New Year’s Channeling 2002

It is our pleasure to join you. It is our great pleasure to be able to be with you on this first day of this Cycle. Thank you for inviting us.

What we would invite you to do in this time is several things, if you do not mind.

One is to sit very straight, for a time. Regardless of what your position is, just for a little while, stretch your spine, so that you have a sense of your spine lifting and then breathe through the spinal column as if you are opening up a corridor of light.

And breathe the golden white light from above your head, through this column, into the Earth. Breathe with us, liquid golden light, and allow it to penetrate first for you, your body. First for your body, for your organs. First for your soul, for your essence. Drink it in. There is plenty. It is limitless. There is no end. So breathe first as if you were taking a deep drink for yourself. Deep drink. (sigh) Replenish your core. (sigh) Yes. Replenish your body, your cellular light body. As you do so you begin to replenish the Earth. She is one who creates a living, organic version of this golden light. You ones need both. The liquid golden version from the Earth Mother as well as the liquid light version that your souls utilize within your core.

In this time, this age, this particular age you are living now, this golden light is beginning to penetrate. There are those who would fear it. Now, we ask you, do you fear this light?
This feeling that you have now? There is nothing to fear. It will gently, gracefully, move you to an awareness that that which is light, and that which is Life, and that which is essence, is all that is truly real. Truly living. Truly that which has essence of substance.
Everything else begins to have a sense of being faded a bit. Everything else begins to not have so much substance. Breathe deeper.

You will find that this begins to assist you in those places that you have yet held onto, structures or beliefs that the world of duality, the world of separation, the world of fear, may have taught you. They are not real. And the way you can tell is if you breathe the golden light into them. If they remain, consider them. If they fade, breathe them away and you will start to find yourself getting clear, Life simplifies. How does this feel? …You like? You can continue to breathe it for this entire time. You can continue to breathe it every day of your Life, every waking moment. As long as it is in your consciousness, it is available to you.

Some have called this the Christos. Some have called this the Christ Light. This liquid golden, white light. Some have also called it Krishna. Some have also called it Love.
Some would name it other names. It does not matter, the name that it is given. You feel it, you know it. It lives in you, it lives as you, and you begin to vibrate the essence and quality of it in such a way that your body no longer fears things, and your consciousness no longer fears things. Because it is your substance for Life eternal, and Life within this body. The liquid substantial living version of it nourishes your body. It also teaches your body how to replenish, how to regenerate, how to be fully alive, how to open the creative current because that is what you are, (creators embodied) and how to live magnificently, without regrets, and without looking back, opening to the fullness of who you are and manifesting it all.

In the midst of what you perceive in your world, in this time. In the midst of that which seemingly is a playing out of all the illusions, all of the distortions, and all of that which has lacked substance for so long, that which all it knows as death. In the midst of all of that, the liquid golden light is awakening you, and you, and you, and you, and everyone who is open to receive. There is no limit and there are no requirements, except to be OPEN TO RECEIVE! A very minimal requirement. Open to receive it! That is all! (small gentle chuckle). That is all!

Every child who has been born in recent times already knows it. Older children are familiar with it and are carrying the seeds of it within their core. So, they also know it.
Older children than that are learning of it. Some of you are older children, yes? Your bodies were born of duality. Your consciousnesses are aware of it. But your bodies are now opening to it. That is the place where the ancestral memory, and the ancestral patterns are being transmuted. That is the place where you are being freed to open to the liquid version of it, the substantial version of it, that you body will recognize as nourishment.

So breathe again …. take it into your bodies, into your cells, into your organs, into these places that have longed for the touch of this essence. To awaken those places that were locked in some old DNA sequences. Old DNA sequences that no longer carry any Life.

So … you are in 2002 … are you not? And what do you think this year will bring? Any premonitions in this group?

Male voice from group: “ … change?”

(gentle laughter) Change. That is a good bet. (laughter all around)

Female voice from group: “George Bush is calling it a ‘war year’.”

He can call it whatever he wants to. (Laughter from group) Whatever he, … people have different ways of perceiving, do they not? Yes, (pause), but what do you perceive?

Male voice from group: “ … transformation.”

Female voice muffled: “the creative element.”

Yes …

Same female voice: “A grounding of this higher consciousness.”


Male voice: “More love”. “Unconditional love.”

Female voice: “Horses galloping freely”


Female voice: “I would hope a greater consciousness and love of the Earth herself.
Since we have so much, a certain amount of destruction and population growth.”

