Navigating the Transition

Our journeys in this life have surely taken us along the road less traveled. Only in hindsight have we understood the processes we’ve been through, and rarely have we been able to explain or articulate our inner motivations to anyone not walking beside us. Our traveling companions needed no explanations, though, so mostly we remained an enigma to friends and relatives who seemed oblivious to currents of change we sensed were so compelling.

Michele and I recently returned from 8 days in France. The trip was a present for Michele’s 60th birthday, and I can say that she appreciated every moment of this special gift. For me such a trip is cathartic. When traveling far from home it is easier for the habitual day-to-day life to fade into the background, creating openings for other experiences and perspectives. The timing of the trip was also auspicious considering where we are in this large process of dimensional transition.

As we moved through the days we noted the metaphor of leaving one world and entering another. We were no longer anchored in our familiar experience, and staying open to what’s next is more a necessity than an abstraction. While Michele adjusts to new realities with ample grace, I admit that I can be more challenged when out of my comfort zone. Michele gently relaxed into her week, which included meeting the deva of the Mediterranean. I, on the other hand, apparently decided the best use of my time would be to trigger some processes. C’est la vie.

Of course, all is purposeful. And, if I’m going to trigger myself why not do it in the stunning location of the French Riviera. My processes are how the Universe communicates with me. The message is akin to “here, now you have something to write about”. It’s a 2 for 1 deal: personal transformation and fresh material. So, I share. You were kind enough to sign up for our list, so I must hold up my end of the agreement by occasionally providing something to read. I’d like to think it’s a win-win situation :)

Before leaving on this trip I heard from several people who were experiencing some kind of a deep, undefinable fear. One person phrased it as coming up against a wall of terror. I wasn’t feeling that vibe, but apparently it just wasn’t yet my turn. Being adventurous, I waited until I got out of the country. I can’t say my experience was terrifying, but the discomfort level was intense and unrelenting. And, no amount of the usual well-practiced diversions had any effect on reducing my anxiety. That was my clue that something fundamental was shifting. My nature is such that I desire to comprehend what is happening within consciousness, or at least acquire enough understanding to satisfy my mind. It only took the entire trip plus several days to distill. Do you suppose I can write off the travel expenses as research?

The details of the triggers aren’t the story. I learned more watching myself in response. One awareness gleaned was noting how sensitive I had become to the manipulations and distortions within Duality. Everything was bugging me, as though my nervous system had no mechanism for processing my experiences. I thought about how much I had adapted myself to fit in during this life, and I realized how practiced I had become at hunkering down and pushing my way through the days. I now see that approach to existence as a futile attempt at survival. Life, it’s not.

I reflected on how we have managed to make it through the greatest densities of Duality, and I understood why we did not embody any more of our greater self than was necessary for a particular life purpose. We just came into each life with enough of ourselves to accomplish our intention, and then we left. Even then it often was painful to be here, so is it really any surprise we would fragment ourselves further in attempts to relieve the strains of duress? If we couldn’t leave we developed coping mechanisms, filters and structures within our consciousness that could offer some respite from the madness.

So there I lay on a luxury king bed, the Mediterranean Sea warmly embracing me on the beautiful Côte d’Azur. Friends and family considered me on vacation. Vacuation was more like it. My soul used the opportunity of distance from my daily distractions to purge vestiges of attachment or adaptation grown in Duality. And, I suspect I’m not alone in feeling blindsided by the relentless rout of Kali, the Goddess of Time and Change.

I have returned home a different person, in few clearly definable ways. We have been counseled many times to wean ourselves from engaging what is rapidly becoming an old reality. My sense is that we no longer are equipped to enter that field without emotional consequence. What used to be adaptive discomfort is now almost intolerable. For me it is crazymaking to read the news, engage politics or religion, watch violent television programs or even listen to people speak who are out of integrity. I’m sure you can add to the list. There is no resolving separation within the structure of Duality nor ability to be whole within that reality. I continue to practice paying attention to my own current and choosing to limit what energy I give to the illusions of a world driven by fear.

We have been moving from a healing mode to a transition mode, and I can understand why there is intensification of feelings if we dare re-engage the dying world.

My analysis, in short:

We have dropped our adaptations that previously helped us survive in Duality.
We have recovered aspects of ourselves that left because it was too painful to stay.
And then, we have brought even more of ourselves into embodiment than ever before.

We have worked so diligently to reassemble ourselves only to realize we can not be sustained in the old field and will not agree to the manipulations generated by those who wish to extract our energies. Therefore, we can’t be in Duality.

Yet, we are also entering a new field where we may not yet sense clarity around our next forms of expression, and we don’t yet grok the new operating system. Therefore, we may experience increased fear at the vastness of the unknown. Buggers.

My sense is that many of us feel as though we’re parked someplace between the worlds, without much vision, waiting for insight to coalesce and movement to begin. Yet, significant movement is happening at levels we don’t always perceive. We feel the shifts, though, and staying in the moment can be challenging. Still, we know we’re changing and nothing will ever be the same again. If you have ever waxed philosophic about the journey being the destination, now might be the time to tape a reminder on your refrigerator. Rubber has met the road.

At Lightsmith we have three wonderful, significant events aligning this month to help smooth our transition jitters:

Mother Mary will be co-presenting at our Creator within Creation event this Saturday, June 8th. She will assist with the rays of Divine Will and Divine Delight. I can’t think of a more loving presence to help sooth my nerves :) More information on the calendar.

The New Moon event is next Monday, June 10th. These events have a more individual focus with clear facilitation by Michele and co-facilitation by the Earth Mother. These sessions are effective and efficient at helping us move through the current energies. See the calendar.

Summer Solstice is soon upon us. Yes, really! This is a planetary event on June 20th engaging the group to assist a process directed by the Earth Mother and Friends in Spirit. This session will have both personal and collective benefits. Details on the calendar.

Tout va bien,


Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

2 thoughts on “Navigating the Transition”

  1. Thanks for writing this–it seemed so familiar. Often I leave the house in the morning and return “feeling like a different person.” Such a mini experience of what you had, but I do understand it exactly. I do not know if I have met you, but I met Michele a very long time ago at Suzi Black’s place in Uptown when I lived in that area. Now that I am out in Coon Rapids it is much harder to hold my energy, and working a shelter is another challenge. It has been on my mind for a while to meet with Michele again, and I may have the opportunity soon. You and your interpretation of our existence are much appreciated. Marie

  2. Hi Chris, I loved reading this!! And can really relate, when I went for my first-ever holiday in Tuscany earlier this spring, I had a similar kind of experience… not precisely the ‘fun holiday’ that some might have expected me to have! So I really understand just what you mean… though I would say we aren’t just parked somewhere between worlds, more like in some sort of slow-moving vehicle while traveling through the worlds… and occasionally meeting some very wonderful fellow travelers along the way! Thanks for the delightful read, and blessings on your journey… the light up here in Denmark is intensely bright these days!! Leigh Jardine

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