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Mother Mary's Rose
Michele traveled to Croatia during June, 2002 to participate in a conference called The Alchemy of Peace Building. During that trip she visited Medugorje, the site of many apparitions of Mother Mary. On this visit, June 9, 2002, Mary connected with Michele and gave this message. It was written down by a friend who had accompanied Michele on the journey. As you will see, it is a bit direct and very clear about its guidance.

The wars that are occurring now will continue for a time.
The Rat has bitten into the host and will not let go.
Do not allow the Rat to grab you in your heart,
in your mind, on in your life.
The Rat’s intention is to kill its host
and it will take all human life if it can.
Do not allow it to touch your heart,
your mind, or your life.

Know that love protects and serves you.
The Rat cannot attach to you
when you stand strong and call upon the Rose.
I have always brought roses to remind hearts to
open to what is within the heart and to nurture it.
The Rose grows in the rockiest of soils
and in well-tended gardens.
Roses grow in every part of the earth.
I can make a rose bloom even in the winter
should it need to bloom there.
Roses are my way of reminding you
to always stand in your living heart of Love….
even if there is pain…
even if the Rat is killing your loved ones….
stand in this place.

Love is also in the hearts of all those
who have been bitten by distortion.
Some of this distortion is visible to all;
in the actions of the political leaders,
the economic forces,
those who place themselves above others as an authority,
those full of hatred, full of shame, full of anger.
These distortions blind them
to the Rose in their own hearts.
If a person who is bitten by the Rat of distortion
longs to reconnect with the Rose in their own hearts,
they cannot attach to the Rose
in another outside of themselves.
The distortion within the Rat seeks to devour the Rose and kill it,
even if they love it and want it more than anything.
Do not allow yourselves to be bitten by those
who want for themselves the Rose that you are.
The rose is free, strong, and beautiful
as a reminder to them
that the Rose of Love is salvation.
It will free them from the bite of the Rat
that threatens their life and soul.

The vision of the “Rose Pillars” in the dream
[a dream Michele had the evening before]
is the power of life sourcing Love in the heart.
It is the union of Life, the Great Life,
sourcing the rose, the Love, and making it strong.
Then the rose opens and it is unafraid to open.
It lives eternally open.
It gathers in its center moisture and light
and nourishment from Spirit, from God,
filling the Heart with all that is needed.

I am very sad that so many have forgotten,
that so many have allowed the poisons of the world
to take their Love and Life to the degree
where the Rose in their heart is struggling.
For some I do not see the Rose anymore.
It saddens me greatly.
Perhaps it has gone to seed.
My son [Jesus] knows these ones.
It is to him that they go.
They meet with him face to face.
There, judgment is given.
That is his work, it is not mine.
It is my work to gently remind those
whose hearts are not open.
They are gently nudged.
I come to those who are growing in love.

I speak of peace here in this place,
because so many are accustomed
to battles in their hearts, their homes,
their lands, and minds.
Love knows the truth of Peace.

I speak of prayer because prayer
opens nourishment to the heart
so it can grow more open
to receive and become a greater blossom for love.

I speak of fasting, not only of food,
but including fasting of excesses.
It means to listen to what is needed by the body,
what belongs to each one, not more or less.
Bring from your awareness right choice, right action,
and right relationship within your material experiences.
There is no need to starve or suffer
from fasting to excess.
Rather cultivate a right relationship
with your material experience.

I acknowledge the suffering
of all those who come here.
Many suffer from being bitten by the Rat.
The Rat takes their lives and binds their hearts.
They come for healing
to release the poisons in their minds,
their bodies, and lives,
and healing is what they receive….
wholeness, restoration,
and an invitation to become
the true Rose that is living in their heart…..
to blossom their special unique
and beautiful Rose within their lives.

Do not fear. Do not fear.
Fear opens small openings for
that which is raging in Earth to enter into you.
Plant your stem deep into the Earth
and the New Creation that is already beginning.
You are aware……many are not.
It will come.
Plant your roots in the
new living pillars of strong love,
even if others vilify you…
even if their hearts do not open.
The Rat has hold of these ones.
Stand strong.
Do not allow them to take this great Rose from you.
It belongs NOT to the Rat.

I asked each of you long ago to come here.
Perhaps you didn’t know why
or when you would fulfill that request.
I wanted you to come,
not just to this place, but to me.
Each of you has a place in the Earth
with qualities of Love
that other perceive through you.
These qualities of Love
that come through you awaken Love.
Know that I am and always will be with you.
You can whisper my name
in your heart at any moment…..
that’s all your awareness needs to do.
I will respond as well as others
that also serve this great opening of Love.
This Love will guide you into places
that you may not choose to go.
Plant your roots deeply into Source.
Open fully the blossoms in your hearts.
Speak clearly the words given to you.
Those who receive this Love need not worry or fear.
Blessings are taken in and their Rose
becomes fertile and continues to grow.

Some may not take in the Love at first.
Like a persistent thorn, the Love
may sit above their heart for a time,
pushing in until it cracks the shell around their heart.
For the Rose has not only blossoms,
but thorns when needed.
Pain is only a blessing in the guise of a thorn.

Plant a grid here and link it directly to the others.
The Mother will flow into areas
that have not yet been able to fully open.
Place flowers in this place as well.

I am grateful for your willingness
to be Roses of courage,
standing firm and true
and not allowing the Rat
to take form you what is most precious.
Honor the feminine, the Mother,
in a way that all will have to honor her.
Remember that those who honor you,
who are attracted to you,
are attracted to me,
to the Great Feminine that
has not been honored in the Earth for a long time.
Receive such honor not only to yourself,
but also into the Great Mother’s arms
from which flow a great abundance of Roses
to all who acknowledge and honor her.
Blessings then go forth in abundance
with you and through you into the Earth.

I am with you always and forever and ever.

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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