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This is one of the last update emails you will receive from Lightsmith. We intend to remain connected, though the form will change. For this to be a year of new beginnings, the old must release. For us, that time has come. We are grateful for all that has been; your support, your friendship, your participation in extraordinary action within creation, your agreement to become who you are through a radical and deep process of personal transformation. Thank you.

A little information, and a few loose ends yet to be tied:

We are also grateful for the unique and beautiful building that has provided such great support for our many experiences these past 11 years. We are now in the process of selling this special property. Closing is expected to be very soon, probably February 7th. We have been hustling to pack and clear some very full spaces. Last weekend we had a garage sale and giveaway, which found new homes for many items. Much of the rest is going to charity.

If you have checked the Lightsmith website, you’ve found that only archives remain. Since Michele will continue to work with individual clients, we have left a link to her new website for information about where she is working and how to contact her. Another link is posted for the new website of Visible & Present.

Mailing list changes:

Our Lightsmith mailing list will be kept. Probably a new domain will be set up at some point, but for now we will use the list to notify you of any planetary events.

Michele is starting a new mailing list for people who want to receive notifications from her about her client work, classes or other special events she may offer. If interested, you will need to sign up on her new site, even if you’re already on the Lightsmith list. Out of respect for your choices, we are not transferring data between lists.

Visible & Present already has its own mailing list. If you not already on that list and wish to be, use the signup form on the Visible & Present website.

I am in the process of retiring my Lightsmith email address ( After 22 years of using this address I receive much junk mail and am on too many lists to easily purge. I will monitor for awhile, but please change your contact information for me to

Because many clients still have Michele’s Lightsmith email, she will keep that address active for awhile. But, she is asking people to begin using for future communication.

This week will be stunningly busy for us. We are happy to be closing on the sale of the building three weeks earlier than first planned, but a time crunch is upon us. We could use a little help. Several of you have offered to assist with final cleanup or other assistance. If you’re willing and available, we would be happy for some extra hands next Sunday, February 5th. We’ll plan to be around the building starting about 10am until done. I could also use some help mid-week to move boxes to storage and help get my big printer moved to my house. Please let me know if you’re available to lend a hand.

And last on this update is the planned memorial service for Jean Keating. If you missed the announcement on Facebook, here are the details:

The gathering place is the community room at Washburn Lofts in downtown Minneapolis. The address is 700 S 2nd St, 55401. The time is from 1 – 4pm. We invite you to celebrate the joy and beauty of Jean’s life. All family and friends are welcome, with special consideration for those who were unable to attend the October service in Wisconsin. Photos, paintings, and various other creations will be on display.

Come at any time during the hours noted above. There will be various refreshments available. Please invite others who may have an interest in attending. And because food is being provided, please send a quick note to Michele if you’re planning to attend (unnecessary if you responded on Facebook).

Going through changes as life rearranges,










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