Gorgeous. Radiance. Shift.

Cross-Quarter Planetary event Monday, May 5th.
Support Process Saturday, May 17th.
New Moon Thursday, May 29th.

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Given my own mood, which is always where I write from, I’m going to deduce what you don’t want to read here. I’m thinking that you probably don’t want to read about what a wondrous world we’re moving into and all the promises of a new tomorrow. I’m thinking that right now your own experience seems removed from the vision that has been created over time by whatever spiritual writer you have grown to trust. I’m thinking you’re feeling unsettled, unsure of where you’re headed and generalities about the future aren’t cutting it. I’m thinking you can’t digest one more unsatisfying sappy aphorism or spiritual quote, like empty calories void of nutrition. I’m thinking you’re not feeling fed.

We’re no longer in the seeking phase. The promises and guidance we once received were given as assurance for the mind. We needed that outside assistance to help us release our tight grip of control long enough for actual transformation to occur. And now we are moving on, shifting into the becoming phase, and philosophy just rings hollow.

We’ve been sorting, discerning at multiple levels what matches us, what is authentic to our being, and what must be jettisoned to make space for more of who we are. Our sifting has not all been conscious, but we have felt the irritation rise for things we can no longer tolerate in our experience. We have made choices based on what is true for us, unsure of where those choices may lead yet understanding that a new life is by definition not our old life.

The sorting energy has been present through the long, contracted winter. The next energy kicking in is different. Through time we have used the mind to help us resolve our issues, exploring, helping to open up conscious awareness of the long list of personal attributes we have kept unconscious. The mind has taken responsibility for navigating our perceived reality and loves to have a constant stream of data flowing in to which it can react and maintain control over its definition of life. And there’s the rub.

We have used the mind to deal with all sorts of personal issues, decisions, addictions and problems. So what happens when the function of the mind itself is the issue? What happens when the aspect of us that monitors and directs all the healing, growth, evolution and transformation is so addicted to its role of sifting through endless data that it becomes the ultimate block to entering our new life?

The processors are all shifting, notably second chakra, heart and third-eye. Our processors are used to running on and on about anything and everything, analyzing and reacting. Most of the data has nothing to do with what we need. Mostly we seem to distract ourselves with the junk food of the technological age: endless scrolling through Facebook, news sites that mostly stir polarized responses, formulaic television peddling unreal reality shows and the propaganda of corporate overlords. Other escapes include books, magazines, Youtube videos and newspapers. You can probably add to the list.

This motor that runs and runs and runs is now bumping up against its own place of transformation. To assist the process a new energy was recently introduced by Gabriel. We called the sorting energy Gorgeous, this one has been nicknamed Radiance. Its function is to help undo the structures the mind grew to navigate life and shift how the mind processes input. In other words, we’re receiving some help to do what the mind alone cannot, which is shift how the mind operates.

A temporary symptom of this processor shift may be that you find yourself drawn even deeper into those things that are the mind’s addictions. Eventually the third eye will start to be more discerning about what it takes in and works with, and data storage will move out of the crown and into the “cloud”, i.e. the New Field. It’s much more efficient and part of the new design.

And now I’m thinking you’re probably heading toward overload, so I’ll quickly wrap up with some notes about the Lightsmith events scheduled for this month:

We are always connected with the Earth Mother during planetary events, but right now it feels that during the Cross-Quarter Monday evening the 5th will be working with some of our friends in Spirit. As usual, we’re not sure of the focus, but this energy of Radiance is very present and may be worked with. We begin at 7pm central daylight time, and you can join us in person, by internet stream or by phone. There is no charge for this event. Information is on our calendar.

This month we shifted our Second Saturday event to the third Saturday. On May 17th from 1-3:30pm we are offering a support session for the disassembling and shifting of the mental field and processors. This is for people who feel they are ready, so please use your discernment. Again, join us in person, by internet stream or by phone. Information for sign-up is on the calendar event listing.

Thursday May 29th is our New Moon session this month. These sessions are more personally-focused than the planetary events, and the focus tends to be determined by the group energy. And, you guessed it, information on the calendar listing.

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Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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  1. Chris, I so appreciate your writng. I would have commented sooner but I could not get it edited . I still can’t. I had about three pages of comments to your comment. YOU would be good on Spirit Library ,even if you only post 4 times a year. I just thought brilliant during my first reading of this days ago. It seems Brilliance is on the heels of Radience.

  2. Thanks, Cyndy. My secret for making comments easier is to first compose them in notepad and then copy and paste. Saves much annoyance and occasional embarrassment on Facebook :)

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