Michele Adds 2nd Grid Class, Video-Streamed

My error of omission on the last update ruined my shot at a glitch-free 2016. It’s the 66th year in a row I have made at least one mistake, though this one barely glistens in the shadow of some.

I wrote that Michele is offering a Grid Class in April, and I failed to mention the date. Some of you, however, did find the listing on our events calendar (to which I also forgot to make a link, so 0 for 2) and mostly filled the class. To accommodate the level of interest, she has decided to repeat the class at a later time the same day.

Grid Class Information, Take Two:

The Grid Classes will be on Saturday, April 23rd. The first class is scheduled for 10am-12:30pm. The class will then be repeated that afternoon from 2pm-4:30pm. Times are in the central daylight zone.

We have also decided to video-stream the afternoon class since we are getting interest from people at a distance.

First, visit the calendar listing for a class description if you need additional information.

Then, send email to michele@lightsmith.com and let her know which class you’d like to attend, and if you’ll participate in person or at a distance. The morning class is almost full, though some rearrangement may occur from opening up the afternoon.

For those of you at a distance, please make payment using the Buy Now button on the calendar listing. Prior to the class I will send PDF files of the handouts Michele will be using along with information you’ll need to login to the video stream. We will be able to take questions from you by email or by phone.

Whatever I forgot, let me know ;)





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