Equinox Planetary Session Thursday at 7pm

Hi all,

A very quick note to remind you of the Equinox planetary session Thursday evening at 7pm central daylight time. There is no charge for this event, and you can join us in person, on the internet or by phone.

We have been seeing the Equinox as a kind of turning point following a long, contracted winter and a great deal of personal and collective sorting. I must say, I feel emptier than ever in terms of having any sense of what is to come for our collective experience or myself.

The planetary session will, of course, be facilitated by Michele with the presence of the Earth Mother. On occasion the Earth Mother also speaks to us directly through Michele. Personally I’m hoping she will join us through a channeled message to share more of what’s taking place these days, but we never know for sure how the sessions will go. Perhaps she will take it as a personal request :)

You will find connection information for phone and internet on the calendar listing.

I’ve a feeling things are about to get interesting.



Author: Chris

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