifies this in such a way that it is more effective in any moment.

So this year, keep in mind:

1. Physical stamina, physical strength, exercise, good eating, whatever it takes for you to care for and strengthen the physical form, is your part. You will need to feel physically strong, you will need to grow in your body a greater sense of capacity to handle the amplification of energy.

2. Restructuring your emotional body so it is no longer so vulnerable within the material plane

3. Connecting to the Earth if you have not already done so. Which means clearing those lower chakras that may have yet been holding fear or the contraction from the old story, or any other places in the body that have limited the flow or the current that is coming up from the Earth.

4. Connecting to Spirit through the crown. Coming down from above you is awareness. You will also find yourself having increased awareness this year as you are able to maintain higher frequencies in your body and field.

If we asked you right now to imagine in your mind a scale of 1-100, with 100 being extra-ordinary vitality and awareness and zero being close to death:

a. How alive do you feel?
b. How conscious and aware do you typically feel during your day?

In this year you will go up on both these scales. Scale number one is about life-force, vitality and power. It is about the ability to hold more of the upward current, the power of life, in your field, and allow it to amplify and have more impact and effectiveness in creation. Scale number two is consciousness, light, and awareness of what is Real in every moment.

So your job and responsibility is to take good care of and clear any remainders of the old story that is remembered in your body, in your great, beautiful, embodied soul-self. Then you can become a coherent force of Love within creation in this next time. A coherent force that is not just you, but a force that is both unified and multiplied into an infinite variety of Love’s expression. This force of Love you will begin to manifest, within this creation, this earth, during this unfolding in time. So, this year is a time for a preparation for what will come. It is as if the next step of moving into what you have been preparing for is upon you. Now you take this next step. This step cannot be done alone. That is why we are gathered here, in groups utilizing the collective rhythm to unfold. That is why this year is one of amplification, clarification and of opening up more of the collective awareness so that can begin to become coherent.

So we are done. What would you like to discuss?


If the vehicle of the body and the consciousness is not ready, so to speak, utilizing such techniques can and will in some ways amplify the old story, because it is still coming through the webbing of the old story. You cannot try to make a change in outcomes from a place where you think something is wrong. Do you understand? If you think something is wrong, and then you try to make it different, then where are you coming from? That is still the old story, the old place that grips and holds and binds and contracts and then tries to control. How else do you approach life if you do not perceive right/wrong, good/bad? That is a habit of judgment, which is a result of fear.

How do you show up in your life and become effective without fear?


Yes, doing your part, your work


When it is appropriate for you to do so.


Yes, by opening Love, acknowledging Grace and Love. All you have to do is acknowledge it. Acknowledge the reality of Grace and Love empowers it, activates its potential. You will learn how to be able to bring more power to it. You will grow into the experience of what we are giving you a peek at. You already have it in your awareness that you are moving into this possibility, because the possibility is alive, it is vibrating. The interpenetration of this radiation of love and light within matter is unleashing the potential, the possibility. If you perceive something is wrong, you contract, you get scared, and you feel you have to change it. If you open all of the potential of what is in you and you acknowledge what is essentially Real and present in the moment in which anything is occurring, then you are effective. Actually, circumstances do not even need to be the catalyst; you can acknowledge Love in any moment so that it can continue to be amplified, creative and unfolding its potential into experience. As this focus upon the Real becomes a coherent force of Love, you become very effective creators. So to say that you will as a group focus on something to try and change it, that is something to beware of at this time. There is not sufficient consciousness to do that in a way that will not impact or energize the old system.


You can insert yourself in consciousness anywhere because you are part of the whole. It is more effective in this time to begin to stand in the place where the thought form is vibrating a desire to go to war, and affirm the blessings of Grace and Love in that place. Affirm another reality in that same place, amplify yourself so that as you affirm it, it is so. Instead of opposing it, as in a dualistic way, you affirm another level of consciousness or reality that then is empowered to manifest in reality. Make choices to join together in different kinds of groups, and be the one that acknowledges the reality of Love that is already present there. Do not allow your emotions to be engaged by others who may attempt to engage you in order to amplify their own emotional content and to have some control via that emotion (agenda). Do you understand?


It can be either of these things. That which is Love lives in you, as the essence of you. Do you understand this? You may not understand how something should unfold, or how it will unfold for the highest good of all, but when you acknowledge the reality of Love, you can bring that awareness into the moment in the midst of turmoil, in the midst of challenge, in the midst of upheaval. How do you think Jesus did it? He did not oppose anything. He affirmed, acknowledged. How do you think he healed someone’s body that was manifesting an imbalance, a disease? His vibration penetrated within that one’s field by acknowledging the Truth of what was present. The Truth then asserted itself in that person’s field and body, rapidly. Yes, more rapidly than often happens, but if you do so in this time, you can illustrate a similar effect. If you do so in coherent force, you have a multiplied or amplified effect.


