Dismantling and Reassembling

Saturday was a most curious day. All our plans changed, suddenly leaving us with a free weekend and no pre-determined structure. Michele and I have experienced other waves that move through like this, but it is still disorienting when it happens. It’s as if consciousness is doing some rearranging and nothing is setting up as usual or as expected. On Sunday I was in full ADD mode, starting one project, moving on to another, scrounging for something to eat, heading to Menard’s for parts, poking around the new Lightsmith site in progress, and generally feeling scattered without clear focus.

And today (Monday) I still am stumbling about kinda dazed and foggy, like waiting for some veil to be lifted. At least I’m still upright.

How about you?

Author: Chris

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3 thoughts on “Dismantling and Reassembling”

  1. ADD the new normal. Is that what the kids are trying to tell us. Boy, I’m right there. Now where is the masonry bit for my drill… do I really need to run to Menards? Maybe to see Chris.

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