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Sometimes I sit down to write and only a meager flow opens. My experiences of late seem more about my mind emptying than overflowing with observations to share. Or perhaps that IS my observation for the day. To make up for my sparse offerings, this update will be shared with Michele. She has her own reflection to pass along and some information about her newly updated Visible & Present Discovery Processes. Visible & Present is the art of bringing your external presentation into alignment with your inner vibrational essence through clothing, accessories and related physical styling. But first…

We knew this year would be pushy, but I don’t know that any of us realized the extent to which we would still be taking care of personal loose ends. I’m continually astounded (confounded?) that old issues could have even more subtle layers to dissipate. The intense influx of light is loosening every bit of stuck shadowy gunk, relentlessly driving a process of making the unconscious non-existent.

We are heading toward a state of Conscious Creation which, by definition, excludes the creating of our experience out of an unconscious state. Sounded good in theory. In practice, making the transition to a new state of being is a bit more demanding than may have been expected. Yet, it does seem easier these days to stay detached from the worldly chaos, even as flailing tentacles of the dying duality grab onto whatever will still provide energy. Fear is the generator of that astral energy, and there is plenty of provocation to be had. Staying detached from drama is the order of the day.

We have been aware that the remainder of this decade would present an endless cascade of events as the light penetrates deeper into the crystallized structures that have grown out of the unconscious. Over the past months of 2014 we have experienced many waves of light that have been accelerating in pushiness and depth. Two frequencies in particular were introduced to us during previous second Saturday events. Michele gave names to these specific frequencies: Gorgeous and Radiance. Subtle they aren’t. Effective they are.

This coming Saturday, October 11th, will be the 5th of our six scheduled Saturday programs. The primary co-facilitator with Michele will be Gabriel. And of course the Earth Mother and other beings in Spirit are always assisting. We don’t know whether or not a 3rd specific frequency will be introduced through the group this weekend. All I can say is that Gabriel was the co-facilitator for the other two. I guess we’ll know soon. Please join us if you feel inspired to participate. See the calendar listing for more information.



And from Michele:

As our light-filled days shorten and we move with our Earth Mother’s tilt away from the sun in the northern hemisphere, here in Minnesota we shift again, whether we are ready for or like it or not. Changing seasons and length of days are beyond our control so we learn to adapt and make choices that continue to keep our lives in motion now during shorter days and colder temps.

I have been learning some interesting things during this transition….and that is about staying in motion rather than holding either denial or resistance as a stance. For a period of time I felt resistance in a couple of areas of my life, one professional and one physical. Both have now been catalyzed into motion. As I continue to stay in the current and do what presents itself as next, the course of both shifts and changes, but with support to continue the forward momentum.

In the professional arena, I am birthing an evolved Visible & Present series as my own creation. I have 32 years of experience working with energy and fields of consciousness with both individuals and groups. I can feel when people are not vibrating clearly, and it takes more attention and energy for me to connect with them. People inform every field in which they are and if they are unconsciously either hiding or projecting through how they dress, it affects the field and all those in it, including themselves.

I am now introducing a series of Discovery Processes to assist people to become more aware of their own essence vibrations and how to align what you wear with that essence. When you are vibrationally coherent, your presence adds to the field and you are more easily seen, heard, and drawn into mutual exchanges within that field. You experience more support whether you are with others or alone, and you expend less energy in nearly every part of your daily life. Choosing to dress vibrationally for the various situations of your day and life frees up so much energy you will be amazed.

Below are the first dates of the re-structured Visible & Present Discovery Processes. These events are great fun to do with friends or family members, who can then offer continued mutual support as you evolve into resonance and coherency. Read more about Visible & Present and the three Discovery Processes on our website. You can also click on the calendar dates below for more information.

Discovery Process 1 – Authentication

Saturday, October 25th

Discovery Process 2 – Magnification

Saturday, November 22nd

Saturday, December 6th

Discovery Process 3 – Integration

Saturday, January 17th

Shopping Guide Creation

Saturday November 1st.

If you have already been typed in a previous class you are welcome to attend the Shopping Guide event, which is for creating a more specific color palette fine-tuned to you.

Just FYI, I am charging less for these initial events as I get up to speed on this new series. Adjustments will come in the new year. See the calendar listing for each event for details.

As for the personal arena, you may see me sporting braces on my teeth in the coming months as I course-correct my bite :) Another thing I missed in adolescence apparently….





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