You can assert the vibration through knowing what is real, knowing what is more real than the imbalance of what is being illustrated or portrayed. It is not the action that is the emphasis as much as where people come from in this time, which story they are energizing. If they come from fear, a need to control, a need to do something out of a sense that something is wrong and thus, I must take charge, I must do something…that is the response of fight or flight, that is a fear response. If you get all riled up and have a great need to act from that place, fear is in your field, it is in your body, and it is acting through you. If you can acknowledge the fear and say: ‘I acknowledge and feel the fear, and in this place, Love is present, Grace is present here. I am (that which is real and true) present here’. You allow the Love to unravel the fear, to unravel the consciousness that perceived fear as an option, to dissipate and dissolve it, until you come into a space of Love. Love is the only reality in that moment that exists, and you acknowledge and affirm it into whatever experience is in your life. Since you are all part of this United States, which is working out this old story right now, you have the power to acknowledge Love right here inside this story. Acknowledge it here and now with the knowing that Love is more Real than any appearances. This is not about using affirmations from the mind, but standing in awareness and knowing the Essence within all of material experience.


You can use whatever language you feel holds the vibration and the frequency of this. Peacemaker, force of love, lovers…what would you like to call yourselves? You can call yourselves anything. What is important is where it comes from. The language is not so important, although warrior has some energy around the old, but so does power. Your language has not yet evolved to include everything that may be needed. You can make up words, we would be grateful. (laughter)


If you take them on and oppose them you are energizing them. You will find you become more contracted, more worked up, more rigid, more trying to convince them. It will not dissipate, it will just rev up, becoming an emotional volcano. So, how to be with them? First breathe into the center of your being. Next, connect to the place in you that is most loving, most aware, most conscious. Then breathe down, connect to the root, through the root to the Earth, opening up your central column. Open up from above through the crown and invite the flow of awareness, both light and life to inform you. Begin to know, acknowledge in your Self what is Real. This is your practice, your work.

If you can slip a word or two into conversation that acknowledges that what you are feeling is the reality, you give it more power within the field. Whatever you say out loud into the field of consciousness rings like a bell and sound waves ripple out. It has more impact than just the thought, which keeps it in the etheric plane. You can say casually something about another reality such as: what about love, what about connecting with those things that are more similar than different? All you have to do is say it from the place that you know is real. YOU connect it to the words. It does not have to be exact words. It is your intention, your reality that you are acknowledging into the field, and then you can let go and let them talk. You may need to have to have an experience of this, but oftentimes there are subtle shifts afterwards that happen either for you or for them, and you begin to become more aware that this force of Love is actually working. You are participating, you are a conscious creator in that field, and you are bringing its potential forward into this material reality.


No, not specific. It varies with the moment, it varies with the individual, and varies with the frequencies that you are calling upon to bring into the field. You are creative! This awareness is beginning to weave its way into consciousness. What we are speaking of is not only coming through us, but others also speak of it, write of it, and bring it through in different ways. It is beginning to weave its way into music, and we would hope the new story that is to create a new potential for life will eventually weave through your medias. Then the potential that is coming out of the treasure chest will be revealed through pictures that will assist people to relate to the new story rather than only the many, many versions of the old story of duality with its emotional manipulation. Many versions of the old story continue to be created. Yet, other things are also coming into consciousness.


The physical body has been vibrating in a lower frequency for a long time and it is gradually loosening up, dissolving the old crystallizations so it can vibrate at a higher frequency, so the memory it holds is touched and informed by the interpenetration of vibration, light, and life. You may experience some challenge at times in the body as it begins to work through places that have held the lower, more rigid vibration of old experiences, old stories and memories. If you find that very challenging in the physical field, begin to utilize the voice, similar to speaking into the field with another, and acknowledge the Reality of Love, but in a very loving, calm tone. The body has been informed by fear, particularly through many stories and the remembrance of death in those stories. It begins to fear that if it shifts frequency that means the end of life. It does not understand that higher frequencies can be in the body. The consciousness of matter has not moved into this frequency before. Your bodies are trying very hard to make the shift.

Younger bodies, children, infants are already being born at higher frequencies now, many, but not all. So they do not have to make the shift, although they, too, will be called upon to shift in their lives into another frequency as well. The interpenetration of this radiant energy is on its way in, and it is definitely not yet complete. So, use your voice lovingly as if you would to a child, assure your body that there is nothing to fear. Use any tones or words, or vibrational language that may relate directly into the cellular nature, Earth Mother can be of assistance in this aspect. She will give you such things to work with. Also, if there is a need to do some emotional or other clearing from the stored memories, then do so.


You might need some quite evident reminders for such times, like sign poles or posts. You can create them. For some it might be a mantra or something that restores you to remember your Essence, what is Real, something that is your own creation. Your vibrational signature, your true name can be used for such occurrences. Repeat it and breathe until realignment occurs or you become more connected again. Ask for help, affirm Grace and blessing with you. Put up big signs, laugh, whatever you would wish. Make it more fun, more playful so that there is a way for you to have a connection to that which is uplifting, a song, a dance, a movement. But whenever you do it, you connect to yourself again. It does not have to be serious. In fact, it may be more effective if it is not so serious.

