It Is Time To Step Free Of The Old Reality

“This time is one where there is a great amount of hesitation amongst you to step into the next opening. You have had so much training in the reality system that you have known that truly stepping into the experience of creating within a new reality is a bit frightening and is causing many to hesitate. Realize that all that has been your awakening process; the insights, inspirations, and times of great knowing, as well as those times when you have felt totally blinded and dumb and not knowing; all of this has been a process of awakening, dismantling, and extricating yourselves from that old matrix of reality. It is time now to step free, to step free and to move as you are moved from within as that One, that Being that we, you, and all are forming begins to exist and create itself in form – begins to communicate, begins to express, begins to live, begins to feel.”

“You will not feel alone in your experience like you have in the old matrix of reality because that which energizes and enlivens and IS the consciousness of self is intricately known and knows itself to be part of this great oneness, this great being, this great consciousness. So how can you feel alone? You have been learning that the reality that exists because of the perception of separation has resulted in fear and contraction and deep loneliness and aloneness manifesting in many of the adaptations that you know as normal. People say human when they say normal. What we are speaking of is a step to release that last hold and fly free – but not alone – fly free as the unified, yet infinitely varied consciousness expressing through all facets freely, moment to moment, and in great ease. Planning takes place when planning is needed for those to come together in certain ways. Planning does not take place because you think it is needed or because that is the way it has always been done.”

“Expression in the new reality arises from an awareness from within that needs to be expressed in form. As you act you are aware that you are expressing into the great oneness so that many others then receive the expression and are then catalyzed to do what is theirs to do in their next expression. So there is communication that is constantly catalyzing one another within the whole. This is an awakened state. It is alive – organically, intricately interdependent and intricately catalyzing of every other expression, motion, or creation within itself. Humans embodied, humans in spirit, and others that are part of the great hologram all communicate and all receive, but differently than in the past. Your ears, your eyes, your senses, your taste, your auric sensory mechanisms, your field of awareness – all of these aspects of embodiment are shifting and changing as you release out of the old reality program and open to step into creating through the new program, new way. You are not alone. You can not be separate in this new reality. Guidance is available in every moment whether it comes from your own awareness and your own heart or catalyzed by communication from without.”

“You begin to be aware of the intricacies of being a cell of this great organism that is now coming alive. Being who you are more fully than ever, more you – individualized, unique, beautiful – all of those things that are uniquely yours gathered together through eons of experience and intricately woven into and one with, part of, cognizent of, aware of that unity of the entire organic consciousness awakening. You surrender into being totally present as you and totally catalyzing the whole, simultaneously being who you are, simultaneously being fully alive, simultaneously being fully nurtured, fed, and loved – even massaged by that intricate, interconnectedness with all nature, consciousness of people, earth, sun, star, and beings that surround your earth and surround you in every moment. Intricacies of interconnectedness with animals, nature, plants, food, homes, gardens, trees, automobiles. Do you understand? Step free!. It is our message to all who hear this.”

“Step free, let go of that one small place that continues to keep you relating to the reality that you have known and called real. Do not fear that you will be lost, crazy, disengaged from the world and dysfunctional. Do not fear that, that is not the case. It is not the outcome. It is just the loss of loneliness and aloneness, of separation, of an ego that says “I am apart, I have to prove myself, I have to save myself, I have to take care of myself, I have to be responsible, etc.”. That you may lose, but what you are gaining will take care of you, will feed you, nurture you, will show you in many more ways than we could tell you how you are connected to all of us and to the whole. How important you are in the whole, and how Divine you and we are together. Consciously embodied, consciously breathing, consciously, organically alive, and consciously, organically evolving.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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