Yes. (pause) Anyone else?

Female voice: “A collaboration. Group consciousness.”

Male voice: “A new understanding of enlightenment in the general population.”


Male voice: “A new era of peace and co-operation.”

(gentle assertion) Yes.

Two female voices: “An emergence of the feminine”

“More now”


Female voice: “Love itself. An understanding of love itself.”


Female voice: “More demonstration of the female and male marrying and bringing new forms”.

Male voice: “A lot more veils being lifted.” (gentle assertions in group)

Yes. Well, you just did the rest of the channeling. (Smile) (laughter from the group).
So, we can go now! (Laughter)

Well, we would offer a few perspectives. Hold in your hearts those visions that you have just named. Hold in your hearts those things you would like to envision creating in the collective experience. Animate them with this golden light. Open them up to what is your way of bringing them forth. Each of you has your own vision, your own version of that which is the manifestation of this golden light. Unique to you. Unique to who you are. Unique to your placement in the whole and unique because that which is your true uniqueness is freeing up, is breaking free of all of those things that have been locking you up. Thoughts, thought forms, old tapes, old beliefs, cast them away. They literally do not hold reality any longer.

That which is this year is one of … rather like a bridge, in some ways. There are those who have set course already, within the new matrix of creation. That which is the course has been set, all you need do is proceed, continue to apply that which is your focus, your energy, your Life force, and it will open up.

That which is the manifestation and power of this year is actually quite wondrous. There is a more potentating (potential), but actualizing it in a way that has not been seen before.
Because the liquid golden light and the light being breathed by your soul are now in a marriage of sorts, so manifestation is quite speeded up.

There are those who are still seeking that which is their course in this time. This year will have stages. There is one that has just happened. Did you feel it? (chuckles) (dramatic inflection) It was rather intense for about 3 weeks..… yes? Sorry about that! This particular incarnational wave perhaps took you a little by surprise and at a busy time of year for you. At the same time, it was necessary. To open the door into this particular cycle so that those of you who were opening to this wave of incarnation could be ready and open that into the collective. Thank you for participating! (smile)

This one will sort of plateau or move into integration, now for a little while. There is another one in a couple of months. Be ready (smile) … and then again, there’ll be a rhythm moving through this year. Every couple of months you will feel a sense of moving into another wave. And those waves may intensify at times, in a sense that you may feel as if there are times when you pull back. Pull back into your home, pull back into yourself, pull back and rest, drink more water, exercise (but gently), allowing yourself to do what you need to do physically because as the body vibrates with this golden light, or with the different frequencies that it is drawing into itself in order to move and free itself from those old patterns and old DNA codes, you will need some extra rest. You will need a little extra time. You may say to others: ”… I will see you in a couple of weeks” and postpone certain things, if you can.

So, we are warning you a little … to not over-pressure yourself if these waves feel to you as if they make you tired, as if you are needing to stay with yourself a little more. Physically, you will start to feel better. In between the waves, you will start to feel stronger, better, more energy as if something is building inside of you that you literally can’t name … you don’t have to … but it will feel substantial, substantiating.

By the end of the year, you will feel more alive. You will feel as if you have something that has lit up inside of you and it is not something that you did, as much as you were open to receive. The more you feel as if you have to do it, and it is your achievement, the more this will be difficult for you. (small, gentle giggle).

What we said earlier is that the requirement is OPEN TO RECEIVE. And participate, participate, take care of yourselves, but do not feel as if you have to have a certain meditation practice that you have to stick with every day, or that you have to be very, very rigid about something. For rigidity is actually what is leaving … in all forms … (phew!)
(gentle giggles) … all forms of crystallization from the past are leaving. You will feel more fluid, more liquid, more substantial all at the same time. And more alive, more creative, and somehow, part of what is an organic-ness that is the living Earth, is the living essence, as it opens to more, and more, and more who are embodying within it.

So we have named two groups of people. Yes? One … proceed. Two …. Work with the waves. And it will inform you and it will lead you to that which gives you placement within the whole.

