Glory Hallelujah, We Are Free At Last

“In this time let yourselves reflect on some words that have been said in song or music, but often do not get said in your own lives. Let yourselves reflect on GLORY HALLELUJAH. Open to the expression of that and the experience of it. When ones express GLORY HALLELUJAH it comes from a deep place of appreciation, of knowing, of excitement, of bursting forth. In this last winter time it was a great, deep contraction for many of you. It was a contraction into places that you had not yet fully recognized or opened to in your unconscious either individually or collectively. As you come out of that place there is a great sense of freedom. When the slaves were freed there was a great expression of GLORY HALLELUJAH WE ARE FREE AT LAST. Let yourselves say it, let yourselves open to being out of slavery, out of contraction, out of the depths of darkness and slavery. Open to that freedom and start to walk without the chains of the contraction of your own limitations from the past. Start to run and dance without all of those things that have held you back and told you that it was not possible to be free, to be expressive, to be alive, to be creative.”

“Start to say GLORY HALLELUJAH many times a day and feel it in your bodies. Let it dance in your body and your life; GLORY HALLELUJAH I AM FREE AT LAST. Feel what it feels like to step out of the slavery and the chains and find that you have options and choices that you haven’t had recently. Let them be there, be with them, be with the choices, be with the options, be with the possibilities. Allow yourself to roll around in them. Roll around freely. Imagine different lives, different things that you could do with this potential, this expression, this idea, this possibility, these people, this configuration. Roll around. Dance. Imagine. Play. Talk to others about it. Have a gathering of “freed slaves”, and say GLORY HALLELUJAH we are free at last!”

“Perhaps you ones keep looking at what were the chains. You keep looking at what were the limitations. Well, that is going, that is fading. Look instead at what has been grown. Look at what has honed certain capacities of soul. Open those capacities that have been grown and let yourself expand into those capacities for fullness, joy, expression, and creativity in this earth. You are not alone. Ask that you not be alone in this process. Look around you and identify those who are also with you and be with them. Call them up and ask them to be with you. Do not be alone. Do not hold yourself in aloneness as if that is your chosen path of sufferance. You are now releasing the chains of sufferance. Step forward and see who else is stepping forward with you. Look at each other. Join hands, join arms, and do a dance of freedom. Have a beautiful dance. Create a dance of freedom, joy and possibility.”

“It is truly a time when you can let go. When you do you will find what is waiting, what is to be gifted to the whole of you, to all of you, not just individually. The whole of you will feel it, will get it, will “grok” it, will know it. Let yourselves receive. Expand your capacity to receive. GLORY HALLELUJAH you are free at last! Let it be your experience. Let it dance you into a new life.”

Author: Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or Email Chris

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