Go Within For Everything You Need

A message from Chris, Michele, and Friends, April 15, 1997

There is a new structure of consciousness that has been birthed and is currently working to stabilize within the whole matrix of consciousness. We are not speaking of the general knowledge of the shifts taking place, but of this particular moment in our evolution when what has been talked about and prepared for is actually happening within the physical experience. In some ways this time could be compared to the hours following the birth of a new baby. This new organizational pattern is still a bit wobbly and is somewhat vulnerable to subtle energies from within the collective that would resist changes that are natural to this evolutionary process. As this new structure weaves within individual bodies of consciousness, it is important in this time and for what is to unfold, to begin learning to open to your own Source of information and guidance.

Consciously going inside to make that connection can be done by anyone. All people have natural capacities that have been latent and can be awakened and utilized to access the Universal Intelligence that continually weaves through your energy field. A small amount of time spent each day in practice is all that is necessary. You will build confidence in your own abilities and be able to discern influences that may attempt to pull you in a certain direction. It is the only way we know to stay clear and unaffected by distortions or distractions that may be present when you search outside of yourself for what you need.

Our guidance has suggested that we offer the following process to assist each person to access information directly. This process can be used for any question, decision, or anything your heart desires in terms of greater guidance, input, or awareness.

PREPARE YOUR SPACE “Set aside about 15 minutes in your day at a time when you are clear and alert, whether that is morning or evening for you. Turn off phones, radios, and all electromagnetic equipment including computers or any other electromagnetic interference in your atmosphere that is within a 20 foot radius of you. You need a clear space to work in. In this 15 minutes begin with gentle stretching of your body. Reach up to the sky, gently moving the spine to loosen it, particularly if you have been sitting immobile for awhile. Loosen and open the body and combine that with breathing. Breathe to clear. Clear your mind and clear your body of any consciousness or any thoughts that may be distracting, disharmonious, anything you may have taken on from others, or from any electromagnetic fields you have been working or living in. Make a little check list if need be. Use your breath and your awareness to clear your consciousness and your field. It’s very simple.”

BE AWARE AND ACKNOWLEDGE WHO YOU ARE “Seat yourself in a place where you will not be distracted by anything. You can lie down if you do not fall asleep easily. Allow yourself comfortable seating, but with the spine straight if possible. Open a nice clear receptive space in your body. As you are in this position call to mind your greatness, your Being, who you are; focus upon that interconnected web of life that is flowing into and out of your body, into and out of your consciousness, the beautiful, wondrous, limitless Love of the universe flowing into and out of your consciousness as a dynamic, alive aspect and expression of the life-force, that essence of the universe. Acknowledge your interconnectedness and who you are within it all. Acknowledge and become aware of yourself intricately, innately, united without any separation, as a part of that living breathing organism that is your greater body, your greater consciousness.”

ASK YOUR QUESTION “Once you have become aware and you are breathing this awareness, then very specifically ask your question into the interconnectedness of the whole, knowing that you are open, able, and completely capable of receiving directly, specifically, clearly what you need in consciousness.”

YOUR ENTIRE BODY IS A RECEIVER “Open all your senses, all of your body, all of your awareness to receiving clearly this answer, this awareness, this guidance in either visual, auditory, or sensory form. It can come through one or any combination. It does not need to come any particular way. All of you are capable of receiving. Some of your channels are more evolved or more practiced than others, so you open all your channels of receptivity so that whatever is your primary way can begin to open to receive the information, and you can then allow yourself to receive it in a holistic way, not just one way or another.”

PRACTICE THIS PROCESS EVERY DAY “You can ask little or big questions, life questions, or informational questions. Ask in a conscious way what is necessary for you in your evolution, your growth, your expression, your creativity, being who you are on this physical manifesting plane of existence. The more your heart is in it and desires to know the more it will call it in and magnetize to you. The process is one that you can begin to use immediately.”

“Remember to clear your space, and have no electromagnetic influence in your vicinity. If you are out in nature with little electromagnetic interference around you, it is an excellent time to do this. If you are pondering life questions and things for which you would seek out others to receive answers, perhaps it is time to take yourself out of the city for a couple of days to a place that is freer of influences that would disturb your receiving mechanisms. Ask your questions directly rather than seeking so much from others. It is a time when these exercises and working with this innate capacity is to be practiced and/or honed by those who are already practiced. It is not something that is difficult or needs to be looked at as something that needs long training. It is an innate capacity woven within every aspect of creation, particularly those of you who are conscious creators in creation. Our message is to begin to be aware of, believe in, and utilize this innate ability.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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