The third group of people in the Earth are those that are confused. Confused …. they do not know what is going on. They have some fears. They are looking for answers, often to their churches or to Government leaders. But the answers don’t always feel as if they ring all the way deep inside. Therefore, they are left with a certain confusion as well as a certain feeling of being lost. This group is the group that will be most open by the end of the year. Or they will have chosen not to be. This is the group, and it is a fairly large group, in your United States, umm …. particularly, but, around the world, there are numbers of them. This is the group that you are speaking to if you are teaching, if you are opening your voice into the media, or if you are moving your voice into a larger arena. This is the group where you are opening the message, if you wish, or what is real, what can be trusted, where to put the focus, how to proceed with what is truly love. Most people don’t know. What is truly real within each soul. What is a soul. Truly! Most people have focused on God external, and have lost touch with what is their own essence. What is the essence of their own Godness, Christos, etc. – whatever you wish to call it. Their essence, their soul, their spirit. This is the group that is waiting for you. Do you see?

And then there’s another group. And this group has already shut their ears, their eyes, and their hearts. This group has preferred power and control, has chosen the reality of the material plane, the reality of the crystallized thought forms, duality and separation. They may speak of God. They may even be ones who are in positions of authority, in churches, or in Governments, but speak often of God. But they are not living in alignment with that which is Life. So you will find that instead of opening, which is the only pre-requisite (gentle chuckle!), there is a door that has been closed. Some may flip-flop, that is still a hope, and that is still a possibility. They may open that door very quickly, very suddenly and realize that they have been mistaken. That is possible. Some may refuse to do that and continue on the path of keeping those doors closed.

Rather than giving them all of your energy, continue to be aware that your energy is not for them. It is not for them. It is for Life. Align with the liquid gold of Life, the substance in your body, align with the liquid gold within Life, the tone of it, within light and within your soul. Speak of it, speak of whatever is the words that you would give it, to others who are open to receive. If someone is not open to receive, it is no use to pound upon their doors. Do you understand? It is a waste of energy and it keeps you focused on that place that is dying. And what happens to you? You become very weary and instead of opening to greater Life, your focus then is upon what is dying. And it takes your energy. It sucks your energy out, and gives support to what is dying. The one who embodied this golden light to walk 2,000 years ago said: “Let the dead bury the dead”. It was a very clear statement. One that has not been altered, which is good.

Put your energies into Life. Put your energies into those things where the doors are open, or there is the possibility of those open to receive, even if they still are confused, or do not know yet. But they are still open. They are still looking. Seeking. Put your energies into those forms that bear fruit, grow corn, and manifest Life. Put your energies, your focus, your attention, wherever Life calls you. And if it does not call you, do not go there.
(chuckle) It is very simple.

Go through your homes, go through your lives, go through your consciousnesses with a comb that has a golden light and release from yourself those things, those thoughts, those places within your consciousness that are not of Life. If they do not hold essence and do not vibrate with you, for you now, send them forth. Bring them into the greater collection of what is useful for those who perhaps would find that they do give them Life. And begin to open to receive together, individually, and in groups, communities, solutions, resolutions, things that begin to give you ideas of how to proceed in ways that will create ways to be together. New ways, new forms, new structures, to be together where you can bring all the gifts, all the awarenesses, all the different uniquenesses together. If you are not attached, if you stay fluid, then there is an organically creative process. If you are attached to your position, your opinion, your “way” , then you can fall back into some of the old patterns. But not for long. You will find that they do not serve you, they do not feel good, and you will re-consider. Yes?

So, stay fluid. There are no beliefs. And we could say this as something that we live by. There are no beliefs that hold Life, in and of themselves ..… no beliefs that hold Life in and of themselves. Essence, souls, the beingness is Life, and so, be fluid with your beliefs, your opinions, your perspectives, your interpretations, of everything. Be fluid. Those who are very rigid – you want to be rigid back, yes? It is the nature of duality. Take a stand, take an opposing stand. Be very rigid. That, you will find, does not feel very good, in your body. It contracts and therefore you are no longer open to receive. One little thing to remember, the pre-requisite for this time is to stay OPEN TO RECEIVE. Do you understand? Very simple. Very simple.

There is that which is a deepening of essence, a deepening of reality, a clarification in this year. A sense of substantiating sovereignty. Good word, yeah? (little chuckle) There is also that which is a “mist” that is cast over the collective that says that materialism, war, control, etc. is the way to go. All of that you know. And that continues to be broadcast, large-scale. And yet it is an illusion that is losing energy, every day. And in fact, it is almost like a movie, make-believe, for some of you, is it not? It almost doesn’t have any substance, does it not? So, hold in your hearts what is your vision, your version of what you would like to create in the world. Give it Life. What is your place, your part, how do you proceed? Continue to bring the waves of light and Life into your bodies. Find those places where you are solid in who you are, and yet fluid, as you proceed. And this year will unfold for you. So we will entertain some questions.

