December Solstice, January Events

Our next planetary event is the Winter Solstice, which occurs in Minnesota on Monday, December 21, 2015 at 10:49 PM CST. The Lightsmith session will begin at 7pm, and as usual we will be streaming live by phone and internet. If you are joining us at a distance, see the calendar page for the phone number and internet link.

And helping to kick off the new you in the new year:

The next round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes begins January 23rd with Discovery Process I : Authentication. On the surface, the Visible & Present series appears to be about clothing and how to match what you wear with who you are. True, but incomplete. As you make your way through the series you will also gain a greater sense of yourself. You will discover what having visibility and presence really means, how you have avoided much expression of your own power, and how to make simple shifts to create real change in your life’s experience. You’ve done a lot of personal healing and shift work over these past years. These Visible & Present processes continue that personal journey in a way that is illuminating, deeply transformative and remarkably effective. And, they’re interesting and a very fun way to bring the outside you into alignment with the inner you.

During the first process you will be energetically typed. You will also receive a custom-created shopping guide with fabric samples chosen specifically for you. If you wish, you can continue to open, expand and deepen the experience with Discovery Processes 2 and 3  in February and March. Check this page for general information about Visible & Present, and click on the calendar listings for more. BTW, Visible & Present events are for both women and men. C’mon guys.


More insights to come as we head into the new year, but I wanted to be sure you were reminded about the Solstice event. This event is a planetary session, so we work closely with the Earth Mother and whatever intention she has for the evening. I can only imagine she has many things in progress as we are move through these challenging times. I know our group energy and focus will be harnessed for something helpful to the whole, and personally I find participation in collective shift work to be deeply satisfying.

On another note, we have been asked if there will be a New Year’s channeling this year. No, the energy doesn’t seem to be supportive of a channeling. As for Second-Saturday events, we also do not sense the energetic thrust for a repeating, rhythmic schedule. We do, however, feel that several special events will still be happening in 2016. They will arrange as needed, and probably on certain Saturdays. We will give as much notice as we can when something starts to gel.

First Tuesdays will continue along with the 8 planetary events of the year. All those dates are now posted on the Lightsmith calendar.

2015. It’s a wrap.





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