Emotional Times, Final First Tuesday of 2015

I’m not quite ready to write a longer update, but I do want to acknowledge the challenges that continue to surface as the energy pushes us to release what will not be going with us to the next level of our collective creation. A kind of general grief is not so unusual right now, especially considering what comes up for many people around the holidays. Amplifying emotions in this time is the underlying recognition, whether conscious or unconscious, that we are leaving a reality that is familiar to us and has long sculpted how we perceive and experience the workings of life.

We have longed for and worked mightily toward a new world free from the dynamics, drama and limitations of duality consciousness. Our dream is rapidly becoming our reality, and now we’re approaching the doorway through which we will step. It’s at this point we are beginning to realize that the door will close behind us and we will never return. It’s a bigger deal than what we might feel prepared for, though despite discomfort I don’t recommend reversing course. As if that was even possible.

We may suddenly find ourselves glancing back, emotional about the dissolution of what for eons has bound us. I am reminded of Stockholm Syndrome, described by Wikipedia as “a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.” We could even find ourselves wondering if our enslavement has really been all that bad. Just for clarity, yes, it has.

I’m wondering if some people may still think that the reality birthed within duality can somehow be fixed. In my view, the corruptions of an unsustainable system are not being patched up. The entire structure of consciousness that birthed that system is dissolving, along with any parts of us that may yet vibrate with that system. Is it any wonder that one may feel emotional and unsure of anything when the system we’re familiar with disintegrates and we have no operating manual for what’s next? A reminder, too, that along with the dissolving of the old is given opportunity for a choice. More about that choice in the next update. Stay tuned.

Note that this coming Tuesday is December 1st, which marks our final First Tuesday event of the year. First Tuesdays are when Michele facilitates a process directed by the needs of the participants. That means the session is specific to what’s happening with you, even though worked with as a group. In fact, it’s easier and more powerful as a group. You can join us in person, or at a distance by phone or internet stream. See the website for information and the calendar listing for signup.

Dang near 2016,




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