New Moon. Supermoon. Eclipse. Equinox.

Okay, now we’re talking a rip-roaring focal-point of energy. Plus, Michele has been tracking a recent blue frequency that appears to be coming from the New Field itself. This new energy appears to be connected with clearing limitations or restrictions that inhibit pure authentic choice. I don’t have more to share about that particular frequency at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll be learning more about what’s up during events in the next few days.

Since there is such alignment and concentration, we will be working with these energies at two different events on Thursday and Saturday, March 19th and 21st. Thursday is our New Moon session, a more personalized process sure to take on some new focus this month. Saturday we will bring our attention to the Equinox as we work with the Earth Mother in one of our 8 planetary events for 2015.

You may read predictions elsewhere about the individual or aligned effects of a supermoon, eclipse, new moon or equinox, but we truly never get a sense of what is happening until we’re into the process of an event. And, it’s always difficult to know what may take place in terms of personal or collective experience, but we’re usually given some insight during the processes. In general, our New Moon sessions are more personal and the Planetary Events are more collective, but these days I find less distinction between the two.

Information for each event is on our calendar. New Moon event here, and Equinox event here. The New Moon session at 7pm (central) on Thursday has its usual charge, the Equinox event on Saturday at 3pm (central) is without charge but open to donation. Both are streamed live on the internet and by phone.

Yes, a quarter of this year is nearly gone. Both time and the rate of change seems to be accelerating, and like everyone we’re doing our best to stay present, being with each moment as the only reality. And, we appreciate your presence alongside us on the wild ride.



Author: Chris

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One thought on “New Moon. Supermoon. Eclipse. Equinox.”

  1. What an amazing experience this New Moon event was. A few days ago I opened my eyes from a minute or so of going within and noticed a blue wave of light that appeared as if it was coming in through a tear in the fabric of reality. It felt very clear and crisp yet fluid and soft so imagine my delight when I read the blog post and you had written about a ‘blue frequency’.
    When Michele began facilitating the process, my body relaxed so completely and allowed this beautiful consciousness to engage ~ it felt like a welcomed reunion.
    Thank You does not seem to be enough but it is felt and stated with all of my Heart. Maybe a big Wow :) would be appropriate too!

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