Female voice: “I am perturbed by all the war movies that are on television, by the number of times we hear the word ‘war’. I’m concerned that the media is in control of a powerful minority that is trying to brainwash the masses to think of nothing but ‘war’ and I’m sick of it. And it just seems like so many Americans are buying into it. And Bush’s popularity is so far up. I don’t understand where are the people that are fed up with it, where are they, they seem to be silent and quiet right now.”

They are you. (soft giggles and chuckles from group) They are you. And part of it is that if you oppose it, you give it life. (laughter) So an option is to not be silent, but be focused into creating a different choice. So you are in media, too, yes? What do you want to create? What words do you wish to bring forward into the collective consciousness? What is in your heart? Do you see? Rather than focusing on opposition, focus on creation. For it gives you Life and Life then flows into it. People then have choices. If they have no choices, they do not know anything different. Do you see?

Female voice: “How are people going to deal with the fear? It’s like a disease which has caught up with everybody.”

Fear is one of those things that has been mapped into the DNA for a very long time. Bring in the golden light, breathe it down and out, let the Earth Mother take it, she will recycle it … she’s great at that … Recycle energy for Life. Do not allow fear to have greater power than the essence of who you are. Practice it yourself, practice breathing the love and the light that is present for you in any moment of fear, bringing it into your body, into yourselves, and letting the fear dissolve, melt like ice, in a warm thaw, in the sunlight, and trickle away. Or wash away. Or move it into a new place out of you, and it will be recycled for Life. Fear is actually the great transformation tool right now because there is so much of it. There is so much of it. If you give into it, it contracts. It can only contract for a period of time, and there is a large contraction going on, yes?, war. fear, etc. Big contraction. What happens during birthing when there is big contraction? (little muffled giggles) Something is coming through the contraction, yes? Keep that in mind, that sometimes when you feel a wave of fear building in your body and in your psyche and your consciousness and in your emotions, and it contracts you, say: “aahh! I am in labor! (little giggles) This is a contraction, I will breathe through it. “ Just as women who are taught natural childbirth breathe through the wave. You breathe through it, but you breathe with consciousness. You breathe the liquid light of the golden light, the rose light of love. You breathe that which is awareness. You breathe with awareness and consciousness, through the contraction. Rather than giving it power, you say: “Aah! I am in labor – what is coming through this one? Hmmm.” And you will find out.

Teach it first to yourself. Practice it. And then teach others. Teach others how to move through fear. It is a great gift to be able to assist your brothers and sisters to release that fear and to move through contraction. To birth through contraction.

Female voice: I thought it was very interesting how the movie Monsters, Inc. came out during this time and it’s about doors and different dimensions.

So someone’s version of what they wish to create in collective consciousness, do you see?
Yes. Some of you might like to create some new versions of things.

Female voice: “I think probably everybody in here has probably been environmentally poisoned at some level with the fluoride and the mercury and the pollution. Can you speak to some ways that we can restore balance in our body and continue to protect ourselves?”

Making choices now with more consciousness, you realize that certain heavy metals were introduced into the physical collective in order to keep the crystallization of consciousness embodied. Mercury, heavy metals, do a very good job in the body of holding denser frequency. Do you understand? So poisoning is a certain way of saying that your consciousness is “bound” in a certain place, in a certain way.
Begin to purify, clarify. It is already happening. Your body already knows as soon as it starts to shift frequency that it has to release those places where it is held back.

If you need assistance, homeopathy is good. It is something that assists the body to release gently, but consistently over time. The Earth provides herbs, cleansing herbs, that assist you. Sweats. Yes. Using the body’s mechanism for releasing and detoxification are good. Allowing yourself to remove if you have mercury in your mouth, or in your body, to remove it. Allowing yourself to drink pure water. Clean waters. If you need to buy them, you do.

At this time, you make choices for yourself. Consciousness in your lives is opening and you will feel more and more sensitive to what is in alignment, living alignment, with your body and what is not. Make your food choices in living alignment. Do you know what sugar does to your body? That is another substance that, when over-used, (certainly in moderation it is not going to disrupt). But over-used it continues to feed fear. It has an alliance with fear. Consciously. So there is that, which, as you continuously open it into your system, into your field on a continuous basis, you will feel a subtle anxiety along with it. The anxiety may have become normalized. So normalized that you don’t even notice it so much. But if you withdraw the sugar, the processed sugar we are speaking of now, then you will start to feel the anxiety. Do you understand? It is like a drug in the system and it keeps you from feeling the levels of anxiety or fear. Remove it, gradually if you need to, but open your body to releasing the fear pattern and then you can have perhaps some in moderation, if you choose. So it is not just heavy metals. Do you understand?