And one more correction, you never ‘become’ the fear. That is not true. You may feel as if you do, but that is the emotional wave that has content rolling through you. You amay be riding the emotional wave, but that is not the reality.


So, please take some deep breaths. Do you like being alive? Most of you do, we hope? It is our prediction, and we do not make many, that you will feel more happy and joyful being alive in this body and in this year, and that you will open the vitality of the potential within your body to be fully alive. You will be more fully alive than what you have yet tasted. That is a prediction. This year will be one of expansion or growth of this aspect, as well as and expansion of greater conscious awareness in your daily life of what the reality truly is. So, this is combined with the shifting of the emotional body structure so that it is not so vulnerable, while aligning your powerful core and practicing the ability to vertically bring in and source more Light within Life. Even though you have some things to practice, in some ways, you will find that this amplification of feeling alive and aware will just begin to happen. This is not like school where you learn something, you take the test, and you get a grade. This practice does not have that kind of clear outcome or ending. This process is more like the unfolding of a flower, where you give it water, you give it food and sunlight, and then you allow and trust and it will grow into its potential. It happens, and then you are in awe of its beauty.


Anything else? If not, we would invite you to open to receive. We would like to offer to amplify some of the Grace and Love that we experience as our reality with you. We could not experience a time together with you without experiencing simultaneously a permeability between the dimensions. We are here; we are not so far removed vibrationally or in presence. It is easier at these times for you and us to be together than you might feel possible during some other days. But it is always possible, for we are never that far away vibrationally. All you need to do is begin to breathe into that place that you know as Love. Breathe into that place you feel as Love. To call the frequency of Love into your being, your body, and your heart, it may help to remember a time when you experienced great Love, in which you felt you opened to Love, or knew Love intimately. As you remember Love, it will be turned on, so to speak. So, feel it, open to it, and breath into it. Now breathe out from it, as if you allow the Love in your heart to have an ability to communicate out into the physical body, emotional body, mental field, energetic field, and spiritual self. Allow Love to expand out from that place of acknowledgement into your field.

Now begin to breath up Life from the Earth. Pure Life is the juice that enlivens and empowers this Love. You breathe it up and into Love, into the feeling, and into the field. Open it even more, as if you are standing in a pool of Living Love and now it infuses you, or you are floating in an ocean of Love and the waves inform and fill you. Then open the Crown Chakra at top of your head, and lift into frequencies of Light that are present, frequencies of awareness, of Grace, Beauty, of intelligent conscious awareness, of knowing of what is Real. You allow the frequencies and qualities to inform your field, vibrating, informing, coming into your body, into your heart, into this potent field. If you have a specific need, a specific question, or a specific desire to become more aware in a certain area, it is a good time to open to receive anything you need in consciousness. Hold that in your awareness now. Then relax your body, so that you might open even more. Relax any places that feel tense, so that your body can open and amplify its capacity to be the vehicle for this moment of Love.

We now stand among you, shoulder to shoulder, sitting if you are sitting, standing with you. We are with you; you are with us. We are one in this field of Living Love. We are one; we are unified; we are creating it together. If you wish, together we can stand in the middle of the complexities that are leading to war in your country. In this time, if you wish, together we will stand there and breathe and amplify this Love in that place. We can do that, it is within our power to do it, and it is our choice to do it. We are that Love vibrating consciously now in that place of thoughts and plans of war. Breathe, allow, feel. Do not focus directly on the plans; just stand there. Stand as if it is your right to place yourself there because you are part of the whole. Allow yourself to anchor in this moment, in that place, in the whole of consciousness. Keep the frequency high, the power amplified, and the Love felt. And continue to relax…

You are like an Alka-Seltzer, you are transforming with Love a place that has had indigestion. Continue to breathe, because the transformation of what is moving through the field will need to move. That is good. We are effecting this place together. Love is present here, effectively present in this place through us. That is good. Your capacity to maintain this amplitude of frequency has increased quite a bit. You are doing very well.

Keep breathing while allowing that which needs to process and circulate out of the field to do so. As the old stories are touched with Love, they are transformed, changed. Breathe the energy of this transformation through the field and then out from you. Through and out, through and out into the transformed story that it is to become. Then a new story can be born. Yes. Together we have become a force of Love. We are grateful.

So, know that this power, this capacity, this experience, is just the beginning of what you are to create for yourselves in your own lives and in your own situations. You will also come together in groups to become a larger force of Love once this becomes more coherent in the whole. You may be physically present with a group, or you may be part of a more collective experience. Coherency of Love is what we, together as spirit beings and human beings, will work towards this year. So, blessings dear friends, and remember that Grace and Love are in and with you in every place and in every moment. It has been our joy and pleasure to be able to participate, to walk with and to join with you ones to become a force of Love.

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