New Experience Is Opened As More Light Embodies

Opening comments from Michele:

When the following information was given to Chris and me, we both felt as if there was a special grace or blessing weaving mystically through it. Not only was it a conscious reference for something we had not yet experienced, but it also was a bridge into the experience.

Since that time in late September, a level of consciousness has begun to feel its way into my awareness. It has required that I become completely still, not pushing to do or accomplish things in my physical world. The experience is one of deep grounding of my Being/Body/Presence within BEing – a very real, much vaster presence of pure Love, a presence so aware of who I am in my core that it is able to acknowledge and call forth what has been waiting for many lifetimes to awaken. It is not yet defined, may never define in my old way of referencing who I am, yet the whole of me recognizes this Presence as the ground of my Being.

I believe that an aspect of the Great Consciousness of which we are all individual reflections is birthing its way into our collective awareness, not just through one or two, but through many thousands of souls who have been preparing our hearts. Not having any map, we have not known what we were to feel or experience as it opened into and through us. But the Love we have been choosing; loving back to wholeness our inner and outer fragments of self; is now strong enough to birth Love itself first within and then through us into forms we have yet to imagine or create. Simultaneously, our bodies are alchemically changing to precipitate the sensory consciousness as the union takes place. The pain of the years of labor may still be fresh in memory, yet the sweetness of this birth and its evolution into conscious experience and form will gradually assist us to forget the pain and make the lo-o-o-ng pregnancy worth it.

So as you read the following, please graciously open to receive the mystical grace within it. A lo ma ha!

“In this time of the earth there is a quickening that is taking place within your bodies, your cells, your organs, your DNA as it relates to your experience of yourself. You can have no experience of self without an accompanying chemical reaction that is experienced viscerally in the body. What does that mean to you ones in the earth as you embody more completely? It means that as the light that is transported into your visceral, chemical experience of being informed is embodied there is a subtle but very real opening of experience. You no longer learn only through your eyes, ears, and brain where you store information ready to then “exhale” it when called upon, rather like your schooling where you memorize and you spit it back out. This is a subtle, visceral, chemical experience of joy, of responsivity, of being able to respond with your whole body – your whole emotional fluid aspect, and whole expression. You no longer think and speak only from the neck and above, but completely chemically experience each encounter. As this occurs your auras change.

“Your auras have been configured much of the time based on an imbalance that has become normalized. You do not know what is “normal” in this new sense, therefore it will feel new rather than normal to begin with. You auras are changing and deepening in colors rather than only the very pale, pastel colors. They are deepening without being muddy. Shadows in the aura that are not transparent and have a muddy quality to them are indications of imbalance, disease, or things in the auric field such as beliefs or memories that are creating experiences or chemical imbalances that are evident to any who have eyes or abilities to perceive such. What we are speaking of are deep transparent colors. New colors are now entering your fields. The turquoises have been growing in as you have opened to your creative expressions and wedding your heart and your voice so that there is one unified expression. That is deepening. The magenta-reds are also deepening. There is entering more orange, but on a coppery frequency – orange that has a shine or shimmer to it that is very earth connected but also very powerful. As you attune yourselves chemically with your endocrine and glandular systems and fully become operational and cohesive with your light body, those colors emanating forth are that which are your essential natures embodied.”

“When you encounter ones who have these deepened colors you will feel a chemical reaction, a responsivity in your body. You, too, will open to such frequencies and your bodies will communicate chemically as well as with whatever verbal interactions you may have. You have heard of body language. This is another step of body language beyond the visual field of perceiving how one stands, moves, sits, or gestures. This is body language that is at a very subtle yet very real chemical endocrine system exchange. You will know when your chemistry is not in balance for you. Become aware that your whole body has now become your arena of knowledge, of experience, and of expression.”

“Deepen your colors, deepen your power, and deepen your expression into form in this next time. Your bodies may need to move, or you may need to eat certain colors and frequencies of foods. You may need to open to new experiences that have not been part of your routine or your familiar repertoire. Your chemistry demands it. Follow your intuition and the lead of your bodies in this area.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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