Other choices also make a difference in your system. And how you feel and what it is that binds your consciousness. You are a whole system. You cannot just clear your mind. You can not just clear your emotions. Or you can not just clear your body. They are altogether. They are partners. They work together, you see.

Female voice: As we become more sensitive to the light and the love, there is also the paradox of becoming sensitive to the things that are sad in this world such as the destruction of our ecosystems. This brings pain to me, and I think to others. Are there any comforting words or techniques we can visualize or take within when those things are happening because it does bring such sadness and pain to see it disappearing.

Those who are sensitive to Life perceive where Life is being hurt. That is true. You become organically sensitive to that which is all-living systems, all that is alive. You feel that you are not separate. That is true. There is suffering. There is pain in the loss of Life, particularly when it is taken without an awareness or sensitivity to what is being done. So, our suggestion is to honor the life that you are opening to bringing greater Life in. In the moments where you are aware of Life that is leaving, open to even greater Life coming in to consciousness, in through your body, and directly into the Earth. Do you understand? Be the vehicle for Life to be fed. Assist the Earth Mother to grow greater golden substance so she can nourish Life in abundance. Do you understand? Know that, yes, you will feel it, for you are part of the whole of Life, and you are also that which is a receiver for greater Life. Both are true. Do you see?

Female voice: “Is there something that could possibly be useful at an energetic level with people gathering, somehow transforming energies so that it is fed back to the Earth to help regenerate……

Second female voice: “Can we use our energies to stop the destruction?”

If you polarize with what you are opposed to, you will feed it. Therefore, do not polarize with what you are opposed. What is more powerful is to join together in groups like this, or others that you form. Hold in your hearts a vision for what you would like to create and give IT Life. Do you understand? In the place where the Great Darkness lives, where you are sad, where there is loss, stand there in your heart, stand there in your mind or stand there with your bodies, if you wish, and visualize that Life coming into that place and feeding it and nourishing it with the version, or the vision of Life that you would like to see there. Do you understand? But stay fluid. If you give yourself a vision, or a version of what it is that you would like to see there, continuously allow yourself to be open to receive so that the vision or the version is not trapped by anything limiting that may be in your mind. Do you understand?

You are conscious creators but you are growing in consciousness. Understand that. You are conscious creators, you are growing in awareness and consciousness. You are still students in that regard. Do not perceive yourself to be beyond that place yet. Do you understand? And by being open to receive in every moment, while holding visions and versions of creation and Life, you will be informed by even greater visions and even greater versions of what is possible. Do you see? And even greater, and even greater (exclamation in voice). You will find yourselves being amazed! Quite awe-struck! By that which is your own awareness of what is possible. Even in the midst of great destruction.
It will be paradoxically perhaps for you, but soon your minds will get used to that. Do you understand? Your minds will get used to it because you will allow them to. You will allow your minds to no longer be horrified only. Do you understand? Because you will see the potential within it, at the same time.

Stretching a bit of minds, yes? Stretching a bit.

Female voice: “Are there any nutritional things that might be useful to help free the body up?”

Water is the best thing. Pure water from the Earth, as fresh as you can get it. From a spring if you can get it. As deep as you can go in these areas, but if you have a source of fresh spring water or water that is directly from the Earth, regardless, it should be clear of contaminants, but water. Regardless, of how, if you buy it off the shelf from a spring that you trust, well then do so. But water is the best thing. Because it will continuously cleanse as the body releases cellularly those things that are moving out of the body. Drink a lot of it. We said earlier, certain things that will assist you to release toxicity,
heavy metals, etc. Homeopathy, the herbs, certain sweats, things that assist the body to release or pull out certain things. That is helpful. Other things are varied. Variables. Because each body is unique. So nutritionally, living foods, organic living foods, fresh as possible, is good. But we will not say absolutely ‘no’ to anything because your body may actually call for something, even if it is temporarily. Nutritionally, each of you has your own unique requirements. Listen to those feelings in your body. If you feel as if you need something, open to it. Even if you mind says that is not something you usually eat. Open to it. Do you see? Balance is achieved sometimes in odd ways within our physical system. One nutrient may be in something that you need for balance and you don’t need a lot of it, but you need it. And so your body picks a food that has it in, even if it is not something that you would ordinarily have in your repertoire. Do you see?

