Great Group for Eclipse-Transit Event

Thanks to everyone who joined us on such short notice for the planetary event last night. Turns out we had over 60 participants between the local and remote groups, so I would consider it a significant event when that many people feel drawn to take part in the process. Feel free to add a comment about your experience!

Author: Chris

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5 thoughts on “Great Group for Eclipse-Transit Event”

  1. Another awesome event under the LIghtsmith roof. I like the planetary stuff. It always blows you away and then dumps you in some sparkling lake :D

  2. I really enjoyed connecting with the Tree of Life being. It was so energy-charged, yet peaceful at the same time. Couldn’t sleep though :)

  3. It was sweetly powerful to connect, and certainly re-set my “let’s sleep all the time” mode to “stay up late and get up early” mode (not much sleeping last night). Am excited to see what comes next.

  4. I tossed and turned all night as well. And now that I remember, it was the second night in a row where I dreamt that some of us (I forget what the distinction was here) are connected out into the “universe” through a cord connected to our solar plexus area (???) Anyone know anything about that? I didn’t see the other end of the connection in either dream. It seemed to go beyond where I could see.

  5. Eclipse – Transit Group, the process left me feeling like I had come home, a deep relaxation in my body and heart. The more work we do together the more I realize how much tension my being and body have held on a daily basis. The connection with the Tree of Life as well as the flow of Light and Life were easier for me this time, for which I am grateful :) I feel more connected to myself, more aware. And for a change I did sleep after one of these session ;D

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