Channeling Posted. Sorting Event January 18th.

I really liked the New Year’s channeling we did on the 1st. The information was clear and quite detailed about activities in the world right now and what we are moving through. Many of you could not participate live and have been waiting for the recording to be uploaded. If you haven’t yet discovered it, the channeling can be found in the Freebies section of the shop.

Along with a great overview of our collective transformation, we also received interesting responses to questions about numerous subjects including alternative energy, the Pope, president Obama, and the purpose behind all this cold weather. You can listen directly on our web site or download for listening on your mp3 player. And, if anybody would like to volunteer transcribing this session (soon) I will be happy to add a PDF file to the page so you can print out the information.

If you’ve been feeling more and more blank with little vision or energy for the future, fear not. We are quite busy on an internal level with our energies working through a sorting process that began to accelerate a couple months ago. First the sorting, then the expansion. According to Gabriel this period will continue until the spring equinox. Here’s more about the sorting from Michele:

“Since early November, a new frequency I have nicknamed “Gorgeous” became more accessible to us. It speeds up the sorting process within our own body and personal field of consciousness, and I suspect it is also working to sort consciousness in the larger arenas as well.

What I mean by sorting is a specific coalescing and clearing out of what can not go forward with us into a new creation,while opening space to call forth and empower qualities and aspects of our essential nature that will enable us to become more fully who we are.

What is now sorting out? Those patterns, thoughts, emotions or whatever that underlie contraction or restriction….those things that come around and have been used over and over to grow more awareness….those familial, cultural, patriarchal, or religious old realities that still have influence.

And what is being called forth? Aspects of our own consciousness that could not be present as long as the old denser more restrictive consciousness was present.

While I was hooking up with Gabriel for the New Year’s Day channeling, I began to sense that I could offer a session or so to support the sorting process. So I have decided to add an event this month to do just that: Support for the Sorting, Saturday, January 18th, 1- 3:30/4 pm….I am not sure how long this will take in a group. Participants will also receive individual focus within the process so the sorting can be more effective. Participants at a distance can e-mail their need for focus to Chris and he will pass them to me.”

See the calendar listing for more information about this event and sign-up for non-local participants.

FYI, we will be adding a new Second Saturday series of 6 events offered every other month starting in February. More on that series soon.

Yessir, it’s coolish out there,


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