10am-12:30pm Grid Basics Class with Michele

A small group of people recently asked Michele to teach her Grid Class, which she hasn’t offered for years. They are open to adding more people, so we have opened the event to everyone. Michele will be teaching about how to make grids like the ones she uses for all the groups and planetary work that we do here at Lightsmith, as well as those that are useful in homes or offices.

Grids hold intention and frequency, and add support to an energy field for whatever is happening within that field. They can also form energetic walls to keep a space clear. This is an experiential class, and once you register you will receive a list of materials to collect for the class. Michele has extras of everything to share during the class, but it helps if each person has some basic supplies of their own.

During the class you will learn about:

Basic Numerology
Matrix (six pointed) grids
Manifestation Grids
Planetary Grids
Field Generators
Gridding a wall or room
Gridding a home or yard

The cost for the workshop is $107. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Please call 651-224-4451 or e-mail michele to register and hold your space. Michele will send out additional information to participants prior to the event.

FYI, this class will be repeated at 2pm and will be streamed by internet for participants at a distance.

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