In fact, some of you may have odd cravings this year. We will warn you about that too. Odd cravings. (laughter) Because of the waves penetrating the cells and the body, and needing to balance, you may find that.

Female voice: “Can you speak to how the planet looks collectively from the shifts that humanity has made since September 11?”

Do not judge many of those who are flying flags right now or upholding patriotism, because they do not know how to illustrate their love. Many people are actually feeling more love. More love for their family, more love for each other, more awareness of their community, more of a feeling of connectedness. But they do not know how to illustrate that. They fo not know how to bring that into a form that says that. So, saying they are part of something larger says that to them. Do you see? So even though there are many that would say they are, in a sense, behind the decisions that are taking place, they do not know how to illustrate their feelings otherwise. There are no choices. Do you understand?

Overall, on the inner planes, there is more love embodied in the collective consciousness than there was before this event. People were ready to open to it, and yet it also triggered waves of fear. So there is a balance, or a dance, happening between love and fear. Played out sometimes within your very families. Played out within your relationships. Played out within your work places. Love and fear. Those of you who can stand strong within the vibrations of life and love, will assist those who are afraid to release the fear. You will also grow competency in allowing yourselves to illustrate love. To manifest it, to act it, to express it, without so much embarrassment. Do you see? Without so much shyness. Without so much covering it up.

How many of you have learned to openly hug one another within the last 5 to 10 years?
You understand? Perhaps before that your families were not so much that, the culture was not so much that, at least this one. Others are more so. But that is not the only way to illustrate love. Illustrating love is actually much harder than a hug. Do you understand? It is much more difficult to illustrate love. In the midst of people speaking harshly of fear and war, how do you illustrate love? How do you give it a form? Do you see? In a workplace where there is fighting and bickering and gossip and that which is putting one person ahead of another, superiority and competition, how do you illustrate love? In a community, where there are many people hurting without homes even to live in a moderate style, without food, without clothing, how do you illustrate love? Do you understand? Illustrating love is more difficult than a hug, and yet, a hug may be the first step, depending on the situation.

Female voice: “Can you say something on the use of music at this time?”

What brings you joy, what brings you Life, what brings you a sense of greater animation, what assists your body to move, to open up. Whatever is resonant. No, there are no particular……perhaps there is need for more music that illustrates the qualities of consciousness and the Life and the love and awareness that is coming through you ones. Write some. Make it up. Pass it around. Change words, if you don’t like the words that are in the songs. Keep the melodies, change the words! Do you see?
Stay fluid. There is too much ownership sometimes of that which is created, is there not? When one creates a melody that is beautiful, why should it only have one set of words? Doesn’t it limit the melody to be only one message? Do you see? The melody may carry many messages. Let it! (laugh) Do you see? And why do words have to be your only medium of communication. Sound, vibration, your voices, instruments, all blended together with intention do not need words. Do you understand? Create music, harmonies, with intention. They will carry through consciousness in ways that you will not even have any pre-conceived notion in what might happen. (giggle) Music is actually quite wonderful in its capacity to carry frequency, vibration, awareness and intention.

Female voice: “ Can you talk about time, and what has happened to time?”

Well, what do you think is happening?

Female voice: “It’s collapsing….or expanding……”. Time has been a construct of consciousness that actually, as matter is collapsing in and upon itself, in terms of the contraction, and the great sense of the density wrapping itself up, that is speeding up, almost as if it is rapidly opening up more and more of itself, but within a very small space. So there is a simultaneousness that is also opening up for those of you who step into it. So you begin to be aware that simultaneously there is that which is your movement, what you are doing in the flow of your current of Life. But also, there is something else happening that is opening up the possibilities of the effectiveness of what you are doing. Therefore, you can do one motion that in previous time had one effect. Now you can do one motion and have multiple effects. Do you understand? So there is simultaneous motion and space/time continuum opening up. That is rather fun. A little scary at first, because you begin to feel powerful. You actually begin to know your power and at first you might feel a little like you’d better learn a little more about this! So learn. Practice. Learn. Open up. Play. But at the same time realize that, yes, you are powerful creators, and yes, you are consciously opening to more and more of that capacity, and yes, you are fully responsible for everything you create.

