Date change for Visible and Present gathering

Hello again,

I heard from a number of people interested in giving input into planning for the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith but the Tuesday date (tomorrow) did not work. So I am proposing a second date and time……Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 pm to accommodate those coming from work. Again, if you are able, willing, or interested, let me know ( You can also bring items to check with me if you wish….but this is not a clothing exchange time.

And Elene had two corrections for anyone interested in buying her long brown sheared mink coat….it is a size 10-12 and she is willing to negotiate the price! It is lovely and elegant and super warm….and perfect for a Water/Earth or Fire/Earth or maybe an Earth with brown eyes! Her e-mail:

Oh and one more thing…..there is a relatively new women’s boutique in St. Paul called Poppy’s Togs and Clogs, 251 Snelling Ave. S (near St. Clair) and it is having a sale….50% off 50% of the store. She likes colorful, playful, clothes and includes some local designers. I saw lots of Earth, Water, and Air selections in a variety of sizes, and a few Fires. I got some lovely socks and gloves that work with my I-phone. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood!

Hoping you are feeling warmth within and without as we experience our deepest cold streak of the season.

Warm Wonder,


Author: Michele

Michele Mayama is a grounded mystic with nearly 30 years of experience listening to souls, the causal plane, and the not-so visible spectrum of consciousness..... She is a channel, she knits, and she loves being part of the blossoming of a new creation. Email Michele

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  1. Visible and Present People. Make a note on your calendar:
    American Craft Council St. Paul Show
    Apr 19, 2013 10:00AM to Apr 21, 2013 5:00PM
    Pure craft at its finest. Join us at RiverCentre to shop nearly 250 of the country’s top craft artists.

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