Vibrational Jewelry Creation for V&P 10-4

Note from Michele:

This event is for people who have completed at least one of the Visible and Present Discovery Processes (or have been typed previously during In Your Element participation).

If you have been looking for a necklace to go with a specific outfit or color combination, or you have a desire to wear a unique piece that specifically vibrates your intentions, we are hosting a one day class to create one or even two necklaces and matching earrings.

Using numerology, semi-precious stones, and a process of impressing intention, it is possible to create a necklace that will hold and vibrate a specific intention that will magnify it within your field. Similar to wearing a talisman or sacred symbolic object, these pieces are created to support you as you attract and consciously create the experiences of your life. And they can be comprised of stones that are in colors within your vibrational palette so you can enjoy wearing it often and with different outfits.

I’ll teach you basic numerology principles including figuring out your personal numbers, some stone vibrational meanings, and how to imprint intention (and clear it later) within your creation. Both Carol Neal and I are experienced beaders and will be on hand to assist with finishing techniques as needed.

Once you register, you will be given a list of supplies to collect or buy before the class and a list of stores that carry things you will need. We are including a small materials fee so you do not need to buy wire, string, or findings such as clasps or O rings, etc. I also have a pretty extensive collection of semi precious beads and glass and metal beads. I’ll have that available for a small additional materials fee if you choose to use beads from my stash. Cost for the day: $125 + $5 materials fee.

Please pre-register with Michele at 651-224-4451, or

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