Female voice: “Are you talking about parallel realities, as a multi-dimensional being?”

It isn’t parallel, it’s simultaneous. Simultaneous, it isn’t parallel. Parallel would mean side by side. Do you understand?

Female voice: “I mean inclusive to that and still be more”.

You are embodying your multi-dimensional nature. Simultaneousness means that all of you is present. Do you understand?

Female voice: “Could you talk more about these other dimensions of reality that we’re drawing in by saying yes. We’re creating this other reality, and you’re saying it’s simultaneous (yes) along with realities where we’re not focusing?”

You are learning. You are growing more aware. It is good to remember. Because that which is your simultaneous multi-dimensional nature is actually informing you more and more. That is why your body’s cellular being really needs to shift in order to have a vibrational match to embody it. That is why your cells are waking up. That is why you can listen to your body with more consciousness. That is why simultaneousness means that one motion in this dimension is opening up the effectiveness on a multi-dimensional way. In other words, one example might be……if your particular project is working with children, and you have a particular child who is in your care, who has a particular learning disability, you sit with that child, you listen to the soul of that child, and you are aware that there is an old trauma sitting in their consciousness. You breathe with them, you love them, and simultaneously, with the awareness that that trauma is lifting, and opening up the potential within that one, there is a lifting of that particular fear awareness throughout consciousness that simultaneously may affect the whole class. Do you understand? And the multi-dimensional nature does so because you were called to do so in that moment, because you are called to sit there long enough to allow this to happen, and then the entire group is affected, in a positive way and more love is present. Do you understand? Now that is a small example, but one that can be magnified and multiplied many times.

Simultaneousness means that who you are is present, and that means you stay in the moment to the degree that all of you is effective in that moment. And you do not know all the levels of effectiveness. That is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to stay present in that place that your soul is bringing you in that moment. To make the motion, the action that is called for. Do you understand? You take no credit for all of this. And yet you are fully responsible. How does that feel fair? (giggle)

You are magnificent and powerful, and you will find that power growing and yet if you own it, it will possess you and you will find yourself cast out of the garden, very quickly. It is not something you can utilize duality or old consciousness with, for it will bounce you very quickly into an awareness that ahhh, okay, this is not something I wish to do. Do you see? And you learn through that experience. That is why you are being prepared. Most of you for many years, yes? Preparation. This door does not open before you are ready. And then it opens gently and then you get to practice for a little while, and then, as you move into it more easily, more effortlessly, with more confidence, you will then be given more opportunities within the whole of consciousness to have greater and greater impact and greater and greater effectiveness. Do you see?

Do you know how much you are loved? No, you don’t. You do not know. Yet. You are growing in awareness. Every day. It would be good for you, wise of you, to open to receive the experience of how cherished and precious you are, how beautiful and wondrous you are, how loved you are. Every day. At least a minute, if not the whole day. Do you understand? It is not something that is a platitude, or something that we say just to make it sound good. This is a truth. A truth that lives. And it is living and growing the more you receive. Do you see?

You do not need to focus on service. You do not need to focus on your purpose and you do not need to focus on giving to others. The more you receive and the more you are present with all you really are, the more effective you will be. That open-ness is the pre-requisite for this year. Your effectiveness flows out of it. Do you understand? If you focus on giving, on serving, on having a purpose, your ego is involved. Because it gives you meaning, it gives you context, and it gives you definition. Egos are not bad. We love them too. Because they give you personality, and they give you a sense of attitude, at times. But they also, at times, create structures that are false and illusory. At times. They make things up. They pretend. Do you see? Because they can. You have an imagination, you can do that. It is when you think it is real that it becomes a problem. (Giggle). Do you see? Therefore, let all thoughts be fluid. All beliefs, all structures be fluid. Check them out with the golden white light. That great Christos, that living eternal light. Or the substantiating living light, the golden nectar of light from the Earth. Check them out. All beliefs. Check them out. Let the currents run through them. If they remain, consider them. If they do not, they are gone.

Female voice: “I’ve heard different things to do for the special children coming in. Do you have any suggestions?”

