Grieving The Lost Feminine

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele:

“It’s happening. It’s really happening!” I’m hearing people whisper an acknowledgment of their awareness of profound personal transformation, their witness of a worldwide heart-softening and opening of love, and their awe as the perception of an orchestration far beyond their control or efforts dawns within their minds. So it is, happening that is…..and so we are proceeding…….more One than ever before, and more awake every day. So I proceed to share the following message from my friends in Spirit……

“The response to Diana’s death (and Mother Teresa) triggered a great outpouring of emotion, cracking old walls around the hearts of many people so they might experience their own feelings of loss, abandonment, and pain. Focusing on her death, they could openly cry for their loss of the feminine throughout this past long time in Earth. It is as if a great wound has opened, and people are not willing to close it again right away. It needs to be known, especially by males, that the shut-down of feeling is the deadening of life. Those who chose not to be affected at all will find their emotions growing even more entangled deep in their unconscious. For once the feminine has knocked on the door to be acknowledged and honored and she is not, she recedes even deeper within and is harder to find.”

“Note those who have been most affected in your circles. Allow yourselves to realize that passion and joy are intimate with grief. You want to get rid of one to experience the other, yet the nature of grief is to empty and release as you open to receive fullness, simultaneously. It is impossible to understand this with the mind. Mystery is paradoxical and wondrous all at the same time.”

“In these next weeks you will find that there are many who will be opening their eyes, their hearts, and their consciousnesses. They will be more willing to receive and hear more, they are thirsty and hungry for more. Speak from your hearts, speak from your awareness, speak from your clarity, and yet know that it is not only what you say. It is the energy carried on your words that is even more important. The frequencies needed by others are first experienced by you within your own nature. How can you tell another if it is not your own experience? Allow the transmutation of light within your bodies to fulfill its mission in your own body and life.”

“Follow implicitly where the energy is guiding you! Begin to live it so faithfully that it is your only truth in every moment. Stay aware of what is happening around you while paying attention simultaneously to what is within you. In every moment feel a knowing, a current that moves within and from your own nature. If the current is not moving, then stop. If there is something blocking it, then open to what is needed in that moment to allow that current to move again. If it is stopped, then stop. If it is moving, then proceed, move where it is taking you.”

“Your conscious mind is not the sole decider of your activity, and you are certainly not the decider of the outcome or the product. Do not worry about your future or about your activities. If you do worry, you will find yourself sitting in a little place that will grow smaller and dimmer. Stay present and follow the energy, sensing the feeling and the impulse within it. Be aware that the inner pulsing encompasses the whole of creation. You are not apart from any of it nor could you be. So what you do as a participant within the current is wholly harmless and wholly right in the movement of how it works and how it turns out.”

“It is the little ‘I’ that gets concerned. Let the little ‘I’ stand with the great ‘I’ and the great awareness and power within. Seek that place of your inner power, your inner self, your inner light, your inner awareness. Seek it in each moment, and every time you get lost. Let no one or no thing take you away from that place. If you feel sorrow, then you are releasing that sorrow and emptying a greater space to be filled. If you feel fear then ask, ‘What is this fear?’. Is it releasing from the past or is it opening you to greater courage and awareness of your own power in the present? If you feel anger then you ask this anger to release its energy in an empowering action that can be utilized for the good of the whole and for the good of your own experience of anger. Follow whatever way the current of that energy is desiring to move, but never to harm another.”

“Anger is usually a backed-up, frustrated, turned-against-self energy that wishes to turn against another so that the self does not need to experience whatever it is denying. As you open it up and let it flow, you allow that energy to move powerfully into its creation. If you feel shame and guilt then look at those places that are misinformed about your own nature. If you feel you have harmed another, then rectify it if it is in your power. If not, then it is time to release it, forgive yourself, and allow yourself to move on knowing that you acted with the other in concert to create the experience so you each could learn something from it. Set them free, and set yourself free. Do not hang on to the past or to those who would have you hang on to them through guilt or through shame. If you do, it will continue to bind you and hold you in density far beyond its natural timing.”

“We say these things because now is the time to focus very precisely and very diligently with discipline and constancy. There is no need to get blown off the track of your own path of evolution by what is going on outside of you or even within you. It is time to realize that you live within a great movement of consciousness, and each time that you take the moment and open it, you discover more than you ever knew was present. Proceed with love, proceed……..”

Author: Chris

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