Clothing Exchange and New Playshop Scheduled

Hello to all!

Spring is my favorite time of year….and I love the ritual of transitioning from winter to spring and summer clothes. As I touch and look at each piece of clothing, I ask whether it fits who I am now or if I still have a connection with it. If “no” is the answer, it goes into my give away or move on pile. I also look at what I have from previous years that I still like and see how I can use it in new ways or with different accessories to make it “feel” like who I sense myself to be inside. Sometimes one new item will renew the energy and use of items you already have. Remember, your body is your canvass for your inner self to express who you are….Wear  who you are and you will feel more true to yourself!

So for those of you who have already been typed and who have been sorting, we are having a Clothing Exchange! You can bring nice, clean, clothes that are either not in your element or no longer matched with you to Lightsmith on Monday May 14th from 6:00-8:00 pm. We have hangers and racks for use, or we lay things out on tables. Accessories are welcome too. It is a fun opportunity to learn more as you see what works on you or others and what doesn’t. I coach and run around matching people with tops, dresses, etc. and ask a $15 basic fee for the time. People have gone home with amazing treasures in the past, including moi! Come if you can or drop off clothes if you cannot attend. Leftovers go to either Goodwill or a local charity or you can take them home and share them in your own way.

And for those of you who are not yet typed or who know of friends or family who are interested, a Visible and Present Playshop is forming for Thursday, May 31 from 10-5. Cost is $215 and includes a laminated fan of the colors within your element. There are still some spaces available so pass the word and let people know where they can read about the Playshop.  If you want to come as a refresher, the cost for you is $45. If you sponsor someone new, you come for $30, two people, you are in for $15 and 3 people, you come for free!

In Springtime Presence,


Author: Michele

Michele Mayama is a grounded mystic with nearly 30 years of experience listening to souls, the causal plane, and the not-so visible spectrum of consciousness..... She is a channel, she knits, and she loves being part of the blossoming of a new creation. Email Michele

2 thoughts on “Clothing Exchange and New Playshop Scheduled”

  1. I’ll bring you those Fire heels I’ve got (never been worn size 9) and I have some gold jewelry to contribute too. P.S. Wait til you see my new Earth/Fire glasses :D

  2. Thank you Michele! I’ve got it on my calendar and have some things to contribute. See you soon!

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