Well, there are different waves of, and different frequencies of consciousness being birthed into the bodies of little ones now. So the special children are encompassing a variety of beings coming in now. Therefore you will find that certain ones of them will continue to need support to radically change your educational systems, and that will continue through for several years. Many years perhaps. They will continue to need your support to listen to what it is they need in order to bring it into their experience. To support their continued unfolding, their continued growth of consciousness. Some will be so sensitive and so aware that they will be reading all of what is around them without any books, etc. and some of them will find that what is being attempted to be taught to them, because it has no Life, they literally cannot take it in. They literally cannot receive it. It just does not match at all. Rather than saying that they are the problem, perhaps examine what you are teaching. Do you see? Run the currents through it. See what stays. What does not. There are many things you will learn. As you learn, you will be guided.

Shall we proceed with a process and our closing? Okay, this will be good. First of all, you ones need to pick something that you think about. (giggle) It is an opinion, it is a perspective, it is a belief. It is an old tape in your mind, something that you say about yourself or others, a judgment. Anything that has been sitting in your consciousness that you would like to change. Back out, bring it forward, front and center, and let it be there, sit with it. Any structure or consciousness, any belief, any opinion, any interpretation, anything that has a structure that is in your mind. Now allow that golden light, that golden white light that you worked with earlier, that you brought in with your breath right through the core, to surround it, to penetrate it gently, and breathe. Breathe and allow, without attachment. Letting go of attaching any outcome. Watching to see what happens with this belief, opinion or this judgment, or this interpretation. Letting the golden light continue to penetrate it. Breathing up from the earth, bringing the golden nectar, the liquid Life. Does it have Life? Does it open to Life? Does it carry Life? You should find out rather quickly. If it begins to fade or whether it animates and grows with Life. You can play with this as often as you wish. What we would like you to do now with these golden liquid lights from Spirit and from Earth is bring them into your heart. Breathing up and breathing down and animating the sphere of universal love that surrounds your heart chakra. Animating around your individuated personal self that field of love that belongs to the essence of love, that vibrates universal love. And let it turn gold, golden rose, letting the golden formed beautiful rose light of love, and animating that field around your heart as you breathe relax. Relax your body, relax your chest, relax your shoulders, your neck, relax …

Relax and open to receive. For together we will build a great sphere. This sphere opens up beyond that which is around your heart and begins to fill and create a greater sphere of Living Love. Of animating glowing golden rose.

Continue to relax. To open to receive. Trust one another. Trust the love that is the essence and the core of each being present here. Trust that you have been drawn together. You’ve called yourselves together. You have chosen to be with one another and you have chosen to come together to create together, something that could not have been created without any one of you present. Become cohesive and coherent with your breath. Breathing together now. Beginning to be aware of the breath of each other. The bodies of each other. The consciousness of each other together. Breathing together, creating together a living field. Your bodies know this field. They open into it. They drink from it. That is fine. And yet it continues to grow. And grow. Let it grow. Expand, relax. The more you relax, the more you breathe and are aware of the unification, the coherency of each of you with each other, the more your heart opens and your capacity extends.

Into this living field, I would like you now to hold in your heart and mind, a version and a vision of Life together. Here in this planetary experience, what is your highest vision? Your highest version of what humanity and all of creation, all of Life, together with the Great Earth Mother, can create. Stay fluid with it, but bring it into your heart and mind, allowing it now to broadcast like media, out in waves. It does not matter if you have individuated versions because it is all informed by the same living love. And that version and vision continues to wave itself out into the collective now.

If you would like to add your voice, or a tone, to the version and the vision and the wave, and the love, and the golden rose, you may do so. As we said earlier, melody and song carries frequency. Sing it out into the world. Sing it to those who are still open to receive. To those who are confused, who are seeking, who are listening. Open your hearts, voices singing, melodies coming from this place of living love. Tones, sounds of love. Sounds of Life, animating the waves of consciousness.


(sounds and melodies emanate from the group…….)

We invite you now to form a unified tone. One tone, together. Find it yourselves. (one tone from group) (breathing in and out loudly) And then rest in silence and relax and OPEN TO RECEIVE.

[Powerful incantation of “creation language” for about a minute and a half as the Earth Mother joins for the closing]

I was asked to complete today. Therefore I have complied. It is my pleasure to honor each of you, to bless you and to inform you with Life. May you inform others. Body to body. Cell to cell. Love flows like rivers. The rivers are not dying. They are animating with greater Life than before. Yes, there is a change. Yes, there is that which is dying, yet it will continue, and yes, Life is already being birthed within the ashes of that which is dying and going away. It is a great time of change. Be at peace. Move with it. Live, choose Life, grow, open to flow with that which is change, I will assist you, as I always have and always will.

[blessing of creation language to each participant…………]

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